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The Hollywood Insider The Hidden Lives of Pets Review

Photo: ‘The Hidden Lives of Pets’

Humans’ understanding and knowledge of animals are consistently growing. Through the relationship between people and their pets, and with the advent of new technology, researchers and scientists are now able to slowly uncover previously unobtainable information regarding the minds of these intelligent life forms. ‘The Hidden Lives of Pets,’ is a documentary series that delves into the inner workings of these animals, displaying the unique traits and skills that certain pets have picked up and adopted as a result of either consistent training or simply due to their particular genetic make-up. This docuseries covers a wide range of animals on Earth that could be found as common house pets and yet the breeds and species of life that are captured in this series have certain talents that are rare and unique despite many of these animals’ high intelligence.

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This series does an excellent job of explaining why these particular attributes are fascinating, as well as breaking down the information about how these pets have gained their uncommon skills. The talents that many of these pets feature are almost completely unheard of and are primarily exclusive to a single animal. In many cases that are depicted within this series, these special attributes develop as a result of a unique and unbreakable bond between the human owner and their pet.    

‘The Hidden Lives of Pets’: The Search For New Ways Of Communication

A key theme that is explored throughout the documentary series, ‘The Hidden Lives of Pets,’ is the idea of discovering new levels of communication with varying life forms. These means of communication are not solely confined to the idea of discovery, but rather are more accurately described by the research that defines and catalogs how these animals interact and communicate in already pre-existing areas. In the first human and pet relationship that is depicted in the series, the owner of a Border Collie that enjoys base jumping with his companion, describes their relationship by stating that their connection is something that transcends language. When they are together, they know how they feel about each other without having to utter a single word. The owner of this daredevil dog explains that he knows that his Border Collie likes jumping with him because he is extremely intelligent and would not allow his owner to strap him in his specially made harness if he did not want to jump.

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The series’s narrator goes on to elaborate that this particular animal is able to overcome his natural instincts through his immense love and affection towards his owner. This level of unspoken communication is deeply tied to the unbreakable connection and vast love that both the owner and pet have towards one another. In this series, there are varying levels of communication that reflect the certainty that despite animals’ lesser intelligence compared to their human counterparts, they each seem to present an adept understanding and sense of consciousness that was doubted earlier in history.           

What Humans Can Learn From These Animals

There is a plethora of information that humans can learn from the uniquely skilled animals depicted in ‘The Hidden Lives of Pets.’ In one case, a parrot recorded for studies in the series is able to dance while listening to music. His dance moves are all entirely original, and at first, this ability baffled researchers as to why this particular parrot was capable of understanding the rhythm of music. After further study, scientists were able to underline the most accurate cause of why and how this parrot can dance. Their reasoning is that the region of the brain in parrots that controls their ability to mimic auditory sounds also pertains to the area of expressionism and creativity, i.e. dancing. After making this discovery, researchers tested this theory upon fellow parrots and found that others are capable of dancing in unison to the rhythm of music.

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These scientists’ findings are completely and utterly revolutionary. They prove that not only are parrots far more intelligent than humans understand but that animals, in general, are capable of surprising and testing the boundaries of one’s own knowledge. Animals serve as excellent subjects for harm-free research and testing. Their brains essentially are more limited, yet prime examples of the wonders that a mind can produce. With humans and researchers continuing to study and examine the habits and abilities of animals and pets, these findings could have limitless possibilities and applications for the understanding of the human brain as well.                                      

Is This Series Worth Watching And Does It Contain New Revelations Regarding The Inner Workings of The Minds of Pets? 

‘The Hidden Lives of Pets,’ is certainly a series worth watching. The information relating directly to reality is filled with details that are so unbelievable that they would be labeled as impossible if they weren’t true. This series is not only one that engages the viewer but also through each case and pet that the audience is introduced to, causing them to reflect deeply upon their own understanding of the world around them. One of the greatest strengths of this documentary series is that it features a wide variety of animals and their outstanding abilities. A major takeaway that the audience is left with is the question of whether animals are truly conscious to a degree of self-awareness? This is a major driving theme within the series and the documentary ultimately guides the viewer to a direct conclusion. The conclusion is that animals and pets do feel joy, happiness, pain, and suffering in the same way that humans do. They are capable of love and empathy as well as a dutiful loyalty to their owners.

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As the human race’s knowledge continues to grow, so too does our understanding of animals. This series does an exceptional job of highlighting this correlation between human knowledge and the change in fundamental comprehension. Only by continuing to co-exist alongside animals can humans fully understand the level of sentience that pets carry. ‘The Hidden Lives of Pets,’ is a remarkable docuseries that challenges preconceived notions and overwhelmingly supports the idea that animals are far smarter than humans give them credit for. It is a show that effectively presents its argument and supports its thesis with numerous examples and cases of evidence.                           

Cast: Hugh Bonneville

By Thomas Jacobs

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