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The Hollywood Insider is a trusted media network, across multiple channels, covering the business, substance and meaningful side of global entertainment/culture and its major players.  The multiple divisions includes publication, news, movie and TV production, funding, awards shows, merchandising, etc. With our publication division we strive to present in-depth coverage of the factors affecting and of interest to readers and viewers around the World. By being focused on factual and reliable coverage, rather than rumor, gossip and sensationalism, we are able to present information ignored elsewhere.  As such, it continues to be a network for the concerns/observations about cultural, psychological, political, environmental, ecological, social and philanthropic matters from the thousands of personalities who relish the opportunity. In their normal world, except for a privileged few, interviews and profiles are constrained by ‘showbusiness’ only agendas.  We will continue to be the network that shows that they have the same serious concerns, interests and views as many of their constituencies.

From the worlds of Cinema, television, stage, fashion, politics and Silicon Valley,  we present important commentary and exchanges of information for educators, protégés, pioneers, new age philosophers, tastemakers, industry leaders and trailblazers.

The Hollywood Insider encompasses multiple divisions, which includes publication, news, Movie and TV production, award shows, funding, digital content, merchandising, etc. 


The Hollywood Insider is a media network that  focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment/culture,

so as to utilize media as a tool to unite and better our world,

by combining entertainment, education and philanthropy, while being against gossip and scandal.


To be the most influential and progressive global entertainment/media network that caters equally to the masses and individuals/small communities alike.


We choose:

Substance over Scandal | Quality over Quantity |

Transformation over Titillation | Compassion over Oppression |

Wisdom over Intelligence | Innovation over Tradition | Extraordinary over Normal |



The 7 principles that explain who we are and what we stand for:


1. We are an independent company thus all our views are unbiased and without an agenda. We focus on substance and meaningful content that is wholly entertaining. After all, we are an ENTERTAINMENT company. Entertainment and media can change the world when done right and we hope that to make sure of that.


2.Prioritize quality of our content rather than quantity of it. We are not in the race for being the first outlet to publish the latest news. We believe in getting the facts confirmed first. As a media platform, we take responsibility for the power of media for both good and bad and strictly stay away from adding even a drop to the pool of false information that already torments the world.


3. We believe in building someone/something up rather than tearing them down. We are against gossip and scandal. We utilize media as a tool, rather than a weapon. We believe in freedom of speech but are completely against hate speech, which means our platform will refuse to work with anyone/anything who does not understand the difference between freedom of speech and hate speech. Our team, our content and our brand are driven by wisdom rather than mere intelligence.


4. Our main belief is in the power of enriching content — entertainment is a large part of everyone’s lives – let us change the way it is created, consumed and used. Our content is designed not just as an end-product, but as a social tool to be shared, used and passed around, driving further engaged conversation. With the media landscape changing faster than ever and audiences having more ability to choose, we encourage them to be click-conscious so as to choose and click on content that enriches them.


5. We are a global brand with undivided attention on local stories from their own perspective — we cater to both the masses as well as individual/small communities – the world of entertainment and media is prevalent in most countries, we want to include them all, global stories from its own local perspective. We are against the 1-dimensional perspective where media outlets force viewers to see countries and cultures like Africa and Asia as being only poor, mystical, ancient, etc. – Africa and Asia are far more than just their stereotype, in fact Africa is heavily diverse in its own way and so is Asia being a hub for fashion, style and Cinema. Thus we are a global brand focusing on local stories being told from a local perspective. We strive to reach the masses but not at the cost of alienating and forgetting individuals and small communities — we hope to be the bridge and cover popular content that the masses are interested in as well as bring stories of the individuals/small communities to the masses — we make sure everyone feels seen, heard and valued. We are inclusive – in terms of our team, our content and also our audience. Innovative storylines/content and working styles will always be chosen over traditional ones.


6. Emphasis on being the voice box for empowerment and positive change wrapped in entertainment. We may or may not be able to change the world for the better and solve all the problems, but we will definitely talk about it and make a lot of noise while we are at it – all the while entertaining the entire spectrum of people.  


7. It is a colorful world and we reflect that in our content, our team as well as our message. We knowingly reject normal and actively strive towards different which in our ethos is known as extraordinary.


Thank you for taking the time to understand us.

Pritan Ambroase

CEO | Hollywood Insider

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