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The Wake-Up Call with Pritan Ambroase

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Video: Hollywood Insider’s The Wake-Up Call with Pritan Ambroase/Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel

The first episode of ‘The Wake-Up Call with Pritan Ambroase’ premiered on 21 July 2020 at 6 pm EST. The episode focuses on Black Lives Matter movement and the advocacy for it. You can watch the special episode above or by clicking on this link. 

It has taken me over 16 days to write this letter, not because I fear the hate mail that we have been receiving due to our support for Black Lives Matter BUT due to my support as a non-black ally as I wanted to make sure this letter, unbeknownst to me, doesn’t hurt those very same Black people that I am in full solidarity with and have been for years – before the trend and will continue onwards after the trend. I also wondered if my OUTSPOKEN support mattered. I was close to scrapping this entire letter, when I heard Dr. Melina Abdullah, professor and co-founder of the L.A. chapter on Black Lives Matter assert, “It can’t just be Black people advocating for Black people. So we need everybody’s voice talking in their own communities. (Non-Black people) for Black Lives Matter and people who are really willing to do anti-racist work.”  

So I forge on with this letter, as I continue to be vehemently anti-racist and more specifically,  anti-targeted-abuse of Black people. My desire/need to speak up as a non-black ally was further bolstered by an article from 1978 which is a signed letter from Black leaders requesting the US government to accept refugees. Those Black leaders which included civil rights leader Bayard Rustin had spoken up as an ally for many non-black communities that had suffered other forms of oppression too. All with the superpower of empathy. And that power of empathy is exactly what I utilize today. 

Video: The Wake-Up Call with Pritan Ambroase: Love Letter to Black Lives Matter | 1-Hour Special Episode

Thus, here I am, writing this love letter to Black Lives Matter as a non-Black ally 

Disclaimer: I refuse to succumb to hate mail that has been sent to us due to Hollywood Insider’s total support for the Black Lives Matter movement in every way – actively/physically/digitally. I must state that these are entirely my own views and not edited by my publicist or editors as every single word, sentence, emotion in this article is my own. Every single grammatical error and spelling mistake is my own. The only person to blame or send further hate mail to – is me – if you have nothing better to do with your life, that is. I am worried that the human attention span being 5 seconds long means this letter might be far too lengthy – but I hope you read. To the ones that refuse to peruse anything other than a meme – please watch the 1-minute video. Throughout this letter, I have thrown in the sentence VOTE WITH A CONSCIENCE multiple times without respect to sentence formation, but its importance is undeniable. None of these mass protests and global movement/revolution will mean anything if you don’t vote in the hundreds of millions. This network and I are NOT here to please everybody or be silent in the face of an inhumane justice system. Media must act responsibly. Instead of attacking my entire team, please direct all mail to ceo@hollywoodinsider.com. Hollywood Insider is an independent media network in a jungle of giant corporate media conglomerates. We are unbiased. In this world of republican or democrat, we are actively, physically and digitally on the humanitarian side, all for the sake of one and one for the sake of all, for the sake of humanity in a normalized-inhumane society. This is our mission statement – Hollywood Insider focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment, so as to utilize media as a tool to unite and better our world, by combining entertainment, education and philanthropy, while being against gossip and scandal.

Since the re-engineering of Hollywood Insider began, our intention has always been utilize this media network to harmonize our world, its people and society. The giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are already experts at connecting the world and its people. Thus, our goal became simply to harmonize our world and its people for a better society through media and entertainment. That was/is/continues to be OUR intention. Our support for Black Lives Matter is EXACTLY that in action.


Two kinds of people that should read this letter: 

  1. If you are against Hollywood Insider for supporting #Blacklivesmatter – read this, I want to reason with you, not argue. Though you must make me a promise, if anything in this letter resonates with you, your heart or your soul – then you will change your harmful behavior, your actions, and your thought patterns that have endangered Black people for far too long.  
  2. If you support #Blacklivesmatter, read this too.
  3. Both kinds of people – feel free to email me on the address provided above.

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A wise person told me that her father taught her “find out about the author before you read the book/article”. So here it is: First and foremost, I am an artist and my canvases are cinema, media and humanitarianism. Aside from my position at this media network and being an entertainer, I continue to be a constant human rights activist with over a decade of experience speaking out against injustices and atrocities across the world. I am also the founder of Humans of our World Foundation which I started at the age of 19 and have fought for a plethora of causes for over a decade. I chose that specific name for my foundation because I truly believe that humans of our world uniting is the ONLY way to better our world – the past three weeks are proof of that and that teenage me with an abnormally utopian dream of uniting the world is jumping with joy. My friends had nicknamed me the “Rebel with a Cause” due to my constant human rights activism. Even those moments in the middle when human rights issues are not the hot topic or trend of the month. It’s those moments in the middle that truly matter as those are usually far longer than the 1-month long trend. I have walked my talk. Thus, I am a humanitarian. In this world full of parasites, just being a human being is enough at times. For more on me, here is my bio.  Now that you know the author, let’s get to the important matter. 

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When it comes to writing “Black people” – I prefer to capitalize the B. America has normalized calling Black people African-Americans when in fact, Black people should be called simply Americans. Full stop. Why are they hyphenated? Toni Morrison remarked, “In this country, American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” So, since we need to be specific for this movement, I write Black people, in the same way, that americans without the capitalized A would be wrong. I elaborate more further down the letter. 

Black Lives Matter is a human rights issue not a political issue as Breonna Taylor’s life was “legally” stolen for sleeping at home


During this entire letter, multiple issues will be touched upon such as – this movement is a human rights issue, not a political issue, why this is about more than just police brutality, police reform is needed starting with 3-year training programs for every officer instead of the ridiculously laughable current 6-month program, legislation change, government reform to help end systemic abuse towards Black people, voting with a conscience, #Blacklivesmatter is not anti-white or anti-brown, #Blacklivesmatter is pro-American, this movement is led by Black people with us non-Black people in full solidarity as allies, etc. 

Oh, the words and sentences in BLUE are from the many hate mail sent to us. My team read some of it and compiled them for me. Some of them are also the usual nonsense spewed by opposers of the movement – in short – bigots. 

Click here to read more on Hollywood Insider’s vision, values and mission statement here – Media has the responsibility to better our world – Hollywood Insider fully focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment, against gossip and scandal, by combining entertainment, education, and philanthropy. 

Here we go. 

Dear Black people, Black Lives Matter, its supporters AND its opposers, 

I write this out of LOVE. This entire movement is about love despite the naysayers. We are all speaking up. It has rattled the chains of legalized prejudice and normalized oppression. To the people that think speaking up does not change anything – You are wrong. 

