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Photo/Video: If Your Child Told You They Were Gay/Lesbian, What Would You Do?/Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel

The future King also currently known as Prince William has confirmed that he would fully support his children if they were gay stating “I’d be absolutely fine if my children were gay. Obviously, absolutely fine by me.” He went on to state that both him and Duchess Kate Middleton are going to accept them responsibily and he would like the world to work with him and make sure that they “help and correct and put in the past, all the hateful words, persecution, barriers and discrimination that might come” towards gay and lesbian people. Prince William showed his full support for LGBTQ rights and acceptance/celebration while speaking to young LGBTQ youth at the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity in London which support LGBTQ young people who are at risk of homelessness. Since the future monarch has shown his full support to all gay, lesbian and LGBTQ people, Hollywood Insider’s ‘Messages From America’ asked American and visitors their response to the question “If Your Child Told You They Were Gay/Lesbian, What Would You Do?”:

1. Parent from Georgia with a lesbian daughter: “I love my daughter, I love all my children, I love them all equally, I treat them all the same, they’re a part of me and they know the happiest thing for me is when they’re all together, and we are all sitting down socializing, laughing, joking, talking. And their life is their life and they’re a part of my life always.” 2. Man from England living in New York: “My response to that would be first, thank you so much for trusting me, second I would say is “and, “Is that all? If you are gay or lesbian does not matter to me at all, it has no effect on my love for you as a parent, I unconditionally love you, I care for you, and I really hope whoever you bring home to meet me is amazing… and I hope that you contiunue to live your life courageously becasue you’re going to need a lot of that, especaily in todays day and age where alot of people have prejudice views, so I hope you have a lot of courage and that I hope you dont give up your sexuality and I hope you continue standing up for who you are.” 3. Man from California living in New York: “I would say, That’s great, I am glad you came to me and trusted me with this information. I support you, no matter what, you are my child, and I am going to love you no matter what.” 4. Physician: “I would be proud of them, I would tell them to accept who they are and if they have any questions that we could talk about it and get information. I mean I’m not going to shy away or shun my child for opening up themselves in a more sexual base or a mental aspect of how they view people, I think that’s something that’s beautiful and I think that’s part of evolution in my opinion.” 5. Man from New York Protesting in front of Trump Tower: “I’d be ecstatic, if they were convinced and committed and happy and saw that is the way they wanted to live their life, I’d be very supportive of it.”

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Season 2 | Episode 6: “ If Your Child Told You They Were Gay/Lesbian, What Would You Do?” Hear as a wide range of people from all over America tell us. 

All of us have heard the loud American politicians, their tweets and their slurs – but how many of us have heard what the people/civilians in America think? The democratic presidential debates have happened and the voters are left to think on the important question of would people in USA support gun control.

The current state of politics in America with the 2020 elections, rehashing of ICE, deportation topic, racism, shootings, etc. shows to us that Hollywood Insider’s Messages From America” series is more relevant and needed now than ever before. The 2nd season of Messages From America aims to continue to show the views, perspectives and messages from the everyday people/civilians in America. Most of the people around the world usually form an impression of America and its people based on a sitting President – whether it be Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama or currently Donald Trump. That is over 7 billion people around the world that think the President of America represents the 325 million plus people in America. What is worse that they believe that Americans might be very much like their President? Which is far from the truth. Most civilians and everyday people in America are far from politics and are nothing like the loud politicians that represent them. 

If Your Child Told You They Were Gay/Lesbian, What Would You Do? Most of the people in America are nothing like the politicians in America – so it is important to make sure that world sees more of America and its people than just the loud politicians, regardless of them being republican/democract or any other political iteration

President Donald Trump  and his team do not reflect the American people in their entirety. By that same account, neither can any President in the future or has any President in the past ever reflected the American people in their entirety. Messages From America series hopes to show to the world what the American people that are civilians (not politicians) have to say on important issues. Usually, the world only knows the words and actions of US POLITICIANS, but seldom see what the people in America truly think about important issues. Other countries see only one side, without knowing that not all Americans agree with their politicians. This series aims to show what the rest of America, the people in America truly feel.

We at Hollywood Insider utilize our mission statement as our compass, which you can read more of by clicking here.

Here is a snippet: Hollywood Insider focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment, so as to utilize media as a tool to unite and better our world, by combining entertainment, education and philanthropy, while being against gossip and scandal.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are of the individuals themselves and do not reflect those of Hollywood Insider or interviewer/crew. 

By Hollywood Insider Team 

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