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The Hollywood Insider Coachella Weekend 1

Every year, thousands of music enthusiasts, influencers, artists, and celebrities flock to Palm Springs, California for Coachella Music Festival. While Coachella offers a space for festival goers to enjoy music, the festival has become a social media phenomenon with influencer trips and watchers at home wondering what songs would be performed, and who would be there. While this year, ticket sales have been lower than they have been in the past, this past festival weekend has been filled with surprise guests, unexpected appearances, and, of course, social media discourse. Here is everything you missed from Weekend One of Coachella 2024.


On Friday night, Lana Del Rey took the stage for her headlining performance in the desert. While some audiences were worried about the performer’s discography being too mellow for the festival’s party scene, Lana Del Rey was able to bring in fans and internet buzz. Billie Eilish joined Lana Del Rey onstage, where the two shared a duet of ‘Video Games’ and ‘Ocean Eyes’. After leaving the stage, Eilish announced that Lana Del Rey is the voice of the generation and has inspired many of today’s artists, and fans on social media agreed.

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Another headliner, Tyler, the Creator, brought multiple guests out during his set. Donald Glover joined the stage for ‘RUNNING OUT OF TIME’ from the 2019 album, ‘IGOR’. Though Glover has not released music under the name Childish Gambino with Tyler, the Creator, they still performed this rendition of the song, and fans are hoping for a collaboration. Tyler, the Creator was also joined by A$AP Rocky, performing ‘Potato Salad’ and ‘Who Dat Boy’ with psychedelic graphics on the desert screens. Charlie Wilson joined to play a piano rendition of ‘EARFQUAKE’, followed by Kali Uchis hitting the stage to perform her collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, ‘See You Again’.

Not just the headliners brought guests out onto the Coachella stage. Reneé Rapp brought out Ke$ha to sing ‘TiK ToK’, notably changing the lyrics to curse out P Diddy, a known sexual abuser. No Doubt, led by Gwen Stefani, welcomed Olivia Rodrigo to the stage. This was a big reunion for No Doubt, as the band has not performed live together since 2015. Rodrigo joined the band for ‘Bathwater’ and showed her heart of a 90s rocker chick.

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A recent development in festival culture has been the brand trips and influencer fashion trends. While in years past, brand deals have been a bigger aspect of Coachella, with brands like Dote sending squads of teen influencers to the 2018 and 2019 festivals, the influencer aspect of this year’s Coachella has been toned down.

Despite there being less brand trips this year, TikTok’s it girl, Alix Earle, teamed up with Poppi to create ‘Coachearlea’ and introduce Poppi’s new lemon-lime flavor. There was a pop-up Poppi house at the festival, an immersive experience with free Poppi prebiotic sodas. This pop-up and collaboration brought a buzz to social media, as fellow marketers praised Poppi’s immersive experiences and collaboration with Earle. Of course, it would not be an Alix Earle TikTok without her makeup and fashion content, as she posted her outfits that will be sure to set some trends for this festival season. Micro shorts, cowboy boots, and sparkles are sure to be the newest music festival trends for this year, so be sure to start shopping early, if you plan on attending any festivals this year.

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Coachella has become a social media phenomenon, with online content being a huge way for fans to tune in, even if they aren’t attending the festival. Not only do influencers and brands collaborate in order to get more social media exposure at this huge festival, but live streams and social media posts help bring fans to the festival while they are at home. Coachella FOMO almost seems inevitable when so many influencers attend the festival, enticing fans to want to come in the next year. While the festival does seem like an influencer paradise and almost unattainable, fans almost are able to attend the festival on their phones.


Fans were shocked to see Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attending the music festival. America’s favorite couple earned a shoutout during Ice Spice’s set and were seen out and about throughout the festival. many fans were doubtful that the singer would attend the festival, as the last time she attended the festival was 2016. Wherever Swift goes, she is sure to have a flood of fans online scoping out her whereabouts and fawning over her relationship. It’s no doubt that Swift and Kelce’s appearance at the festival helped get people talking about Coachella.

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Another Coachella surprise was Billie Eilish’s surprise party on Saturday. After performing with Lana Del Rey, Eilish announced that she would be throwing a party at the Do Lab stage. At this party, Eilish played songs from her upcoming album ‘HIT ME HARD AND SOFT’, which releases May 17, 2024. Fans were able to snag recordings of her new song, ‘Lunch’, and share them on social media for those who weren’t attending.

One celebrity couple that has been making headlines also made their appearance at Coachella. Sabrina Carpenter’s performance was met with rave reviews, especially after the release of her newest single ‘Espresso’. While her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, cheered her on from the front row, Carpenter sported a t-shirt with the saying “Jesus was a Carpenter”. The t-shirt referenced her response to critics of her decision to film her ‘Feather’ music video in a Brooklyn Church. The performance, and t-shirt made its rounds on Twitter and TikTok, and fans campaigned for the shirt to be sold as Carpenter’s merchandise.

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While Weekend One was full of surprises, influencers, guests, and even fan frenzies, music fans are gearing up for Weekend Two of the iconic festival. The coined artists will be returning to the desert this weekend, and there are sure to be more surprises at Coachella Weekend Two.

Coachella Weekend Two will take place from April 19-21 in Coachella Valley, California.

By Abigail Johnson

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