I request all to understand that this movement is about more than just police brutality. But it has to begin with police reform, as people need to remain alive to action actual legislative change in support of Black people regarding all branches of governmental infrastructure – education, housing, police, prison, medical, banking, etc. This is ALSO about more than just governmental reforms, corporations or institutions – this is about each and every individual and how their personal reformation is needed for Black Lives Matter – no matter how accepting you think you are – you can always do better than your previous self. Black Lives Matter is as much about government/corporations/institutions as it is about individuals. I elaborate on this throughout the letter. Settling for just the sentencing of those thug police officers and police reform is equal to crumbs of pity being thrown from the “master’s” table – DEMAND the full menu of rights. This previous sentence has been fully inspired by my personal hero Desmond Tutu’s quote.

SPEAK UP CONSTANTLY TO MAKE BLACK LIVES MATTER – beyond the trend. CLICK HERE for ways to support Black Lives Matter



I write this at the risk of my career and while putting this media network on the line. I have been warned by my advisors that my unabashed support for the Black Lives Matter movement might be problematic for Hollywood Insider. I have been told to “behave like a CEO”. Several investors have already sent notices to sever their ties with us due to my peacefully LOUD support as well as Hollywood Insider’s peacefully LOUD support for Black Lives Matter. Peaceful – Non-Violent – Loud – Effective. I have received more hate mail in the past two weeks than I have in over a decade of human rights activism. Various threats. 

I could fear, cower and be neutral. Perhaps for the sake of my media network, its investors and profits, I could remain silent and choose the “easy” route but that would mean going against my values and being on the side of the tormentor. Or I can make it clear. 

So, I decided that I needed to be clearer. 

Here it is: “I, Pritan Ambroase, and my media network Hollywood Insider along with my philanthropic foundation Humans of our World, fully, unequivocally and wholeheartedly stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and revolution to better our world. Full stop.” 

A better world for supporters as well as the opposers (whether they see that or not). I repeat many great humans’ phrase: Silence is loudly supporting the tormentor. I REFUSE to stay silent.

I refuse to be scared. I believe in peaceful and nonviolent protests. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. Stamina is paramount. Let your voices and the symphony of millions of feet marching for justice rattle every fabric of legalized prejudice. “Behave like a CEO” – What does that even mean? I am a human first. The strongest chains in the world are only as strong as the weakest link. Let us not measure human progress in terms of technological advancement rather hold a harmonized society as the true indicator of the heights we can reach as a species. What is the point of going millions of miles into outer space with billion-dollar machines if we cannot collectively reach across several inches  – a mental barrier – and accept all humans with kindness regardless of the shade of their skin color or other mental-political-man-made-physical-religious borders – an act that can be performed for free without billion-dollar machines. Just with pure intention and kindness alone – kindness has got to be the default emotion, automatic, and without any effort. I hear many using the word “tolerance” and I am simply against that word – tolerate is such a negative word.  Why are we looking for aliens in other galaxies, when most cannot get along with our humans on this planet? The greatest threat and danger to humans is not the coronavirus. That particular virus is a temporary threat. The greatest ongoing threat and danger to humans are…… other humans – specifically bigots. 

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To the ones that say, “All lives matter”. My response – All lives matter is a lie. It has not. You know it hasn’t. Yes, you the ones that are saying it – you know it hasn’t. It is technically and situation-wise WRONG. I hope someday we can get to a point where we CAN say ALL LIVES MATTER. BUT for that to happen, Black lives need to matter… ALSO. Until then, that slogan “all lives matter” is redundant and the only FAKE NEWS. So I wait to join you, once Black Lives Matter, we can say all lives matter and have it be true. If these harassers had a brain bigger than a pea – then they would know that us saying Black Lives Matter is to make sure all lives matter. Black Lives Matter is important. Anyone that says “ALL LIVES MATTER” clearly goes to other people’s grandpa’s funeral and says “Well I don’t know what all this fuss is about – so many other people’s grandads died too.”

Targeted systemic abuse & murders of Black people is the validity of BLACK LIVES MATTER as Jordan Davis’s life was “legally” stolen for playing loud music

Black lives mattering to me is a fact – I allow myself no other option. As I mentioned above, during the 16 days it has taken me to write this letter – multiple advisors have been consulted, Black friends and team members have been seen and heard, and the resounding advice I am left with is that there is no PERFECT way to show my solidarity as a non-Black person, as an ally. But, I must. I want to. I know my choice clearly. I didn’t seek advice worrying about what the opposers of the movement might say, they just make my stance stronger. I asked for advice because I worried about what Black people would think of my letter and certain words/phrases/sentences I have used. To all Black people, with whom I have always stood in full solidarity with my daily actions beyond these weeks of trending news, please excuse any word or statement that might not work for you – I am trying my best. Feel free to advise me through the email provided above. Everything I say here, is to continue speaking up for the Black lives matter movement and to continue utilizing this media network and myself to help end the targeted and systemic abuse of Black people. I just wanted to make sure while actively, physically and digitally supporting the movement, I was not hurting any Black person, by incorrect usage of words or sentences that could be misconstrued. For instance, I say Black people, because I see you and I respect you like I do with all other humans and their skin shades. I say Black people, out of love and the need to be precise as I believe calling it racism against “people of color” is actually harmful to the real issue. In fact, calling it “racism” itself is harmful to the real disease. Would you want a doctor to tell you the exact issue causing your pain or do you want them to say “something is wrong with your body”. No you would want them to be specific for the sake of your healing. We know what is wrong. It’s BEEN clear. The diagnosis is, once again, TARGETED/SYSTEMIC ABUSE & MURDERS of BLACK PEOPLE. Racism and people of color are both blanket terms.  Let’s call it what it is. I wanted to include INTENTIONAL to that sentence but my publicist believes it might be too charged and heavy. (But, intentional, so definitely intentional). Let’s be specific so that the UNITED States of America and the world can heal.

Let’s not mince words because lives are in danger. And that is inhumane. That is an act of terror. That is an act of legal terrorism. This is not just their problem. This is OUR problem. One for all, all for one. Also, just because the doctor tells you that there is a problem with “your liver” does not mean he is saying **** all your other organs.

We have the diagnosis – now we need a prognosis. And throughout this letter, I hope to discuss some sort of prognosis.  

The issue at hand is Black people are being targeted. And the law is not acting fast enough or precisely enough. Racism is too general of a term. This isn’t JUST racist. This is a murder. These aren’t racists. These are murderers. To the people that say, “Black people are thugs” My response – The real THUGS are the killers disguised as police officers. Their legality does not prevent this media network and myself from calling them THUGS. That THUG COP is a criminal. It confuses me how many seem to use the word thug for a certain demographic defined by their race, class or socio-economic background – you know what I am talking about. Oxford dictionary defines thug as “a violent person esp. a criminal” – it never defines race, profession or socio-economic background. Thus, I hereby declare THUG an accurate name for corrupt and murderous police officers.  I have watched that video – horrified – unable to find a single ounce of humanity or care in the killers’ eyes as they remorselessly robbed that human of his breath and his life. 

