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Hollywood Insider Fully Supports Black Lives Matter Protests For Positive Legislative Permanent Change

Photo: Emmy Rose and her dad. Bree Ferrell took this photo of her husband and their daughter at the Black Lives Matter protests/Instagram: @Breezyrosef

Last updated on 16 July 2020 at 3:20 pm.

With this constantly updating article – Hollywood Insider will focus on ONLY THE SUCCESSES that have been achieved by the black lives matter movement. This success list does not mean that the work is done -there is still a lot more that needs to be reformed. 

After George Floyd was murdered by a thug police officer on May 25, 2020, Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality have broken out in all 50 states and over 19 countries around the world. The protests started in Mr. Floyd’s home state of Minnesota and quickly spread throughout the nation. The United States has seen almost two full weeks of black lives matter protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement, which has been alive long before Mr. Floyd’s death has been turning heads and making headlines like never before. What else has the uprising seen? Positive, remarkable changes are happening in the nation day to day, and hour to hour. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the impressive accomplishments being made in light of the protests and social media outreach since Mr. Floyd’s death. This article will be updated daily. Keep the movement alive, so much to get done. 

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Hollywood Insider fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement that has united our world – with 50 states and over 16 countries participating. This is only the beginning – please don’t stop now. 97% of the protests are peaceful and non-violent and it IS working. Keep going. We believe in peaceful/non-violent protests.

Here is a statement from Hollywood Insider’s CEO: “I, Pritan Ambroase, and my media network Hollywood Insider along with my philanthropic foundation Humans of our World, fully, unequivocally and wholeheartedly stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and revolution to better our world. Full stop. One look at our network’s mission statement and values will confirm that our stance is permanent – we stand with our brothers and sisters for the #blacklivesmatter movement as we do for all other social justice movements that make our world a better place. Our support will never change. Please make these protests matter – vote with a conscience.” 

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Here is the list of all the Black Lives Matter protests successes so far – this article/list will be updated daily – protestors continue on as your marches for justice are working:

An important fact to remember – every single change listed here happened because WE THE PEOPLE marched, protested and put our bodies and lives on the line to speak up for justice and to make sure black lives matter. The politicians had NOTHING to do with it.  The people when united are more powerful than any government or politician or hatred in general. The people marching in harmony for the black lives matter protests are uniting our world and making it a better place.

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MAY positive changes due to continued Black Lives Matter Protest

26 May – 1st day of Black Lives Matter Protests – On May 26, one day after Mr. Floyd’s death, all 4 officers involved were fired by Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo. After footage of the crime becomes public, Arradondo calls to open an F.B.I. investigation. 

27 May – 2nd day of Black Lives Matter Protests – More protests begin assembling, particularly in Memphis, TN, and Los Angeles, CA. Hundreds show up to show their support for Black lives.

  • The Los Angeles chief of police Michel Moore voiced his support for Black Lives Matter protests occurring in the city and swore to protect and serve everyone in Los Angeles regardless of race.

28 May – 3rd day of Black Lives Matter Protests – The University of Minnesota decides to cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. School president Joan Gabel comes forward with a statement for the University’s community saying the school will no longer be contracting the Minneapolis departments for large school events such as football games.

  • The 3rd Precinct Police Station, which covers the area in South Minneapolis where Mr. Floyd’s arrest and death took place, becomes neutralized by protestors. 
  • In solidarity with the protesters, the ATU local 1005, “the Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter of the 200,000-strong Amalgamated Transit Union,” refuses to transport police officers to protests, or move any protesters under arrest. 

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29 May – 4th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – Activists in southern Minneapolis communities commandeer a hotel for homeless residents of the surrounding area, offering them a safe shelter to stay in amid COVID-19 and the protests. 

  • Four days after he pressed his knee to George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, fired officer Derek Chauvin is arrested and charged with murder.
  • In response to the murder of Breonna Taylor on 3/15, Louisville, Kentucky mayor Greg Fischer suspends the use of ‘no-knock’ warrants that allow police officers to infiltrate homes without any kind of notice.

