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    Photo: “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel/Sony Pictures

    For Hollywood Insider’s series known as “Trailers With A Scoop Of Trivia”, we bring to you Spider-Man: Far From Home which released on July 2, 2019. 

    Spider-Man: From From Home Trivia –  

    1. The suitcase Peter has during his trip shows the letters “BFB” on it, which stands for Benjamin Franklin Parker (Peter’s Uncle), whose death motivated him to become Spider-Man
    2. Crusher Hogan appeared on a wrestling poster, shown backstage at the charity fundraiser. This wrestler masked Peter Parker while in the ring in Spider-Man’s first in Amazing Fantasy #15
    3. The first time a MCU character mentions Captain Marvel by Carol Danvers hero occurs in this movie by Spider-Man
    4. The airline, United Airlines shows a Spider-Man themed safety video that features Ned (Jacob Batalon) and a tribute to Stan Lee
    5. The license plate on the car that Fury and Maria Hill drives is MTU83779, referring to Marvel Team-Up Issue 83 from July, 1979 called Spider-man and Nick Fury
    6. Jason Momoa was proposed by Tom Holland to play Kraven the Hunter in the movie
    7. In the movie, Peter’s passport lists August 10th as his birthday and Spider-Man’s first appearance was in the Amazing Fantasy #15, released on August 10th in 1962. Tom Holland’s birthday is June 1st in real life
    8. This is the last film in Phase 3 of the MCU
    9. This is the first Marvel-Avengers crossover film without a Stan Lee cameo
    10. This is the first time that an MCU character appears in 3 films in 1 year. This character is Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson
    11. This is the 23rd film of the MCU

    By Hollywood Insider Staff Writer

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