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I remain confused at the retaliation from opposers in regards to us supporting Black Lives Matter as one thorough read of our network’s mission statement and values would prove that direct activism in support of human rights, justice and humanity is at the core of Hollywood Insider. Black Lives Matter is synonymous with our values and mission statement and we have been speaking on it in various manifestations before it became the latest BREAKING NEWS and trending hashtag. This is the global movement that we have been waiting for. Simple. This is US THE MEDIA NETWORK in action – standing up for human rights, animal rights, nature, etc., etc and ETC. For the people. For the people of the UNITED States of America. For the People of the World. Regardless of political barriers. Stories of all communities, big or small, in their OWN perspective. 

Due to our outspoken stance on this human rights issue, we have lost followers and subscribers. I am sad to lose subscribers and followers, as more subscribers, means more ad revenue and sponsors, which is how media networks and publishers make money. Obviously I want Hollywood Insider to be profitable, that is my responsibility as a CEO. Since certain unnameable investors have already pulled out, I am worried about what might happen and how I will be able to carry on financially running this network.

But. But, I simply cannot just watch and sit on the fence so, I choose Black Lives Matter. Neutral is not an option. Sitting on the fence is harmful to humanity and also to our common sense. I am taking a risk. And I will continue to, as I have always done when it comes to humanitarianism. You are not going to like everything I say. I am not here to be liked by everyone. And that is okay. I am okay with that. I do not need to win by popular votes, I just want to utilize this media network to help better this country I call home and our world. The issue here is that human rights should be available and accessible by all – whether or not YOU like them or dislike them. Whether you like it or not, Black lives matter.

SPEAK UP CONSTANTLY TO MAKE BLACK LIVES MATTER – beyond the trend. CLICK HERE for ways to support Black Lives Matter

Hollywood Insider Black Lives Matter Protests Global Movement, Breonna Taylor, England Protests

Video: Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel

Millions marching is changing the world for the better so that Black Lives Matter as Sandra Bland’s life was “legally” stolen for a traffic ticket

The very divided UNITED States of America has to look ahead to be greater than ever before. Looking ahead to make America greater than ever before might just truly UNITE the United States of America. We, the people uniting are more powerful than the gaggle of politicians pretending to do something. The many changes made in the past three weeks are due to the millions marching ACROSS ALL BORDERS all over the world. It is not because the political leaders suddenly grew a kind heart and decided to start doing the job that they were elected for. Don’t let them fool you. The changes have only just BEGUN. The massive reforms still remain on the to-do list. Your peacefully loud protests and movement are working. Politicians and political leaders, except the few, cannot change anything – but the people united can. 

To the ones that say, “This is all SO political, I don’t do politics.” Do NOT push this important and needed movement aside calling it a political issue. You know the world is an unsafe place when they label a human rights issue as a political issue. Black Lives Matter is a human rights issue, a humanity issue, a HUMAN issue. NOTHING political about it. And it stops here. “I am not political” – is not acceptable anymore. 

Oh before you start labeling me with a political party, I must state I have no political party affiliation, but I urge ALL to vote. VOTE WITH A CONSCIENCE. Vote for the candidate – not the party. Research them beyond their campaign promises. Research their actions beyond the ghost-written speeches and the filmed and performance-based goodness. Thousands of people sacrificed their lives so that Black people could vote and so that women could vote – so why are you not taking full advantage of that available right that people gave their lives for? By you – I mean you – the reader.

I stopped explaining myself long ago and believe in focusing on ACTION. The video above was my attempt to do what I want to do without explaining. But I guess in this instance, an explanation and a long answer might just help further.

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Three weeks of people uniting globally in support of Black Lives Matter as Oscar Grant’s life was “legally” stolen for partying on New Year’s Eve

It has been 3 weeks since the murder of the human George Floyd at the hands of thugs. I wish that was the headline: KIND MAN MURDERED BY “LEGALIZED” THUGS. But sadly that was not the case.

It has been 3 weeks since he pleaded, “I can’t breathe”. That plea has now forced the world to chant with every breath until all black people can breathe in safety. 

It has been 3 weeks… and the world is completely changed. 

People keep saying that they are waiting for the world to go back to normal – to the times before the protests began – to the times before coronavirus began.

I am not. I want the world to NEVER go back to normal. 

I saw that normal, that normal was cruel. Terrifying. I will continue to be abnormal and want it for the world as well. And the past 3 weeks have shown to me that everyday humans have taken it into their own hands to demand an extraordinary world. A humane world. A world that actually feels like home for all. Thank you. A million thank yous. Billions thank yous times infinity.  

If this kind and united world is abnormal then I wish we could classify “normal” as hate speech once and for all. Far too much damage has been done to many aspects of society and individuals just with the usage of the word “normal”. Act normal – no, be normal – no, love normal – NO! Throwaway the word “normal”. Normal allowed cruelty to be justified. Be abnormal. 

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To the ones that say, “Why don’t they peacefully protest? All this looting and violence is too much.” My response – 95% of the protests are peaceful and non-violent – I AM THE EYEWITNESS. Each of the protests that I have personally reported on and covered, have been peaceful. Yes, I have heard of SOME being violent – keyword SOME. The opposers deny police brutality and the need for police reform by stating “It’s just a few bad apples.” So let me borrow their statement, and say  “It’s just a few bad apples (some violent rioters), you cannot blame the entire movement and millions of peaceful protesters that are there for the good of people.” Satisfied yet? I condemn every single media network and publisher that focuses only on the violence and riots, in the name of a sensational story, instead of the majority non-violent protests that are actually making positive changes. My request to media networks and publishers is that you allocate 95% air time to the non-violent protests and 5% airtime to the riots and violence. Disinformation is lethally damaging and it IS psychological warfare against humanity. 

Again, many of you are reacting to the “violent” protests after watching the disinformation narrative of “violent” protests on TV. How many of you actually witnessed the violent rioters in person? Think before you react to it.  What is happening in reality is positive changes for the sake of black lives to matter.

What has been shocking to witness for many reporters/journalists is the fact that police brutality has now extended towards them as well. Dozens of journalists/reporters, while wearing press badges, have been beaten by police and arrested. Is press and media not free in USA anymore? Even at the most dangerous war zones, both sides know that they are not allowed to harm a journalist/reporter. So why are they not safe here in the free country of USA? Has this got anything to do with the constant attack on press from political leaders just because they didn’t like being held accountable?  Reporters and journalists and members of press/media have every right to document the Black Lives Matter protests and movement happening in the USA and they should not have to be terrified of being attacked by the police. 