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30 May – 5th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – As news spreads and protests are being shown on news, U.S. Embassies across Africa condemn the police brutality that still runs rampant through America, as seen in the death of Mr. Floyd.

  • Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison is announced to take the lead in the prosecution of police officer Chauvin charged with murder.
  • In New York City, Transport Workers Union (TWU), which represents bus drivers across multiple cities, announces it will be refusing the transportation of arrested protestors.
  • Black Lives Matter protests spread overseas as protests motivated by the murder of George Floyd begin in Peckham, a district of London, England.

31 May – 6th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – After a video goes viral, reports surface that Atlanta, GA mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms fires 2 officers that forcibly removed a Black couple from their car and tasing them.

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JUNE positive changes due to continued Black Lives Matter Protest

1 June – 7th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – The Minneapolis public school board announces they will be cutting ties with the city’s police department and ending all contracts.

  • In Birmingham, Alabama a Confederate monument that stands in a park is removed by citizens.
  • California prosecutors lobby the State Bar to ban District Attorneys from accepting money from police unions, recognizing the conflict that it poses.
  • After meeting with protesters, Mayor Bynum of Tulsa, Oklahoma agrees that the city will not renew their contract with the television show ‘Live PD’. 
  • Mayor Fischer announces that  Louisville police chief Steve Conrad has been fired after learning about the fatal shooting of Black business owner David McAtee, from two officers that had shut off their body cameras. 
  • Bentonville, Arkansas attorney Joey McCutchen announces that The Confederate Monument that stands in Bentonville Square will be moved.
  • Republicans and Democrats in Congress begin the movement for the shutdown of a program within the Pentagon which transfers military-grade weaponry to local law enforcement departments nationwide. 

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2 June – 8th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – President of Minnesota AFL-CIO, a union representing thousands of workers in the state, Bill McCarthy, calls for the termination of Bob Kroll. Kroll is the head of the Minneapolis Police Union and has been accused of inciting violence many times.

  • In Pittsburgh, Philadelphia ATU Local 85 announces it will not be transporting police officers to or from protesters, as well as any arrested protesters
  • Workers remove statue of former mayor Frank Rizzo, in Philadelphia. Rizzo was known for his deeply racist past.
  • After video surfaces of college students in Atlanta, Georgia being violently pulled from cars and stunned, the six police officers involved are fired.
  • A Confederate soldier statue in Alexandria, Virginia is removed.
  • The state of Minnesota launches a civil rights investigation on the Minneapolis Police Department in the hopes of enacting change within the department’s systems.

Vote with a conscience – Register to Vote – Your vote saves lives

Ways to support Black Lives Matter

  • San Francisco, California introduces a new resolution which prevents law enforcement from hiring police officers with any history of misconduct, backed by Supervisor Shamann Walton.
  • A public poll reports that two-thirds of American (64%) are sympathetic towards protests and four in five Americans believe peaceful protesting is an appropriate response to the killing of Mr. Floyd.
  • The New Jersey Attorney General announces that the state has put in motion several initiatives to increase trust between police and the communities of NJ.

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3 June – 9th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – In Fulton County of Atlanta, Georgia, leaders deny the $23M deal to expand Fulton jail isolation units.

  • The Parks and Recreation Department of Minneapolis, MN votes to cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department, which stops the use of the department’s officers at park events, and prevents Park police from answering calls from the department.
  • Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announces that the LAPD budget will not receive funds from the city and will “seek to identify $100 million to $150 million in cuts from the LAPD.” The funds will instead be funneled into jobs, health, education, and more. 
  • Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes announces the withdrawal of Consent Decree Motion so the City can conduct thorough assessments on Seattle Police Department.
  • Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison announces new charges against the three officers who stood idly by as Mr. Floyd was killed. Derek Chauvin’s charge is also upgraded to second-degree murder.
  • A Denver, Colorado police officer is fired after captioning a photo of him and two other officers in riot gear on social media “Let’s start a riot” 
  • The Virginia Governor announces that Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond will be removed.
  • The Richmond, Virginia mayor Levar Stoney, commits to taking more steps toward implementing police reform for the Richmond Police Department. He also announces “commitment to enacting a crisis alert, also known as the Marcus Alert, exploring the creation of a Citizen Review Board.”
  • The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art decided to cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department, and that the department will no longer be used for events at either place.

