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The Hollywood Insider Chateau Marmont Luxury Hotel California

Sunset Boulevard – a singular location, known around the world. Mentioned in movies, songs, and all kinds of media, it is one of the important secular locations in Los Angeles, California. Sunset Boulevard is a mixture of tropical freedom, tourist paradise, sunshine, and palm trees, and the Chateau Marmont is a monumental figure of the area.

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The Hotel

The Chateau Marmont opened in 1927 and is currently notoriously known as a hideaway for many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities – but that fact pales in comparison to everything the hotel has to offer itself. It is an emblem of history, and it is an icon of Hollywood for many reasons. 

The hotel was a seminal part of old Hollywood and those big names we all know as legends of history could’ve stayed at this historic site. The entire place feels grand, epic, and ultimate, with huge European-style arches, spaciously high ceilings, and heavenly windows just as tall; sunlight leaks in and it is almost as if you can feel the true and pure stories of the past floating through the gaping hallways.

A seminal part of old Hollywood, and it remains a reminder of what Hollywood is and should be – luxury, pleasure, a world of sweet serene air, and an escape from demanding, fast-paced areas in the world. The Chateau Marmont is one of the places in California that has not yet lost its soul.

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…an Icon of Old Hollywood, and Still Current

One of the most beautiful parts of California is that history lives on. Los Angeles itself is an item of history undying– this town is a covenant, a shared space full of those in love with the stories of old, places of importance, and legends of stars, doing everything they can to keep it all intact.

Sunset Boulevard has changed and evolved, but its spirit remains alive, and its dreamy air of stardom and history has not even approached diminishing. Upon a grand hill sits the Chateau Marmont, overlooking it, unmoving, like a mountain of yesterday, keeping a watchful eye, unchanged, with soul and integrity.

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The Features of Leisure

The Chateau Marmont has two wonderful restaurants. The main restaurant has an outdoor patio where you can people-watch for as many celebrities as you please, and rest assured, you will probably succeed in seeing at least one familiar face on the television. This place – this is the scene in movies where artists meet to discuss their work with the Marmont’s famous martinis in their hands, great food loosening up their minds, sitting back in shades with the California sun glaring down on them. The food is very reasonably priced, and very good, as it should be, as it serves those who love to enjoy. This is the land of cigarettes and coffee. This is the place of legends, and you can go there, and live as legends live. You can see the famous locations that allude to the famous stories of old.

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The other restaurant is the Bar Marmont – you have to walk outside, and down the sidewalk of Sunset Boulevard to the side of the hotel to enter it. It has beautiful, stunning painted ceilings of printed butterflies. The famous martinis come from this location here. You may sit down for a beverage here and feel as James Stewart might’ve as he watched Kim Novak emerge in that stunning green dress.

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Even More Leisure

After a beautiful night of celebrity-watching, golden cocktails under an orange sunset, and five-star food, you’ll be craving the cool smooth relief of a soft bed. Throw pillows, thick blankets, and threaded cashmere will be waiting for you to plop down on and flip something fun onto the LG flatscreen television included in every room.

Wake up, throw something colorful on with a pair of shades, and waltz yourself down to the pool, an in-ground treasure of modern comfort and luxury, surrounded by beautiful cement, lush green scenery, privacy, intimacy, and class. Plants and bushes block it off from the rest of the world and you have your private oasis, a mirage of sunlight and clear water. Sit back, get a tan, take a dip, and forget your problems. Focus instead on who else has been in this pool. You dine with kings and you live like them too at the Chateau Marmont.

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The World Around

The Sunset Strip is a place of neon lights and fashion, tourists adventure from historic sites such as Johnny Depp’s mansion to wonderful restaurants and bars like The 11:11. It looks a lot different than it did at Hollywood’s height – it has become commercialized, it is no longer a street for stars to walk down, but rather for tour buses and gift shops for souvenir trinkets. While these sights to see are an absolute joy, the Chateau Marmont offers something far different.

The Chateau Marmont is a portal into the past, with legendary stories and rumors. Howard Hughes and Billy Wilder, Led Zeppelin, and John Belushi. Within these walls, these great celebrities walked. And you can too, and you can feel the pure grandeur and excellence, attention to great standards and demands of the great men and women who have stayed there.

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Go to a place of reputation and beauty that the world is slowly forgetting to implement in other places. Slow down and remember where we started, where the roots of Hollywood and the days of stars, magic, and dreams were planted. The opportunities to see such things become rarer and rarer with each passing year as time wears away all remnants of glorious things that should never be forgotten.

The Chateau Marmont does not forget nor will it be forgotten.

By Ben Brown 

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