Hollywood Insider Black Lives Matter Protests Global Movement, Trayvon Martin, South Korea Protests


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Hollywood Insider CEO Pritan Ambroase’s statement regarding the protests. | @hollywoodinsider | Video: @nowthisnews

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They want us divided so that oppression can continue. Stay united so that Black Lives Matter as Philando Castile’s life was “legally” stolen for lawfully carrying a weapon

I request that all continue to be non-violent and peacefully protest loudly. Let the thunderous rumble of the millions of feet marching in unison be the sound that forces the supposed leaders to change their man-made legalities. Let the harmonized symphony of chants cause them to have no other option but to give in to our demands. Let the relentless, unstoppable, unflinching unity of us all demanding justice, tear down their “powerful” walls. Why else, do you think the supposed leaders, continue to divide us by color, gender, sexuality, political borders, religion, political parties, etc? They are scared that we will unite, so they label us as “Black” vs “White”, “Republicans” vs “Democrats”, “Gay” vs “Straight”, “Male” vs “Female”, “Male/Female” vs “Trans”, ‘Rich” vs “Poor”, etc. Let me translate that entire previous sentence through my perspective: “Human” vs “Human”. United we stand. Divided we…… I cannot complete that sentence. It’s simply unacceptable.  United we stand. Done. I allow myself no other option. My life, my work, my passion is a testament to wanting “humans of our world” to be united regardless of everything. I am tired of religions also known as politics attempting to fool us with a members only VIP pass to God, the verses that were twisted to keep women under the rule of men, the fake moral codes that made us focus on sexuality instead of love being love. As the Black hero Sojourner Truth explained with wisdom, “Religion without humanity is very poor human stuff.”

To the politicians that are saying, “Peacefully protest and we will listen to you.” My response – Yes, I am all about peacefully protesting. A mantra at this point. Hence, I admired Colin Kaepernick for taking the knee – PEACEFULLY and NON-VIOLENTLY. Sadly, I remember Colin Kaepernick being harassed in every way possible for peacefully protesting. Didn’t all of you oppossers and “Constitution regulators” throw shit at him for it? Abuse him for his peaceful protest? How did his standing up, or kneeling, for human rights mean that he was destroying the Constitution and the flag and being un-American? And yadi yadi yada (insert all the bullshit thrown at him here)? Seriously, sometimes you politicians say statements that debunk your own statements – it’s like watching a boxing match where you are fighting yourself. And it’s on repeat. No wonder, the people are tired and quite frankly have lost trust in their so-called “leaders”. To this day I have never understood the outrage sparked by Colin Kaepernick kneeling. Don’t bother trying. Others have tried – they failed to explain the outrage to me. He knelt. He was speaking up for something. Wow…… should have been the response. I was impressed by you Colin and remain so. Speaking up for justice and against oppression is a major part of the American dream and the Constitution itself – I wish the naysayers would actually read it TO UNDERSTAND IT instead of interpreting it to WEAPONIZE it. 


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My support for Black lives matter is NOT anti-White, anti-Brown, anti-Asian, anti-American, anti-Mixed, anti-Constitution, anti-Star Spangled Banner, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, anti-Muslim, etc etc etc. Black lives matter means Black lives matter ALSO. Simple. The only things this movement is against or anti, is anti-murder of Black people, anti-segregation of Black people, anti-abuse of Black people by keeping valuable educational/medical/political/banking/legal resources intentionally away from that particular race and against them. I have nothing against ONE particular race – whatever that shade may be, whichever part of the SAME spectrum you may fall into. We are whole as one. I have everything against abusers, I am definitely anti-bigotry, anti-prejudice, anti-specific-race-superiority, anti-racist and anti-oppression. Being anti-Black lives matter is equal to anti-all lives matter – I just wish the opposers would understand that. When Black lives matter, then all lives will start mattering. I elaborate on this throughout the letter. 

My support for Black lives matter is NOT me being against the USA. It is the opposite. Or are you telling me that targeted abuse against Black people is so American, that when we protest against abuse of Black people THAT it means we are protesting against America (USA)? In fact, if you had studied any part of the Constitution and understood it, then you would know that supporting Black lives matter is me being FOR the UNITED States of America and in full support of this country and ALL of its people. This country’s people include Americans of every color which includes Americans that are rich in melanin pigments. Black people are simply Americans. There is nothing “united” about targeted abuse of America’s own citizens. No wonder it has been excruciatingly difficult to stand up for refugees, when its THIS difficult to stand up for born-and-raised Americans in their own country.  

I am for the USA and its people. 

I believe in the greatness of the United States of America and its ability to be greater than ever before. 

I believe in the American dream. 

And reformation is exactly what the USA has always been about, I know we can change and reform and do better again and again and again. 

I am for humanity, it is just that as my personal history shows I have never allowed myself the option of silence while witnessing abuse and/or oppression. Black lives must matter in this country and globally. 

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Don’t let the hashtag go stale so that Black Lives Matter as Alton Sterling’s life was “legally” stolen for selling CDs

Humans are so hungry for fresh news, fresh blood, that at some point the carcass of this news and this trending hashtag will go stale, then what? You wait for the next Breonna Taylor? How many George Floyds will it take? That trending hashtag will become a bore? Right? I hope not. I will continue to utilize my media network Hollywood Insider to make sure it is NEVER forgotten and we will continue taking action. I am so afraid that all of this demanding justice protests will stop. Once someone releases a new nude pic, or an influencer announces a new product, or someone yells “fake news”, or someone famous is dating someone and the attention goes to that. I am afraid. I am afraid that in two months’ time another innocent Black person will have lost his/her/their life because of the shade of their skin tone. This is not A wake-up call. This is the 1000th or millionth wake-up call. I just hope you do not hit snooze on this alarm.

Breonna/George/Tamir plus the many others, I promise you that long after people have moved on to other fresh news, Hollywood Insider and I will continue paying tribute – to the people who changed us all. As a media person and an entertainer, I have heard of posthumous Oscars – but I have never heard of posthumous leadership that changes the world. Breonna/R.J./George/Trayvon/Ahmaud, you all have done more for America and its people and the world, even after your life was stolen from you, than most politicians and “leaders” have done with their constant yapping, playing superpower title holding championship games and constant/never-ending/divisive tweeting. 

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Hollywood Insider Black Lives Matter Protests Global Movement, George Floyd, Australia Protests

Black Lives Matter is about more than just police brutality as Kevin Davis’s life was “legally” stolen for defending his girlfriend from armed intruders 

The anti-Black Lives Matter people disguised as “all lives matter” people, the anti-human rights people who are clearly immoral people, keep asking the same thing: “Pritan, why SUCH A BIG DEAL for one person? Isn’t this global protest too much for one person and those few other Black people? Those four police officers have already been arrested. Justice done. Protests should end now.” My response – That one person is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I wish society had made such a big deal about one person long ago. We wouldn’t be dealing with this now. This much, or rather this little, for hundreds of years of oppression.