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The Black Lives Matter Protests Continue Being Effective

4 June – 10th day of Black Lives Matter Protests –  After a viral video shows the Buffalo Police department inciting violence against a peaceful 75-year-old protestor, two of the NY police officers shown are suspended without pay. 

  • Word circulates on the internet that the FBI is reopening Breonna Taylor’s case. The original statement from the Louisville, Kentucky FBI was posted on May 21.
  • Portland Public Schools Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero announces the ‘discontinuation’ of regular police presence on school grounds.
  • The MBTA of Boston, Massachusetts announces they will not be transporting law enforcement to and from protests.
  • In Seattle, Washington the King County Labor Federation announces an ultimatum for Seattle Police Officers Guild: acknowledge and address racism within law enforcement and the police union, or get kicked out.
  • Dallas Chief of Police, Renee Hall, instructed a new order for police officers ‘to either stop, or attempt to stop, another employee when force is being inappropriately applied or is no longer required.’

5 June – 11th day of Black Lives Matter Protests –  Minneapolis, Minnesota votes to ban the police from using the chokehold or neck restraints.

  • Friends and family join for moving and emotional memorial for George Floyd

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6 June – 12th day of Black Lives Matter Protests –  The Two buffalo, NY police officers that were suspended, are charged with felony assault against the 75-year-old protester shown in the viral video.

  • Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle, Washington announces the ban of a specific type of tear gas at black lives matter protests and all other protests in the future.
  • Alexis Ohanian, the Co-Founder of Reddit, resigned with the aim that a Black person will take his place. He also stated that he would use future profits from Reddit stocks to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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7 June – 13th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – Places all around the world have shown support, and protesters in England throw a statue of slave trader Edward Colston into Bristol Harbor during a protest.

  • House Democrats announce that on Monday June 8 they will unveil legislation to provide a blueprint for police reform in response to nationwide protests
  • Senator Mitt Romney attends Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, D.C. and tells a Washington reporter on camera that he is there to ensure ‘people understand Black Lives Matter.”
  • Members of the Minneapolis City Council announce their intent to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and instead invest in public safety that is community-led.

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Black Lives Matter Protests Success Continues

8 June – 14th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – Ex-officer Derek Chauvin has first court appearance since being charged with 2nd degree murder for killing George Floyd. His bail is set to $1.25 M without conditions or $1 M with conditions.

  • Portland, Oregon police chief Jami Resch has resigned, and Lieutenant Chuck Lovell was announced to take her place. Mr. Lovell, an African American man, addressed the media about how humbled he was, and that he looks forward to the new journey of Black representation.
  • House Democrats unveil legislation to offer a blueprint for police reform with a massive bill proposal that focuses on holding law enforcement accountable. Dems announced, “The bill is 136 pages, and includes reforms to make it easier to prosecute police officers for misconduct in civil court.”
  • In Los Angeles County, California District Attorney Jackie Lacey and City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that the city will not be filing charges against peaceful protesters that are resisting curfew times, or refusal to disperse. 
  • Washington running back Adrian Peterson announces that he and other players will ‘without a doubt’ be taking a knee together in support of Black Lives Matter when the season restarts. 
  • Famous K-pop group BTS and their ‘Army’ of fans raise $2 million to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement. BTS announced their $1 M donation, and fans banded together to match the group’s amount.
  • Thousands of supporters line up for the six-hour public viewing in Houston for George Floyd.
  • Judge Linda Hidalgo of Harris County in Texas announces that June 9th will be known as ‘George Floyd Day’. She wrote in a tweet, “We must never forget the name George Floyd or the global movement he has inspired.” 
  • Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, launches a ‘diversity commission’ to investigate which statues in the city have slavery ties and, therefore, should be removed.
  • A statue of slave trader Robert Milligan was covered and removed from outside the Museum of London Docklands in London, England.
  • Graffiti artist Eme Freethinker painted a portrait of George Floyd on one of the last remaining sections of the Berlin Wall.

