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Ai Dungeon: A Time Killer That’s as Fascinating as it is Amusing

Artificial intelligence may not yet be on the same level of human intelligence, but in Ai Dungeon’s case, that’s not a bad thing at all.

‘Senior Year’ Gives 2022 the Early 2000s Treatment with Rebel Wilson

Available on Netflix, ‘Senior Year’ looks at high school today through the lens of yesterday.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’: A Sequel That Soars to Heights Far Above its Predecessor | A Must-Watch

The grand premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at Cannes Film Festival 2022, a surprise Palme d’Or for Tom Cruise – this film deserves all the accolades and more.

A Quintessential Guide to the Adventures of Antoine Doinel and François Truffaut

Revisit the enduring delight of François Truffaut’s saga of cinema’s most flawed but lovable everyman Antoine Doinel.

Cinema of Vampires: Looking at the History the Bloodsuckers in Films | Robert Pattinson’s ‘Twilight’ & More

From comedy to love stories or horror to family movies, vampires have been immortal in the film industry and continue to have an audience no matter the plot.

Our Obsession With WWII & Crazy Dictators in Media | War Movies & TV

Why film & television continue to revisit “something that happened in the ‘40s” – war movies and TV.

A Journey to the A-List: The Rise of YouTubers as Mainstream Celebrities

With modern technology, many stars get their start online. Since the platform’s creation in 2005, YouTubers has come into the mainstream spotlight. 


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