And justice definitely not done yet. Justice still needed for Breonna Taylor and all the other innocent Black people like George Floyd, R. J. Williams, Tamir Rice and many more.

We ask for justice – but what does that mean? What does justice look like? Pressing charges and sentencing Derek Chauvin for murder? That is a start. BUT it is NOT the answer. If you think justice is equal to the sentencing of the thug Derek Chauvin and his dangerous gang then the Black Lives Matter movement has failed. This movement cannot be to punish JUST those four perpetrators. Sentencing Derek Chauvin being the full justice is like putting a band-aid on a tumor. Derek Chauvins are, unfortunately, a commonality. Many THUG Dereks/Derricks/Dericks, many THUG Chauvins have existed and continue to do so. 

Every month, multiple innocent people get killed by the very police force that is supposed to protect them – Yes. FACT.

I am not an expert. I am only a media person, entertainer and an experienced human rights advocate. I am sure we could find someone with more expertise on this matter to help our helpless government out. But, let me brainstorm while I am at it. 

Justice will begin when the government lays out a CLEAR STRATEGY and urgently actions POLICE REFORM. Police reform can start with perhaps giving police officers training of longer than 6 months? What? 6 months you say? Yes. There are less responsible jobs where you need more training than that. But for human life expiry date deciders and for those who take an oath “to protect and serve” – 6 months is more than enough? Clearly not. It blows my mind that in first-world countries in Europe, police training is two to three years. And they are NOT allowed to carry a gun. Whereas in the great nation of the United States of America – it is 6 months and then you release them into the wild with a gun. I wish this was a skit that I was performing on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, it’s real. Horrifyingly so. And hopefully those HIGHLY trained police officers will strive for the ambitious number 0 next to statistics that show Black people being murdered by thug cops. 

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Let’s keep brainstorming – perhaps psychiatric tests to evaluate if applicants who want to join the police force are mentally prepared for tasks at hand, and to evaluate if applicants who want to join the police force have unwarranted aggression towards a specific race group and/or Black people. Perhaps repeat evaluations every six months. Too much? NO. What is too much is the number of violent acts carried out by psychopaths disguised as police officers. THAT is too much. 

Since many politicians keep reiterating that they don’t have an exact solution, perhaps the government needs to appoint budget and funding into research on why and what makes many American police officers become fatally violent. Why are certain police officers unnecessarily violent against all races? Why are certain police officers unnecessarily violent against only Black people? Why are certain police officers violent against native Americans? (While I am here, also research why those horrible police officers are ruining the reputation of the good police officers?) 

This high level of training will also protect the good police officers that are not THUGS and who actually dutifully protect people. I have respect for them. But I do not have respect for the fact that they are not speaking out in the hundreds of thousands yet. A few police officers speaking out is a whisper. We need a scream. What about that police officer who got fired for not shooting a black man to death? We published an article on Stephen Mader – I urge you to read it later. And yet, it was proven that innocent caregiver R.J. Williams was murdered by a thug cop. 

And again, it goes beyond police brutality.

This is about more than George Floyd – do not simplify the entire movement to just one person. It’s about more than one person. This is about Breonna Taylor and every Black person that is being killed because of their color. This is about R. J. Williams and every Black person that has not received adequate medical attention because of their color. Every Black person that does not have access to good quality education because of their color. Every Black person that has been treated poorly by banks due to their color. Every Black person that is treated unjustly by the legal system due to their color. Every Black person that is treated poorly by an employer due to their color. All those access being cut off – just due to your skin being Black – that is the validity of the Black Lives Matter movement. Starting with police reform would be a nice beginning of the positive results needed for the complete success of this movement. 

Don’t even get me started on how police reform and prison reform go hand in hand. This letter cannot be longer than it already is. 

For example, the reason I ask for an education reform relating to Black people – is about both, the student, as well as the limited pages in school books dedicated to Black heroes. The reason so many people seem to be able to quote ONLY Dr. Martin Luther King during this movement is due to THAT limited education. There ARE enough spaces in pages and stages for all the black/brown/white/mixed heroes. I have personally been inspired by the very young Claudette Colvin (I have talked about her impact multiple times in the past) as she inspired my other hero Rosa Parks, Desmond Tutu, Sojourner Truth, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela, the very young yet powerful Ruby Bridges, Jane Bolin, W. E. B. Du Bois, etc. These Black heroes have been as much a part of my growth as have the other non-black heroes. I did not learn about all of them at school, I learnt about them due to my personal curiosity and books I relentlessly absorbed.  If someone tells you that there isn’t enough time during school – then how about we remove half of Chemistry/Physics classes and instead learn about these heroes and their teachings about a compassionate, fair and united world. I have not once needed to chant the periodic table or F=MA during my 10+ years of human rights activism. But the above heroes’ wisdom has helped me do more than I could have done by myself. Also, education reform so that no one else will be ignorant enough to chant ALL LIVES MATTER at other people’s funerals. And what about Black history before slavery? Like the British and Roman empires, what about the African empires? What about Mansa Musa (Emperor), an African king known as the richest man in the history of the world – even richer than Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet? The highly prosperous Timbuktu? The kingdom of Aksum?

My question to the opposers – What do the actual numbers say about all the “legal” murders by thug police officers? What about those that are NOT FILMED? Since no member of the public’s camera filmed it – we will ever hear of it? Have the public’s cameras replaced the police force, and the legal system, the justice system and the responsibility of the politicians and their promises that were spewed while campaigning? 

If you are still reading this letter – thank you! I don’t know how to shorten 10+ years of human rights activism + everything I have learnt + anti-racist learnings + my anti-oppression values INTO a short letter. 

Hollywood Insider Black Lives Matter Protests Global Movement, Tamir Rice, Germany Protests

Help the Black Lives Matter movement while being an outspoken non-Black ally as John Crawford’s life was “legally” stolen for shopping at Walmart and Trayvon Martin’s life was “legally” stolen for walking home with Skittles

I have seen the beauty of this movement. All races marching together in support of black lives mattering. Throughout the years, I have been strictly against “savior” mentality people and this is why I love this movement so much – all other races are supporting black lives matter as friends and allies – NOT AS SAVIORS. 

To the ones that say, “I was raised this way by my parents, and that is why I have a problem with Black people.”My response – You are wrong. It is your responsibility to rid yourself of these negative and wrongful toxicity. Flowers rise from the mud and dirt – do flowers look like mud and dirt? NO. It is your personal responsibility to fix yourself and destroy the chain of toxicity. It stops with you.  

