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‘The Fly’ Is Still Jeff Goldblum’s Finest Hour

Jeff Goldblum is widely loved as one of the great character actors, but 1986’s ‘The Fly’ remains the strongest argument for taking him seriously as a leading man.

At the Drive-In with ‘Carnival of Souls’: The Most Important B-Movie of All Time

Despite its tiny budget, ‘Carnival of Souls’ would set a new standard for horror in Cinema, its psychological depth and uncanny power remaining strong even today.

Blockbuster: The Intersection of Sports and Entertainment 

Sports and Entertainment – Just like studios produce films or television series, sports teams are creating products.

The Simplistic Charm of Garfield: An In-Depth Analysis of this Cool Cat’s Success Story

Even if you’re not someone who’s into newspaper comics, the chance that you’ve never heard of Garfield is astronomically small.

The Legacy of SpongeBob SquarePants: Nickelodeon’s Biggest Hit | A Tribute

For over two solid decades, SpongeBob SquarePants has entertained children all over the world, but just what is it that’s made this iconic series so…well, iconic?

Robin Williams and His Performances and Movies: A Look at Some of the Comedian’s Best Roles

Robin Williams is a comedian who’s famous for his many notable characters throughout film and television. Let’s revisit some of them and see why they’re so good.

A Tribute to Jane Campion: The Two-Time Oscar Winner, An Uncompromising Artist and Feminist Icon

Jane Campion’s recent win at the Oscars comes as a highlight in her decades-long career as a filmmaker.


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