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The Hollywood Insider Angelyne Review

Photo: ‘Angelyne’ 

Stories about how celebrities have gotten their start are always intriguing while also being both unbelievable and inspiring. You hear of some celebrities getting their foot through the door by starting in the mailroom at a talent agency or knowing a guy who knows a guy who knows a janitor that knows a guy who worked in the industry and got the job through a mutual connection, Hollywood is a web of people who know each other, but not everyone goes that direction on their quest to be famous. There are some people who are known to use the phrase  “famous for being famous” in their careers, iconic legends such as Kim Kardashian are labeled this because of all the fame they garner and news stories that are about them daily for no apparent reason other than being famous.

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Peacock just released a new show on May 20th, 2022 about the live Barbie doll herself ‘Angelyne’. Angelyne is a real person who was a singer, actress, and media personality who came to fame in the early 1980s. The show is an adaption of her life that is directed by Lucy Tcherniak and show-runner Allison Miller, The story takes place in LA during the 1980s when Angelyne started to fulfill her destiny of being famous. Emmy Rossum plays Angelyne and is a perfect fit for Emmy’s talented, wide-ranged acting skills, you have seen Rossum before in Showtime’s adaptaion of ‘Shameless’ (U.S) where she played Fiona Gallagher. 

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Smell Like a Rose, Taste Like a Tangerine…..Combined the Two and You Get a ‘Tangerine Rose’ That Makes You Wanna Say ‘Kiss me L.A.’

Angelyne is a singer with hit songs such as “Tangerine Rose” and “Kiss Me L.A.” where both songs are samples of her work as a performer. The show is centered on Angelyne’s rise to fame, being a singer was just one of her jobs, she was also an actress that starred in the 1989 film ‘Earth Girls are Easy’ directed by Julien Temple, and had a star-studded cast with Damon Wayans, Geena Davis, Jim Carrey, and Jeff Goldblum. Recall at the beginning of this article, I had mentioned that celebrities often share stories about how they broke into the industry, some did whatever it took even if it means public humiliation or doing something that would gain a lot of attention. Before she released her albums and starred in films, Angelynne did something that both was attention-grabbing and daring, she posed sexually in photos that were turned into billboards that were scattered throughout Los Angeles

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The billboards caught a lot of attention. Some of the attention was positive but also had some negative connotations due to the sexual content of the pictures that were displayed. The interesting characteristics about the board were weird, and for something to be weird in LA says a lot about these images, they just said her name in pink cursive. This began to make people wonder, who is Angelyne? The town kept on buzzing as she began to appear in work such as movies and her music, she is often easy to spot around LA as she drives a hot pink Corvette that gives Barbie a run for her money. She began to have the title of “The Billboard Queen”. The scandal began in 2017 as an article from Hollywood Reporter shared details of her life that were unknown and that Angelyne kept private. 

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‘Angelyne’ – L.A. is a Mystery that Will Take a Longtime to Solve, but That’s What Drives the Passion to Try to be One of The Rich and Famous

Upon her arrival in Hollywood, Angelyne did not share anything about her past life or anything before her transition into fame, this made it more interesting to find out who she is and where she came from. Angelyne is not the first of Hollywood’s mysteries, she’s one of several. Other cases of mysterious actors and actresses that seem to come from out of nowhere are people like Tommy Wiseau, Wiseau is the writer and director of the 2003 movie ‘The Room’ which critics claimed was the worst movie that was ever made, but the film is precisely popular for being so terrible. The movie made a name for Tommy Wiseau, but none are aware of his background, only speculation about his origins but he has not confirmed any of the claims. 

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Angelyne is streaming on Peacock and has all of the episodes of the first season ready to watch. Angelyne is highly recommended if you are a fan of Hollywood famous stories and scandals. Another show that is surrounded by big Hollywood scandals is ‘Pam and Tommy’ where Lily James and Sebastian Stan play Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee surrounding their robbery of a private home-made video that went viral in the 1990s and turned into a court event. The show is streaming on Hulu with all episodes available. Like Lily James, Rossum completely transformed into Angelyne by using prosthetics and other makeup to display a perfect Angelyne that keeps the audience entertained and wanting to follow a great story. This is a 5 episode series that was released on May 19th, 2022, and has everyone talking. Emmy Rossum does a terrific job and her next work will be as enjoyable as all her other work. if you would like to watch Shameless (U.S.) it is streaming on Hulu and you will witness Emmy Rossum in one of her most beloved roles. If you love Emmy, you’ll love Angelyne. 

By Noah Spencer

Click here to read The Hollywood Insider’s CEO Pritan Ambroase’s love letter to Cinema, TV and Media. An excerpt from the love letter: The Hollywood Insider’s CEO/editor-in-chief Pritan Ambroase affirms, We have the space and time for all your stories, no matter who/what/where you are. Media/Cinema/TV have a responsibility to better the world and The Hollywood Insider will continue to do so. Talent, diversity and authenticity matter in Cinema/TV, media and storytelling. In fact, I reckon that we should announce “talent-diversity-authenticity-storytelling-Cinema-Oscars-Academy-Awards” as synonyms of each other. We show respect to talent and stories regardless of their skin color, race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, etc., thus allowing authenticity into this system just by something as simple as accepting and showing respect to the human species’ factual diversity. We become greater just by respecting and appreciating talent in all its shapes, sizes, and forms. Award winners, which includes nominees, must be chosen on the greatness of their talent ALONE.

I am sure I am speaking for a multitude of Cinema lovers all over the world when I speak of the following sentiments that this medium of art has blessed me with. Cinema taught me about our world, at times in English and at times through the beautiful one-inch bar of subtitles. I learned from the stories in the global movies that we are all alike across all borders. Remember that one of the best symbols of many great civilizations and their prosperity has been the art they have left behind. This art can be in the form of paintings, sculptures, architecture, writings, inventions, etc. For our modern society, Cinema happens to be one of them. Cinema is more than just a form of entertainment, it is an integral part of society. I love the world uniting, be it for Cinema, TV. media, art, fashion, sport, etc. Please keep this going full speed.

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