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Since I have never received THIS level of retaliation from opposers EVER. So that makes me wonder, why such harassment when it comes to standing up for Black people? What exactly is it that you, the opposers are afraid of? What am I missing here? What exactly will happen if Black people are treated fairly, what exactly will happen if Black lives matter? For other causes, I never got asked “You are not ______ why are you fighting for them?” But with this one, I keep getting asked, “You are not Black, why are you fighting for them so LOUDLY?” I have responded to this question below but I simply do not have an answer as to why this level of retaliation for THIS cause. In fact, if you ask me during the years of human rights activism, what has been the top 3 causes where I have faced most retaliation, it would be in this order – 1) Black lives cause 2) Women’s rights cause 3) LGBTQ rights cause. Those three causes are where I have faced the most retaliation. I do take solace in Newton’s Third Law which can be summarized as “A movement is only as strong as the opposition”. Physics is proving this movement’s strength. So, in a way, the strong retaliation means the movement is STRONG. I hope we, the people, can also take solace in this fact and let it empower us to keep making sure Black lives matter. 

#BLACKLIVESMATTER is not a new cause for me – I have walked my talk for over a decade now. Not a single one of the hate mail explains why they fear Black lives mattering so much. So if anyone has an answer, please email us. I think the issue is a much deeper one and there’s something underlying with this particular cause. I have not read all of them as I simply do not have the time – I prefer to utilize my time to support this global movement for my Black brothers and sisters. I think the opposers need an expert – a mental health expert – and I am not that. A compassion expert even – I wish there were those experts to forward new clients to. 

I have been told “You are NOT Black, why are you so affected by this? Stop getting involved” or “Why are you so LOUDLY supporting the Black Lives Matter movement?” and many other iterations. My response – They are correct, I am not Black. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be Black. If you are not a Black person, then you don’t know what it feels like to be Black and treated differently or constantly be judged based on being Black first and foremost. Without being Black, the reason I stand up for Black people – in USA and all over the world, is due to the power of EMPATHY. That power of empathy is available to ALL of us – but so very sadly, only a few utilize it. I do NOT know what it feels like to be Black, but I know what it feels like to be oppressed. I have known oppression, a different kind of oppression, but oppression nonetheless, and the strangulation of it. When I see oppression, I want to help the oppressed, and speak up for them because I also remember what it felt like when people around my family did not speak up for us. I heard their loud silence, I don’t judge them as they did sympathize. But did they empathize? Empathy would have meant action and speaking out against the tormentor and injustice we were going through. Only one person spoke out – THAT was my brother Milan, he stood up for us. And that one voice mattered. That’s why I believe in standing up. Him speaking up has a lot to do with who I am today and for the better life that my mom, my sister and I have achieved. My brother speaking up mattered to us. Henceforth, please realize that I speak out as I have empathy for Black people and all others that are being oppressed. I will never stop speaking out for all of you – as much as I can beyond the trending hashtag. And I utilize this media network as an extension to continue speaking out against injustice and oppression. One for all and all for one. As Desmond Tutu said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Empathy means you don’t have to go through something, to stand up and speak out. I hope that is answer enough to “you are not Black, why are you speaking up so LOUDLY?”

“Lean on me when you are not strong. I will be your strength to carry on.” I guess this song is apt now.  I cannot imagine anything more boring than fighting for just my own pain. Empathy. I don’t know where I got this quote from – but I had written it in my journal from when I was 14 and it reads “Accepting/allowing injustice on yourself or others – is an equal SIN to committing injustice.” That wisdom transformed my life. I am not religious. But, I believe in God – without the mediator known as religion. I believe in empathy. I believe in leaning on each other. And I love how the world and all its races have come together for humanity. 

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To the ones that say, “These protests are filled with young people. Young people know nothing.” My response – Young people are wiser than you give them credit for. We all know that age and college degrees have nothing to do with wisdom. Intelligence and knowledge have nothing to do with wisdom. The amount of graduates that wave their degrees around like a “status symbol” should prove that to you. Claudette Colvin was 15 when she changed the world. When I started my foundation, I was told that I am too young and do not know enough about the world yet. My niece Isabella was 4 and half years old when she stood up for our family – no one taught her to – she just utilized her wisdom, compassion and courage to speak up. I learn how to live my life from kids everyday. 

Hollywood Insider Black Lives Matter Protests Global Movement, RJ Williams, Ghana Protests

For all lives matter to be true, Black Lives Matter must come true first as Eric Garner’s life was “legally” stolen for breaking up a fight and Amadou Diallo’s life was “legally” stolen for taking his wallet out


Can I digress? Why do you want to be great like before? Why “Make America Great Again” which signifies going to the past? I repeat what I said earlier, shouldn’t it be “Make America Greater Than Ever Before”? Dr. King’s speech which rings loud in my mind, he had urged us to march ahead and not turn back. So, what happened? 

To the nice ones saying “I am praying for all of you”, my response – prayers are powerful. But I am tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of people praying more and doing less. Stop saying “I will pray for you” and start saying “I will take action for you”. Do something. Mother Teresa shared, “I used to believe that prayers changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.” My mother, who happens to be my constant inspiration, my biggest supporter and fan of Hollywood Insider, taught me as a child that when it comes to people the only factors that matter are “person’s heart, kindness and loyalty to me. Nothing else matters. If you have one biscuit left then share that with everyone around you – that is your church and bible. Nothing else matters. Compassion is the only answer.” Enough said. Now you see why I am the way I am? All my friends call her mama. She is a humanitarian that guided her children to be compassionate. As a child, my birthday parties were celebrated only after our visits to homeless shelters and old age homes to distribute needed goods, items and monetary donations. Blame my mother for my sensitivity and my activism. It is 5 am and this is my sixteenth day writing this article. Terrified, that it might turn into a book.

To the ones that say, “There is no racism against Black people in the United States of America. We are living in post-racial times since the two terms of President Barack Obama.” My response – Whatever hole or bubble it is that you are living inside – you need to get out of it. That is a high level of ignorance and I cannot help with that. Targeted abuse towards Black people is rampant in this country and no one can deny that – beyond just police brutality. Moreover, cops being corrupt is as old as the history of police everywhere. Stop pretending, like this is the LATEST/NEW virus – this epidemic is an old one. For example, google LAPD 1900s, 1920s, 1950s or watch the dozens of movies on it.

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To the ones that say, “I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan for your freedom. This Black Lives Matter movement is against America.” My response – Thank you for your service and I truly value soldiers. But – just because you served in the army/navy/air force does not make your viewpoint more valid than others’ viewpoints. Over 25 family members of mine have served in the army, including my dad, does that make my family’s views more valid than yours? If that’s the case, then let me throw my extra-highly-valid viewpoint out there – BLACK LIVES MATTER. Wow – that was easy. 