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9 June – 15th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, publicly pushes to pass a bill that will make it a hate crime to call the police with false accusations against someone based on their race, gender or religion. This bill comes after a video surfaced of a white woman, Amy Cooper, falsely called 911 on a Black man, Christian Cooper, who was in Central Park bird-watching. 

  • White pastor Steve Wells of South Main Baptist Church in Houston, TX declares a call to action during George Floyd’s Memorial. “I’d like to say a word to white churches: We are better than we used to be, but we are not as good as we ought to be and that is not good enough,” the pastor said.
  • Houston, TX mayor Sylvester Turner announced he will be signing an executive order that will ban the use of chokeholds in Houston. The Texas mayor announced the order at Floyd’s Memorial.
  • Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, announced that NYC will paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on well-known streets of all five boroughs (The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island).
  • NYPD officer, Vincent D’Andraia, has been officially charged with misdemeanor assault, harassment, criminal mischief, and menacing. After videos of the officer violently attacking a protester, he was suspended without pay.
  • Police Chief of San Jose, California, Eddie Garcia, announced that there will be changes made to crowd control policies within the city. Changes made include restrictions on the use of rubber bullets.
  • In response to protests, the Phoenix, AZ police department announced they will suspend training and the use of the ‘carotid control technique’ a method that involves putting pressure on a person’s neck, and thus blocking the flow of blood to the brain. 
  • The United States Navy announces there is an order in the works that will ban the public display of the Confederate Flag.
  • Chancellor Jack Hawkins of Troy University in Alabama, has announced the firing of a campus police officer after making comments on George Floyd’s death that did not reflect the campus’s values.
  • Babynames.com, a notably apolitical and family-focused website, takes a stand with Black Lives Matter protests and movement. The website’s homepage is brandished with a touching banner naming Black victims of hate, stating “Each one of these names was somebody’s baby.”

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10 June – 16th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – Researchers and STEM professionals go on strike during June 10, in an act of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests and for George Floyd. 

  • Texas Southern University announced they will be giving George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna, a full scholarship when she is college- age. TSU said the notion, “ honors the memory of George Floyd on the day that he is laid to eternal rest.”
  • George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd testified on Capitol Hill during a House hearing, to discuss racial profiling and police brutality.
  • NASCAR announces that the Confederate flag will be prohibited from all of its events and properties.
  • Los Angeles Police Department reports that at least 7 officers have been removed from field duties after using excessive and violent force at Black Lives Matter protests.
  • Up to 12 cities across the United States have announced they are banning the use of the chokehold from their police departments. Cities included are: Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Broward County (Florida), Miami, Chicago, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, New York City, Denver, and Houston.
  • The US Soccer Federation has announced that it is repealing the policy which requires players to stand up for the National Anthem. They said, “we have not used our platform as effectively as we should have.”
  • Seattle, Washington’s police chief announces that all of his police officers must keep their body cameras on during protests.
  • Netflix has announced their commitment to “highlighting powerful and complex narratives about the Black experience.” The streaming service announced the launch of a specially curated collection of film/tv projects dedicated to Black Lives Matter, that is live now.

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11 June – 17th day of Black Lives Matter Protests –  The NFL pledges $250 million over the course of 10 years, to help aid in the fight for Black Lives Matter movement. 

  • A Senate plan has been proposed to remove Confederate leaders’ names from military assets such as bases, aircrafts, facilities, and more.
  • San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, announced a plan for police reform for the city.
  • Austin, Texas police department announces the ban of the chokehold, and that officers turning off their body cameras will be suspended.
  • Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz announces a plan for police reform in the city.
  • The Denver Office of the Independent Monitor is launching an investigation into the way Denver, Colorado police officers have handled themselves during Black Lives Matter protests. 
  • Within the last two weeks, American voters’ support for Black Lives Matter has increased almost as much as it has within the last two years.
  • Clemson football players plan peaceful Black Lives Matter protests for the weekend.
  • The Grammy has announced they are dropping the term ‘urban’ from the award show. Instead of Best Urban Contemporary Album, the award show will now use the term ‘progressive’. 
  • A&E announces they will cease productions on police docu-series “Live PD”. The show has shown fatal arrests, and much too violence in the past.
  • The City Council of Louisville, KY passes ‘Breonna’s Law’, a law that bans “no-knock” warrants in the city.

