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Sydney Sweeney Earns Scream Queen Crown in ‘Immaculate’

After producing this passion project, Sweeney’s religious horror ‘Immaculate’ stands out amongst the crowd.

Millie Bobby Brown Finds a New Monster to Fight In ‘Damsel’

Netflix’s latest fantasy film ‘Damsel’ is filled with betrayal, high stakes and a fire-breathing dragon.

In Defense of Romantic Comedies: How the Genre Empowers Women

Sometimes, you just need a feel-good romantic comedy or romantic comedies to get through a tough week.

‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ Proves the Franchise has Burned Out

‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ offers up nostalgia and fan service, but not enough substance.

‘X-Men ‘97’ is a Nostalgic Marvel of Animated Television

Marvel Studios’ latest release is receiving glowing reviews from audiences and critics alike – X-Men 97.

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Bring A New Meaning to the Concert Film

The Eras Tour and Renaissance concert films are reimagining the genre and creating accessibility for fans – thanks to Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

The Bachelor Season 28 Finale Leavu Us Speechless: “Imagine How Much I Can Love the Right Person”

‘The Bachelor’ Season Finales are usually full of shock, but Season 28 brought new surprises.


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