To the ones that say,  “It’s just a few bad apples, you cannot blame the entire police force that are there for the good of people.” My response – I am not against the police force. But I am fully and defiantly against police brutality. Thus, the entire police force needs reformation. Even the good cops that I just said I am not against. I am for a highly trained police force. If you get poop or human excrement on your hand, I highly doubt you will clean just the spot. No. You will take your entire hand/s and clean it with soap, then rinse it with water and wipe it with a towel. I REALLY DO HOPE. Dear Lord Please. I am banning shaking hands if anyone disagrees. So, apply the same formula to the police force. Police reformation NOW. 

While I am here, I also want to mention that pointing out a black person’s past records as justification for their legalized murder is nonsensical. Thug police officers are not supposed to be deciding on the sentencing for a guilty person – and definitely not death sentences.

To the ones that say, “This is a PR move for you guys, you just want to be a part of what’s trending” My response – Direct activism like Black Lives Matter is not just a PR move for us, it is the foundation on which Hollywood Insider stands strong on. We have been outspoken about our human rights activism and focus on humanity since the beginning of our transformation from the time I took the lead. We have published a plethora of content on Black Lives Matter long before it was a trend. Take our March article on one of the first Black revolutionaries Claudette Colvin. Almost all of you know the story of the hero Rosa Parks, but how many know of hero Claudette Colvin? Not many. Hero Claudette Colvin was fighting for Black lives to matter in March 1955, and 65 years later, we are still fighting. I have known of this 15-year-old revolutionary Black teenage girl since I was a 17-year-old teen myself – and I vowed then that someday I will do my part to remind the world of her. Claudette Colvin’s refusal to get off her seat on the bus is what inspired Rosa’s protest. The hero Rosa Parks was following 15-year-old Claudette’s leadership. To us, our activism is not just a PR move – our activism is our entire being – Hollywood Insider is activism for human rights and kindness – that fully includes Black Lives Matter physically, actively and digitally.

As stated in our March 2020 article, Colvin was arrested and her conviction read “disturbed peace, violated the segregation law, and assault.” Colvin remarked, “And I just kept blabbing things out, and I never stopped. That was worse than stealing, you know, talking back to a white person.” 


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65 years later, for a Black person, talking back to a white person seems to be equally dangerous even now. I would like to take Colvin’s statement on segregation and ask a question. Has segregation REALLY ended in the USA? Has it? Yes, on the surface, I can see all colors are allowed to hang out together, be seen together, sit alongside each other. But what about below the surface? Does segregation still exist loudly with “No Entry for Blacks” signs plastered everywhere when it comes to education, banking, legal, police, housing, medical, etc? Just asking. Is it though? Beneath the surface, is segregation still the system? 

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57 years since the powerful speech, America is still dreaming of Black Lives Matter as R. J. Williams’s life was “legally” stolen for having an anxiety attack


Black people still have a dream. The same dream on repeat. We have dreams. The non-black allies – the constant supporters of black lives matter movement. United with a singular dream. 

He had a dream. Yet. It continues to be a dream. Nearly 57 years later. Dr. Martin Luther King, I am sorry to say, we still dream. Black people continue to suffer globally – no wonder the world is marching in unison.  

As a 14-year-old, I was introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech by my English professor which I had to memorize and deliver during the county public speaking contests while representing my school. We had to choose an idol and deliver their speech. Dr. Martin Luther King happened to be my idol, other than Leonardo DiCaprio and James Dean. In terms of speech giving – Dr King was King. The powerful “I Have A Dream” speech had me transfixed as it coursed through my veins and implanted itself into my memory and resounded with my soul stirringly. I still remember it. There was humanity in it. SPEAKING UP AGAINST INJUSTICE – became the foundation of my entire life. Dr. King so rightfully said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. His words play out constantly during this Black Lives Matter movement. 

America remains crippled. Evidently. Black people, exiles in their own land. Still. And we are once AGAIN protesting the shameful condition. Every American has not fallen heir to the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. King, the bank of justice remains bankrupt. The path of racial justice still awaits the rising of the sun. Nineteen sixty-three was a beginning, then 2020 is a NEW beginning. This time, this new beginning, the freedom chant rings beyond the political/man-made borders of UNITED States of America. With heartfelt support for our people, here in the USA, the freedom chant, Black Lives Matter, rings from the green meadows of England, from the shores of Australia, from the cobble-stoned paths in Italy, from the beautiful cherry blossomed scenery of Japan, from the highest mighty mountain peaks of Nepal, from the hills in Greece, from the fjords of Norway and the plentiful lands of Africa.  Evidently, many brothers and sisters of all races beyond just Black, march with us to vibrate Black Lives Matter throughout the crevices of our one home – planet Earth. Our destiny is clearly tied together. Together, free at last, free if and when Black Lives Matter. You used the term “police brutality” in your speech – and that is exactly what we fight and more. We fight beyond police brutality. In fact, we still fight against segregation. 

And that 14-year-old boy has now grown to be able to put your words and speech into action to do my part in the liberation, equality and unity of all races – and today for the SAFETY of black people within America and beyond this new world that had been founded to be free from ALL oppression. I wish we didn’t have to dream about it anymore.

SPEAK UP CONSTANTLY TO MAKE BLACK LIVES MATTER – beyond the trend. CLICK HERE for ways to support Black Lives Matter



You had a dream on that day. We have a dream today. Your choice of “Soul force” and non-violence is chosen by me and millions of others. Black people are legally able to vote, which was one of your dreams, I just hope they take advantage of it. Will all these protests matter, the shouts and screams of millions all over the world for our black brothers and sisters matter, if they don’t vote? I hope hundreds of millions vote, and when they do so, they vote with a conscience. We stand up for freedom together with the entire world and all OUR people across the globe. For a beautiful symphony of solidarity, belonging and oneness among us all. To forget our tiny differences and celebrate our many large similarities across all skin tones, mental boundaries, man-made borders, etc.

Celebrities using their platform for Black Lives Matter is commendable as Ahmaud Arbery’s life was stolen for jogging and George Floyd’s life was “legally” stolen for going to the grocery store


To all the ones that say, “Black people get so many benefits – like getting into good universities through a quota etc.“ My response – the very fact that these quotas exist to get Black people into schools shows that there is a problem. If there was not a problem. There wouldn’t be a quota. Has anyone heard of a quota for rich people, straight people, privileged people, fully-abled people, _______ people? Nope you have not. I had to provide a blank space for you to fill in with other forms of privilege. You know the answers. Don’t even try pretending. 