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12 June – 18th day of Black Lives Matter Protests – T-Mobile and Papa John’s Pizza both cut ties on their advertisements with ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ after Carlson makes harsh remarks regarding Black Lives Matter protests and movement.

  • After a unanimous vote, the Minneapolis City Council approves a plan to create a brand new public safety system. 
  • Clemson University in South Carolina, has announced they will remove white supremacist John C. Calhoun’s name from their honors college.
  • Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, signs plans for police reform into law. The plan is a bundle which includes the repeal of law 50-A, a statewide ban on chokeholds, and more.
  • The Bachelor franchise names Matt James as its first Black male lead since the birth of the show 18 years ago.
  • Sybrina Fulton, mother to Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed by police in 2012, has officially announced she is running for office in the state of Florida.
  • Taylor Swift calls for the removal of racist statues in her home state of Tennessee on social media, garnering much support.
  • Nearly three weeks after the death of George Floyd, protests across the world are still going strong. American cities and allies from all over the world are still taking to the streets to protest police brutality and keep the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement alive.
  • A Georgia judge in DeKalb County has called for a Confederate monument to be removed from Decatur Square immediately. 
  • he police department of Seattle, Washington has been banned from using chemical irritants while at protests.
  • The Miami-Dade police department in Florida has announced they will no longer be authorizing the use of “carotid triangle restraints.” 

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13 June – 19th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Protesters gather in Atlanta to march against police brutality after Rayshard Brooks, an African-American man,  was shot and killed by a police officer, at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

  • Thousands of people gather in Paris for Black Lives Matter protest against police brutality and show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. 
  • The US Embassy in Seoul, South Korea tweets in support of the Black Lives Matter protests and movement. The tweet states that the embassy, “stands in solidarity with fellow Americans grieving and peacefully protesting to demand positive change.” 
  • Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announces that he is giving an April 1 deadline for counties and cities to redesign their police forces. Cuomo wants departments to have the next 9 months to solidify plans to reform police, and if departments are not ready by April 1, they will not receive state funding. 
  • The legislative branch of Buffalo, New York calls for the reopening of an investigation from 2006, when officer Cariol Horne was terminated after stopping another officer from choking a suspect.
  • NFL players JJ Watt of the Houston Texans and Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns, both show their support for Black Lives Matter protests and the movement by defending kneeling during the National Anthem.

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14 June – 20th day of Black Lives Matter protests – In Brooklyn, New York a group of volunteers painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ on a street in the borough.

  • Beyonce has written a letter to the Kentucky Attorney General, as a call to action for justice in the Bronna Taylor case. She has asked the AG to charge the officers involved in Breonna’s murder. It has been 3 months since Breonna’s death and the officers involved have not been fired nor charged with any crime.
  • Republican Oklahoma Senator, James Lankford, told CNN that he agrees with the sentiment that the chokehold should be banned from police use. 
  • Barbara Streisand gifted George Floyd’s daughter Gianna by making her a Disney shareholder. The gift is intended to help Gianna be set up financially in the future.

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15 June – 21st day of Black Lives Matter protests – Two Black men, Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch both tragically died in Southern California, just 10 days apart. Calls to action have been quite prevalent on social media, and now the FBI and Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division are reviewing the investigations to help bring to light if any foul play was involved. 

