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The Dimora Palanca: An Authentically Florentine 5-Star Accomodation

In Florence, you can’t escape history and art. The Dimora Palanca hotel is no exception.

Rediscovering ‘Damnation’: Béla Tarr’s Early Masterpiece Comes to Life with New Restoration

Long obscured by a minimal English release, the Hungarian master’s first “mature” film ‘Damnation’ now hits streaming with visual splendor on full display.

An Analysis | In Looking to the Sky, Jordan Peele Leaves His Head in the Clouds 

A classic Jordan Peele film. ‘Nope’ shoots for the stars, but never really leaves the ground, marking a new addendum to his legacy.

B.J. Novak’s ‘Vengeance’ Is A Hilarious Thrill Ride With A Lot of Heart

Now, there is so much to talk about the ever growing divide in America. This is the ground upon which B.J. Novak’s new film, ‘Vengeance,’ builds itself. 

An In-Depth Analysis of Gun Control | 20 Years after ‘Bowling for Columbine’: What’s Changed?

Things have gotten worse for gun control. There’s no sense in waiting for the duration of this article to make that clear. Unfortunately.

‘American Horror Stories’: The Spin-Off to ‘American Horror Story’

‘American Horror Stories’ is a spin-off to the cult-classic horror series ‘American Horror Story’ and features a unique format with its anthology storytelling.

Xochitl Gomez: The Marvel Actress is Stealing Our Hearts with her Charm, Talent, and Fashion

Despite her young age, Xochitl Gomez is becoming both a role model and an icon, and we can’t wait to see where her multidimensional hopping career takes her next


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