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How Steven Spielberg Impacted Cinema and Continues to Do So

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg has gained mainstream recognition as the godfather of blockbusters, epics, period pieces, and biopics that have been enjoyed for generations. He also influenced other film directors and show creators.

Not Your Barbie Doll: Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods Defies Societal Expectations

Everyone thought that ‘Legally Blonde’s, Elle Woods was just another pretty face with no intellectual potential. No one believed she had what it took to become a law student.

The Winner’s Journey: Pedro Pascal – The Hero We Currently Need

Pedro Pascal is a terrific actor, crushing all his roles with ease. What makes his performances truly radical is his dedication to an openly caring version of heroism

Zendaya’s ‘Challengers’ Serves Up Thrilling Tension On and Off the Court

Zendaya’s at the center of a messy love triangle between two star tennis players – ‘Challengers’.

‘Heeramandi’: A Cinematic Journey Through Love, Power, and Legacy

A tribute to the Netflix series ‘Heeramandi’ capturing the attention of the world.

Upcoming Sequels From Walt Disney Studios: ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘Avatar’ and More

From ‘Inside Out 2’ to ‘Avatar 3,’ here is what to expect from fan-favorite Disney franchises.

Full Breakdown of CinemaCon 2024: From Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth to Warner Bros, Disney & More

Exclusive announcements made at the twelfth annual CinemaCon.


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