  • An executive order in policing is to be unveiled tomorrow. The order aims to create a nationwide certification process for police departments, while promoting the “best practices” within police departments.
  • Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut, has announced that he has signed an executive order which bans the use of the chokehold within state police departments. 
  • Superintendent Austin Beutner of Los Angeles Unified School District, announced that while reviewing school policing policies, the district has come to the decision to eliminate the use of carotid holds as well as the use of pepper spray.
  • After macing a group of bystanders at a Black Lives Matter protest on June 1, a New York City Police officer is being suspended without pay. The commissioner of the NYPD shares this information in an “effort of greater transparency.” 
  • Attorney General of New Jersey, Gurbir Grewal, has announced that law enforcement across the state are now required to publish an annual list of names of officers that have been “fired, demoted, or suspended for more than 5 days due to a disciplinary violation.” The first list is to be published by December 31 of this year.
  • General Robert B. Abrams of the US Forces Korea, has banned the Confederate Flag from being displayed within the USFK.
  • Philadelphia Family Court fires a supervisor after he was caught on camera tearing down Black Lives Matter signs near a playground. When confronted by a woman saying “Black Lives Matter,” his response was “not to me they don’t.”
  • The case against Officer Brett Hankinson, one of the officers responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor, has caused Louisville Mayor reg Fischer to order further investigations of sexual assault claims made against disgraced Officer Hankinson.
  • Robert Larkins, the man who called the cops on a Black man stenciling chalk on his own driveway, has issued a public apology.

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16 June – 22nd day of Black Lives Matter protests – After being called tone-deaf for forbidding employees wearing Black Lives Matter supporting garment, Starbucks not only reversed this policy but designed its own Black Lives Matter shirts which will be distributed to its over 250,000 employees.

  • Tech goliath Google bans conservative websites ZeroHedge and The Federalist from using Google Ads. The ban results from the two right-wing websites spreading false information about Black Lives Matter protests.
  • Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced alongside Pharrell Williams that he plans to introduce legislation to make Juneteenth a paid state holiday in Virginia. Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S. 
  • Los Angeles City Councilman introduces a motion toreplace LAPD officers with unarmed, non-law enforcement agencies who will be responsible for responding to non-violent calls for service.”
  • Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo signed additional legislation which requires state police officers to wear body cameras and legislation for the state to create a law enforcement misconduct investigative office. This office will “review, study, audit and make recommendations to police agencies in the state”. 
  • A family court supervisor in Philadelphia, Michael Henkel, is fired after a video circulates on Facebook, showing him tearing down signs in support of Black Lives Matter protests and movement. 
  • Plans are made to paint a Black Lives Matter mural in Mobile, AL. The mural will be the words “Black Lives Matter” in yellow paint on Conti Street near Cathedral Square.
  • Black Sabbath begins selling Black Lives Matter T-shirts online. All proceeds will go towards benefiting the movement. 
  • Birmingham, AL joins the list of cities approving the words “Black Lives Matter” to be painted in giant yellow letters on city streets.

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17 June – 23rd day of Black Lives Matter protests – Black Lives Matter establishes an over $12 million grant to aid organizations helping in the fight against racism. The money is going to support Black-led grassroots groups. In the near future, local chapters of BLM will be able to apply for $500,000 multi-year grants.

  • The Aunt Jemima brand announced they will be changing the name and image that originated from a racial stereotype, in efforts to “make progress towards racial equality.”
  • The CEO and co-founder of Netflix donated a total of $120 million to historically Black colleges including Morehouse and Spelman, and the United Negro College Fund. 
  • The Fulton County district attorney has charged former police officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan for the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks. Rolfe has been charged with a total of 11 charges including felony murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and Brosnan faces charges of aggravated assault and violation of oath of office.  
  • New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed an executive order which will recognize Juneteenth as a paid holiday for state employees.
  • As the English Premier Football League returns, Manchester City and Arsenal players take a knee on the field in support of Black Lives Matter protests and movement.
  • Three men in Las Vegas, Nevada that attempted to incite violence at a Black Lives Matter protest, have been indicted on two counts of terrorism and two counts related to possession of explosives.  
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas removes a statue of their Mascot, “Hey Reb!” The university plans to reevaluate their mascot and step away from any Confederate symbols.
  • “Siesta Key” star Alex Kompothecras is fired after social media history circulates, revealing white supremacist posts. 

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18 June – 24th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Black Lives Matter supporters prepare to boycott companies which have not shown support or stayed silent during the movement.

