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The Hollywood Insider Imagine Dragons Loom 2024 New Music Albums

It’s no secret that 2024 has been the year for new music. We’ve already seen comebacks from Drake and Kendrick Lamar, two rappers who tend to sparingly release singles, as well as hit albums from Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. It seems that every week new releases are being put out in the world and into our headphones. This year, there is so much new music to look forward to. Check out this list of 10 artists releasing new albums this year.


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Ice Spice-’Y2K’


Ice Spice, born Isis Naija Gaston, is a 24-year-old rapper from the Bronx, NY. She is most known for her collaborations with Taylor Swift and PinkPantheress. Ice Spice has released hits, including ‘Boy’s a Liar’, ‘Deli’, and ‘In Ha Mood’. Her album first album, ‘Y2K’, will be releasing on July 26, 2024, followed by the ‘Y2K’ tour. Ice Spice’s album is predicted to be a mix of her unapologetic lyrics mixed with New York and New Jersey club inspired beats.


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Gracie Abrams-’The Secret of Us’


Gracie Abrams, daughter of JJ Abrams and Katie McGrath, is a singer-songwriter who is most known for her songs ‘This is What it Feels Like’ and ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’. Abrams has recently opened for Taylor Swift and Olivia Rogrigo on their ‘Eras’ and ‘Sour’ tours. Gracie Abram’s sophomore album, ‘The Secret of Us’ will be releasing June 21, 2024. Her album will have a feature from Swift, and is predicted to feature her honest lyricism that Abrams is best known for.


Peso Pluma-’Éxodo’


Peso Pluma, born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is a Mexican singer and and guitarist. His most known songs include ‘Ella Balia Sola’, which was the first regional Mexican song to reach the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 100, and ‘PRC’. Peso Pluma’s next album ‘Éxodo’ is set to release June 20, 2024. Peso Pluma has stated of the new album, “There’s going to be a lot of flavors, not only of regional Mexican music.”


Imagine Dragons-’Loom’


Imagine Dragons will be releasing their sixth studio album, ‘Loom’ on June 28, 2024. Imagine Dragons is a pop band from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band consists of lead singer Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee and drummer Daniel Platzman. Formed in 2008, Imagine Dragons has come out with hits such as ‘Believer’, ‘Thunder’, and ‘Radioactive’. ‘Loom’ is set to have their mix of rock and pop and will consist of nine tracks.


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Kehlani, born Kehlani Ashley Parrish, is a singer-songwriter from Oakland, California. Kehlani original started out as a member of the teen pop group Poplyfe in 2011. Since leaving  the pop group, Kehlani has released well-known hits, such as ‘Gangsta’ and ‘Nights Like This’. Kehlani primarily performs in the pop and R&B genres, and their upcoming album will be no different, with impressive vocals and fun beats. ‘Crash’, Kehlani’s fourth album, is set to release on June 21, 2024.


Johnny Cash-’Songwriter’


Though Johnny Cash passed away in 2003, he is reaching a milestone in his career with the upcoming album, ‘Songwriter’. This will be Cash’s seventy-second studio album, which will feature 11 songs that were recorded in 1993. Each of these songs have been written throughout the legendary country singer’s career, and will give his fans a new look into the music that Cash did not initially release. The album, which releases on June 28, 2024. Will feature Cash’s original vocals and classic flair, but with new and updated arrangements.


Megan Thee Stallion-’Megan’


Famed female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, will be releasing her third studio album, ‘Megan’, on June 28, 2024. Megan Thee Stallion gained extreme popularity in 2020, with hits like ‘WAP’ and ‘Savage’. Her music is especially known for dance trends on TikTok, as well as her freestyle rap verses. Originally from Houston, Texas, Megan Thee Stallion has collaborated with other high profile artists, including Beyonce, Cardi B, and Maroon 5.


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Sabrina Carpenter-’Short N’ Sweet’


The ‘Espresso’ singer and former Disney actor is coming out with her newly anticipated album, after dominating the charts this year already. Sabrina Carpenter needs little introduction, as she gained popularity while opening for the ‘Eras’ tour and performing at major music festivals, such as Coachella. Her cheeky improv and her star power has helped push her to the top this year, and her newest album will be no exception. ‘Short N’ Sweet’ releases on August 23, 2024.




Clairo, born Claire Elizabeth Cottrill, is back with her third studio album, ‘Charm’. After gaining popularity in 2019, Clairo defined the “bedroom pop” genre with hits like ‘Sofia’ and ‘Are You Bored Yet?’, which was a collaboration with the band Wallows. Clairo is also set to tour small venues this fall, after ‘Charm’ drops on July 12, 2024.


Empire of the Sun-’Ask That God’


The Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun will release their fourth studio album, ‘Ask That God’, on July 26, 2024. It’s their first full-length studio album since ‘Two Vines’ in 2016. The duo is comprised of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. The duo is most known for their hit song ‘Walking on a Dream’, as well as collaborating with the late Mac Miller on the hit song ‘The Spins’. The new album is said to be “a holistic musical adventure where imagination and reality blur and the surreal reigns supreme”.


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