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Video/Photo: Quentin Tarantino hidden in the poster of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel/Sony Pictures 

So lets get to the point, we are pretty sure this is the famous Quentin Tarantino cameo as he is hidden in plain sight in the new poster of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. We would love to hear a confirmation from Sony Pictures, the stars or Tarantino himself – just email us press@hollywoodinsider.com or DM us on Instagram @hollywoodinsider. And since that is Quentin, its excellent and very Hitchcock-ey. For more magnified photos from the poster – please scroll below.

Scan the photo closely and see if you find it.

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With this in-depth analysis of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Hollywood Insider would like to confirm our obsession with Tarantino’s cinematic masterpiece. Can you really blame us? In a trend full of remakes, franchises, and 100th sequels, anything to do with ORIGINAL is like an oasis in a desert, well, a cinematic desert.

Now combine ORIGINAL with Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Luke Perry, Margot Robbie, Bruce Lee, Golden age of Hollywood and all we can say is – TAKE OUR MONEY!!! Clearly, the Angel of Cinema is blessing us with a bountiful harvest of good, quality, excellent cinema.

Brad Pitt is Trending: Why I Am Ecstatic for All the Love From Fans

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We simply cannot wait for this brilliance.

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By Pritan Ambroase

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