  • San Francisco Arts Commission removes a statue of Christopher Columbus atop Telegraph Hill, another step toward recognition and condemnation of historical racist aggression.
  • College basketball’s Southeastern Conference threatens to exclude Mississippi schools from participation in championship events if the state does not remove the Confederate symbol from its flag.
  • New York City passes a package of bills on police reform. The bills hope to reform the NYPD while implementing 6 bills which include: officers’ badge numbers must be visible, an official ban on the use of the chokehold, the creation of a disciplinary system for officers.
  • Colleges and Universities across the nation are declaring Juneteenth as a holiday. The ‘Juneteenth’ holiday celebrates the end of slavery in the US in 1865.
  • A Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that roughly 64% of Americans are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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19 June – 25th day of Black Lives Matter protests –  People across America celebrate Juneteenth, some recognizing the holiday for the first time. Former President Barack Obama calls the holiday “a celebration of progress;” he notes that it is not one of victory.

  • Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, and other Black leaders in the arts and politics record a podcast for USA Today about what Juneteenth means to them.
  • Two Black women pay for a white Tennessee police officer’s breakfast at a diner with a note on the receipt saying “Black Lives Matter but so does yours.” This is a beautiful symbol of human compassion even in tough times.
  • Royce Da calls out other Black rappers with larger platforms for staying silent about Black Lives Matter.
  • Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, announces her plans to introduce a bill in 2021 that will make Juneteenth a state holiday.
  • Steve Harvey praises BLM and calls it the greatest movement since Civil Rights.
  • Ben & Jerry’s take to social media for a call to defund the police. The post shares an ice cream themed cartoon that helps explain that by defunding police, the nation could feed more funds into our education, housing, mental-health counseling, job training, and substance abuse treatment systems.
  • Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, signed new legislation for policing the state which mandates body cameras and vans the use of the chokehold.
  • Companies across the nation are declaring Juneteenth as a paid holiday for their workers. Some of the companies enforcing the holiday are: Nike, Twitter, JCPenny, Target, Uber, and Lyft.

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20 June – 26th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Peaceful protestors gather in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma near the sight of Trump’s rally. 

  • Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, orders that all Confederate monuments/statues on capitol grounds be removed. In a statement released by Cooper’s office, the governor said “Monuments to white supremacy don’t belong in places of allegiance, and it’s past time that these painful memorials be moved in a legal, safe way.”
  • NFL team Washington Redskins announced that they will be retiring the number 49 which belonged to the late Bobby Mitchell. Mitchell was the first African American to play for Washington in 1961 when he was traded from the Cleveland Browns.

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21 June – 27th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Monmouth University announces that they will be removing President Woodrow Wilson’s name from one of their campus buildings. In his place, the building will now honor the name of the lead designer of the building, Julian Abele, who is one of the first professionally trained African American architects.  

  • The fourth consecutive weekend of Black Lives Matter protests continues to go strong in the United Kingdom.
  • A Seattle fourth-grader raises money for Black Lives Matter with a lemonade stand showing that the movement transcends generational divides and that even the youngest of people can make a difference.
  • The NYPD suspended a police officer who was involved in the arrest of a black man in Queens, following a video of an officer placing him in an illegal chokehold.

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22 June – 28th day of Black Lives Matter protests – The Gresham, OR city council has pledged to fly the BLM flag outside of city hall until the end of July. The city also stated that they will fly the flag every Juneteenth from now on.

23 June – 29th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Stevie Wonder encourages protestors to “move more than [their] mouth” urging people to take action beyond the protests.

  • The Louisville Metro Police Department fired Brett Hankison, one of the police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

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24 June – 30th day of Black Lives Matter protests The Atlantic publishes a piece on Black Lives Matter protests having a direct link to an increase in Black candidates running for office.

  • BET founder Robert Johnson proposes that Black Lives Matter form its own political party.
  • Rhode Island will drop the end of its official name, “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” in order to eliminate connotations of slavery. 
  • A grand jury in Georgia has officially indicted the three men involved in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William R. Bryan have been formally charged with malice and and felony murder charges. 
  • The NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. will be named after Mary W. Jackson, in honor of her position as NASA’s first African American woman engineer. 
  • In Wilmington, North Carolina the police department fires 3 veteran officers after car cameras reveal a conversation with “hate filled speech.” The officers spoke poorly about black officers, Chief Williams, and the Black Lives Matter protesters. 
  • Superintendent Tony Thurmond announces in a news conference that California’s Department of Education is pursuing a reevaluation of police presence on school campuses.   

