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The Hollywood Insider Luxury Rome Hotels Palazzo Mandredi

Photo: Palazzo Manfredi 

Palazzo Manfredi is a top-notch five-star hotel located in Rome. It advertises itself as more than just a hotel. According to its website, it strives to be “a palatial heart in the home of the city.” In a place with as much historical and cultural importance as Rome, this is a brilliant angle to market a hotel from. Most tourists will want to spend most of their days walking around and seeing all the culturally important buildings, monuments, archives, and other historic sites. When in Rome (no pun intended), of course, you’d want to market the surrounding area as part of your hotel experience as much as possible.

While the location is definitely one of the strengths of the Palazzo Manfredi, the great qualities of Palazzo Manfredo don’t just stop there. The high-caliber nature of the hotel isn’t limited by any one particular thing, as it has great qualities in spades. Things like event bookings, room designs, and incredible restaurants full of wonderful food all contribute to a spectacular one-of-a-kind stay.

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THE Location – Palazzo Manfredi 

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: the surrounding area. The crowning achievement of the Palazzo Manfredi is where it’s constructed. In one of the most eye-catching decisions the hotel has ever made, the building itself is situated right in front of Rome’s enormous Colosseum. A site like that is already awe-inspiring, and yet that’s just the beginning. The hotel was built with this in mind so there are plenty of architectural adjustments made in the name of getting a better view of the ancient stadium. The Colosseum Grand View Suites located in the adjacent building are specifically made to gaze upon the majesty of its design. The restaurant Aroma Terrace on the rooftop gives a completely unobstructed birds-eye glance of it as well. While other places (such as the Court) don’t have as high of a view as the Aroma, the view is just as magnificent. Guests can have an exquisite dinner filled with plenty of curated gourmet wines to choose from as they observe and cherish it for as long as they please. Tours of the Colosseum range from 60 to 30 American dollars, depending on if they’re self-guided or not.

The Colosseum isn’t the only thing in the area that’s worth seeing. There’s also a Roman gymnasium right next to it. Named the Ludus Magnus, this space acted as the place where gladiators trained to fight their opponents in the deadly arena. The menacing fights to the death had to be prepared for by the fierce fighters somehow! Other remnants of imperial Rome that are worth exploring include historical wonders such as Palatine Hill (an archeological site of the ruins of Roman government officials) and the Arch of Constantine (a physical arch structure created in honor of the famous Roman Emperor Constantine). Some of the incredible sites around this area weren’t just born out of this era of Rome either. There are lots of amazing things to see around the hotel that are from later yet equally historic eras in Rome’s history. Some of these things include churches such as the Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati and the Basilica San Clemente. Also on display are sculptures such as Christ the Redeemer by legendary Michelangelo, and museums such as the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. Those contain Roman designs that are from the 12th-16th century. All of these are at your disposal and in close proximity to your stay in the Palazzo Manfredi.

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Room and Suites

One obvious thing would be the style of rooms. The six types of suites are the Grand View Suites, the Colosseum Grand View Suite, Grand View Gallery Suite, the Family Suite, the Ludus Magnus Suite, and the Grand View J Suite. They all showcase the Colosseum to varying degrees. Another thing they all have in common is their design inspiration. All of the rooms were constructed with the idea of minimalism in mind. The materials are similar across all rooms, with a promise of “colorful accents and warm wood tones” that have Italian-inspired architecture seeping into all its facets.

The differences include many smaller things, mostly involving the layout of each suite. For instance, the Grand View Gallery Suite includes a panoramic balcony, while the Colosseum Grand View Suite offers two floors (the top floor contains the primary bedroom). These two suites are also located in different buildings that are adjacent to each other.

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Event Bookings

This hotel is the perfect place to have a special event. In the cases of something as special as a wedding, they offer exclusive access to their famous Aroma restaurant and the use of their spacious courtyard. An event in the historical heart of Rome is not an event one easily forgets, and it’s even made rarer by the fact that the views it promises can only be found there.

Booking an event also means booking the use of one of the three locations, the Aroma, the Court, or the Casina Valadier. The Aroma is helmed by expert Chef Giuseppe di Iorio, his curations of food and wine coming directly from the surrounding region. The Court, also used for event bookings, is the courtyard at Palazzo Manfredi, where there is a beautifully clear view of Ludus Magnus. Finally, Casina Valadier is available for event bookings. This historic sight has been the meeting place of many different renowned intellectuals, world leaders, and artists. And now, Casina Valadier has repositioned itself as a place to host important moments of people’s lives.

The Palazzo Manfredi is a wonder to behold in all the categories that would make a hotel a truly memorable stay, and the exquisite food is locally sourced. Above all, its wonder is only second to its immediate surroundings. If one is a world history buff, a fan of Roman history or culture, or simply wants to experience the heart of the eternal city firsthand, this is definitely the hotel for you. The Palazzo Manfredi proves that the facilities inside a hotel are only half of the experience: the other half is how the hotel caters to the places outside the hotel.

By Zachary DePiore

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