Hollywood Insider Black Lives Matter Protests Global Movement, Eric Garner, Holland Protests

I am so immensely proud of people like Armie Hammer (my new idol), Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey (my IDOL in capital letters), Lady Gaga, Colin Kaepernick (what a human being, you are without a doubt my idol), actor-artist Matthias Schoenaerts, the constant activist Leonardo DiCaprio – all of you that refuse to sit on the fence – they are utilizing their EARNED platform/stage for a greater good. Yet, this movement needs everyone, every human – beyond celebrities, whose platform and its usage I applaud. After Mr. Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes 2020 host-related jokes, many wrongly thought he wanted celebrities to stop talking about humanitarianism – I didn’t agree with him. I also didn’t believe that is what he meant as I have been a fan of the genius comedian for a long time and know of Gervais’s humanitarian work and liberal (humane) viewpoints. British sarcasm is an acquired taste. His later clarification helped. Like myself, he believes in constant humanitarianism beyond just the awards night and its speeches – THAT I agree with. The seven celebrities listed above happen to be constant and relentless human rights activists beyond their awards night speeches. That – I LOVE. 

Non-violent protestors are synonymous with protectors so that Black Lives Matter as Anthony Hill’s life was “legally” stolen for having a mental health crisis

I love the world right now. Look at our world in symphony for the sake of humanity. Everywhere I go, strangers smile, talk to me, and are kind. I have been living in New York for the past several years and I have never seen this level of community. All due to the Black lives matter movement. My team members and reporters tell me that they have witnessed the same sparkling community in all 50 states. The United States of America is actually united across all 50 states with a singular purpose and that is to make Black Lives Matter. Please don’t let the good that has come out of the non-violent and peaceful protests ever stop. Yes, one perspective is when will all this protesting stop. Another perspective is to look at how beautiful our world is because of these protests. The world united. Look at our unity and it’s beauty. Look at how united we are when we stand up for each other. Look at the power we have when we are one. Please. Oh please, do not let this end. I want this sense of belonging to continue across all borders, mental/political/religious/racial and physical. Non-violent protesters are protectors, protectors of human rights. Protectors of our fellow humans. Protectors of sentient beings. Protectors are synonymous with protesters. 


My utopian dream as a teenager has now turned into a real-life anthem that matches the mission of my foundation. And I can actually say, thank you to the humans of our world. Hollywood Insider and Humans of our World Foundation cheers for each and every one of you marching for Black Lives Matter and we will always stand with you. In full solidarity. Finally, we may just be humane enough to be humans. When my team sends me footage of people all over the world chanting Black Lives Matter – I know we are one. And I weep. 2020, thank you. You will probably turn out to be one of the most transformative years that changed our world for the better. I am sorry I judged you 2020 in the initial months. Now I respect you 2020.  Just my perspective. Look at all that has happened. Families and friends spending time together. I, myself, have reconnected with over 100 people that I hadn’t spoken to in years, not spoken to but never stopped loving. Thank you 2020. Black Lives Matter vibrating throughout our world. Big corporations and political leaders shaking at the core. Rattle away. 2020, thank you.

SPEAK UP CONSTANTLY TO MAKE BLACK LIVES MATTER – beyond the trend. CLICK HERE for ways to support Black Lives Matter


To those people that have a problem with my statements, please send all complaints and concerns to notime@forthisbullshit.com. We usually do not respond within 24 hours. Your feedback is definitely not valued. If you do not hear from us in 4-6 weeks, that means we have better things to do like reporting on the black lives matter movement from the right perspective that will save black people. To all the Karens just dying to ask for a manager, please utilize your loud-mouthed-ness for an actual good purpose that is currently going on. We could definitely use that Karen energy against injustice and abusive governmental systems for Black Lives Matter.

Of course, jokes aside – you have my email at the top. I just hope the kind supporters write more than the nonsensical hate mailers. Once again, ceo@hollywoodinsider.com

I hope I get to see a world where a black man does not have to be brave to walk down the street in full daylight. You should not have to be brave to walk down the street. We are one – we are whole – there is a purpose for all of us in every color. We have this one home earth, and all of you earthlings are my people. We must act as a united whole, for the sake of all and for the sake of one. I wish kindness was seen as financially profitable – then everyone would be doing it – with millions of apps and investments into it. I believe kindness is the only way.

When I first began writing this letter 16 days ago, I did not know who Rayshard Brooks was. Today, I add his name to the list. This is for you too Rayshard Brooks. Rest in peace. Your life matters to us. This is why this Black Lives Matter movement must carry on. 

Remember, the Black Lives Matter movement is only just beginning – we have a lot of changes to action into reality for the sake of all Black people here in USA and all over the world.

If you are still on the fence after reading this entire letter, then I have some questions for you – how could anyone that hears Breonna Taylor’s story or watches George Floyd’s last moments, not want to speak up and let their heart yell from all rooftops and demand justice, legislation change, government reform, police reform for the safety of BLACK people which MEANS the safety of ALL people. We must wake up, we must speak up, we must hold each other up and demand actual reformation of EVERYTHING as injustice towards black people goes beyond police brutality. We need to realize that this problem/disease of injustice towards black people is a problem that all of us are accountable for. Black Lives Matter needs us all to speak up for black people. 

Today, is Juneteenth. If you think USA’s education system is not unfair to Black people – then ask yourself why you do not know more about this important day.

I had published this quote last year – and it continues to be apt: “Human life on earth is extremely unstable – countless dangers on a daily basis. Weather, health, disease, accidents, death, etc. All of those are out of our control. And what do humans do in the face of all of that? Humans hurt other humans.  The one thing you have control of, is your own actions. And yet… And that I will never understand. Every human is in full control of kindness, loyalty and respect. Remember that.”

Black Lives Matter. Remember to make this global movement matter, you must vote with a conscience. Demand justice for black people, one for all, all for one.

With love, 

Pritan Ambroase | Ally, Supporter, Friend

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I just want to affirm that Hollywood Insider fully supports the much-needed Black Lives Matter movement. We are actively, physically and digitally a part of this global movement. We will continue reporting on this major issue of police brutality and legal murders of black people to hold the system accountable. We will continue reporting on this major issue with kindness and respect to all black people, as each and every one of them are seen and heard. Just a reminder, that the Black Lives Matter movement is about more than just police brutality and extends into banking, housing, education, medical, infrastructure, etc. We have the space and time for all your stories. We believe in peaceful/non-violent protests and I would like to request the rest of media to focus on 95% of the protests that are peaceful and working effectively with positive changes happening daily. Media has a responsibility to better the world and Hollywood Insider will continue to do so.


Angela Davis, “Freedom Is A Constant Struggle”

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A Tribute To The Academy Awards: All Best Actor/Actress Speeches From The Beginning Of Oscars 1929-2019 | From Rami Malek, Leonardo DiCaprio To Denzel Washington, Halle Berry & Beyond | From Olivia Colman, Meryl Streep To Bette Davis & Beyond

In the 32nd Year Of His Career, Keanu Reeves’ Face Continues To Reign After Launching Movies Earning Over $4.3 Billion In Total – “John Wick”, “Toy Story 4”, “Matrix”, And Many More

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