25 June – 31st day of Black Lives Matter protests – Protestors in NYC paint “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Trump Tower.

26 June – 32nd day of Black Lives Matter protests – Santa Barbara City College passes resolution condemning racism and police brutality.

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27 June – 33rd day of Black Lives Matter protests – World famous makeup brand L’Oreal announces that the brand will discontinue the use of words like ‘whitening’, ‘lightening’ and ‘fair’ to describe products. 

  • A petition has been started in the state of New Jersey which hopes to replace a statue of Christopher Columbus, with Black trans activist, Marsha P. Johnson. Over 2,900 people have signed so far.
  • Unilever, which includes brands like Dove, Ben & Jerry’s, and Hellmann’s, announces they will stop advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through the end of the year. EVP of Global Media, Luis Di Como, said that “Given our Responsibility Framework and the polarized atmosphere in the U.S., we have decided that starting now through at least the end of the year, we will not run brand advertising in social media newsfeed platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the U.S”.
  • Princeton University announces they will be removing Woodrow Wilson’s name from its public policy school. 
  • Employees of the fast food chain Burgerville in Oregon threaten to go on strike unless the company does more to support Black Lives Matter.

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28 June – 33rd day of Black Lives Matter protests – The ‘Pedal of Justice’ is held in support of Black Lives Matter. The Pedal for Justice San Diego Coalition garnered hundreds of people for the event, to raise awareness and support the fight for Black Lives.

  • Mississippi House and Senate vote to remove the confederate battle emblem from the state flag.
  • Beyonce urges protestors in her acceptance speech at the BET awards to “continue to change and dismantle an unequal system.”
  • America Inc., producers of Aunt Jemima’s, overhauls controversial brands in order to support Black Lives Matter.

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29 June – 34th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Kadijah Tribble, cannabis activist and policy strategist of Curalife, swears to create a more inclusive and equitable work environment at her company and says that Black Lives Matter will likely have a positive impact on the cannabis industry.

  • Thousands of attendees gather in Lansing, Michigan for a Black Lives Matter rally.

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30 June – 35th day of Black Lives Matter protests – The City Council of Los Angeles, California has moved forward with a measure that will replace police officers with community-based responders. These responders will be employed for all non-violent calls.

  • Four officers from the San Jose Police Department are on administrative leave after the department launched an investigation into comments made in a private Facebook group. It’s reported that racist and anti-Muslim comments were made in the group.
  • The movement to push police presence off of school campuses is growing stronger nationwide. 

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1 July – 36th day of Black Lives Matter protests – The city of Columbus, Ohio removes a large statue of Christopher Columbus located outside City Hall.

  • Whole Foods employees in Cambridge, MA hold several walk outs to protest against their manager’s policy of banning Black Lives Matter masks while working on threat of being sent home for the day.
  • According to a paper published by the Bureau of National Economic Research, Black Lives Matter protests have not led to an increase in Covid cases. This means that it is safe to continue the marches and rallies, so long as protesters take necessary safety precautions.

3 July – 38th day of Black Lives Matter protests – Because of the Black  Lives Matter movement, the Washington Redskins have begun seriously considering changing their team name.

5 July – 40th day of Black Lives Matter protests – A caravan of cars parade through the streets of San Diego in a Black Lives Matter protest.

  • The Seattle Sounders wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts while traveling to a game in Orlando, FL to bring awareness to the cause.

6 July – 41st day of Black Lives Matter protests – Several Formula One drivers kneel during the national anthem at the first race of the season in support of Black Lives Matter.

  • The WNBA agrees to feature the names of women who have died in connection to police brutality on player’s shirts.

Last updated on 16 July 2020 at 3:20 pm.

Please check back regularly for updates. Black lives matter protests and the movement are working. Share this article. Make black lives matter.

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