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Hollywood Insider Amazing Tiktok Creators

Photo: TikTok Creators

Tiktok is the world’s fastest-growing app with over 850 million monthly users- you probably have spent an absurd amount of time scrolling through the “For You page,” the carefully designed algorithm that caters to your interests. It’s a sixty-second video app that has gained popularity among people of all generations, and it now holds some of the most promising up and coming artists in film, storytelling, and producing. This thoughtful and quality content can range from miniature horror films that run a thrill down your spine, brilliantly crafted comedy, to downright good cinematography. This list will walk you through some of the best Tiktok accounts you can follow to make your For You page really pop.

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Best Tiktok Creators:

#1 Syd & Olivia (@sydandolivia)   

Feeling lonely during the pandemic? Don’t worry- Syd and Olivia are too. As best friends and a killer comedy duo, Syd Heller and Olivia Delaurentis have facetime-esque conversations over Tiktok, with topics ranging from their election anxiety (because #same) to asking the real question: Does everyone have an Onlyfans? Their comedic timing and smart as a whip commentary makes you feel like you’re right in the room with them and gives you the authentic feeling of stand-up comedy night without worrying about masks or staying six feet apart.

#2 The Korean Vegan (@thekoreanvegan

An undoubtable source of comfort for many is cooking, whether it be the act itself, or watching Great British Bake-Off until all of your stress has melted away, and The Korean Vegan provides this feeling within sixty seconds. Run by lawyer Joanna L. Molinaro, she whips together delicious recipes while telling stories that often center around finding family and love in unconventional places. As her soothing voice narrates these tales, chances are that you will leave with a tear in your eye, warmth in your heart, and a craving for something new. 

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#3 Mckenna White (@sxkaar

Tiktok has popularized the #POV, or Point Of View, and creator Mckenna White has perfected the trend. Perhaps most well known for her eerie videos warning of danger lurking in the shadows, she also is a talented special effect makeup artist that accentuates her work perfectly. Creating an aura of terror and fear within sixty seconds is no easy feat, but this account is definitely one to follow if you’re a fan of the horror renaissance

#4 Baron Ryan (@americanbaron

Baron Ryan has brought the traditional feel of a 2012 Youtube skit over to Tiktok, this time with bigger and better joie de vivre. His videos are a combination of thought-provoking questions- Is Tiktok just one long purgatory?- mixed with delightfully subtle humor, the kind that leaves you laughing long after the joke has been told. The dedication and work put into his platform is certainly admirable, and in return, he has been met with a loyal fanbase that deservedly continues to grow every day. 

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#5 Madelaine Turner (@in_too_deepmp3

Users of the app are often bashed for the little amount of work and talent it takes to go viral on Tiktok, but creators like Madelaine Turner are proving that it isn’t about having a budget and big shot production companies to produce quality work. Her videos are heartening sixty-second movies, complete with evolving characters and charming shots that will make you wish she had a feature film in the works. For fans of indie filmmaking and divine artistic inspiration, this Tiktok account is an absolute must-follow. 

#6 Becca Bastos (@actressbecc

She’s just a gal and her sixth grade AIM username- and she’s probably been all over your For You page at least twice since you downloaded the app. Living up to her username, actress Becca Bastos takes on the challenge to become the funniest impersonator of everyone’s favorite unconventional stereotypes, like the girl who’s one-tenth Italian when you take her to an Olive Garden, or my personal favorite, every post office employee when you try to mail… anything. For scroll-to-the-bottom-of-her-page worthy content, Becca should be at the very top of your to-follow list. 

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#7 Tori Romo (@toriromo

If you’re a musician, come find Tori Romo before she’s blindingly famous, because her page is full of sixty-second music videos that are bright, fun, and downright interesting. Gaining popularity with a madwoman video shot from the “other” perspective in Conan Gray’s Maniac, Tori has continued to enrapture her following with every new video posted and even branch out into different genres- Her recent videos have had her declared as the Wes Anderson of Tiktok. Tori Romo creates the kind of videos that leave her comment sections wondering, “I don’t remember paying for premium Tiktok!” 

#8 Maris Jones (@marisjones)

For anyone who has said, “I’m so glad the 80s are back in style,” Maris Jones has only one thing to say: Whoever said they left? Maris Jones is a self-described filmmaker and professional time traveller, and her Tiktok is sheer joy for anyone that has extreme nostalgia for a different time. She brings to life works that are completely of her own design, and her most popular videos show different trends (often in music and style) throughout recent decades. Her videos are a dreamy explosion of life, a must-see for anyone who loved shoulder pads, big hair, and a walkman in their back pocket. 

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With everyone still practicing social distancing, it can be difficult to “go and make art!” as many creative outlets urge you to do. However, it is artists like these that make us hopeful for a future in art and the innate inventiveness it will always rely on, and an interface like Tiktok allows for collaboration in a never-before-seen way. So next time you find yourself critiquing the childish nature of the app, I urge you to seek out the wealth of treasure that lies just beyond the surface. Your well of inspiration, humor, and art is now the For You page, and I promise it will never run dry. 

By Jordyn McEvoy

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