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Photo: ‘My Policeman’/Amazon Studios

A Heartbreaking Love Triangle 

‘My Policeman’ is a film adaptation of Bethan Roberts’ 2012 novel under the same name, with raving reviews from critics and fans. The decades-spanning story follows Marion Taylor (Emma Corrin) and Tom Burgess (Harry Styles), as the two fall in love in Brighton, England, during the 1950s. With a seemingly romantic, cute, and normal relationship, Patrick Hazelwood (David Dawson), a curator at the Brighton Museum, enters the picture and steals police officer Tom’s heart. Here’s a look at policeman Tom Burgess alongside lover Patrick Hazelwood in the first moments of their relationship! Tom and Patrick quickly develop feelings for each other in this passionate affair with a spicy scene that involves a police booth (If you know, you know).

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Although homosexuality is illegal in the ‘50s, which complicates their relationship, and when jealousy builds up between Marion, Tom, and Patrick, the passionate love affair is shattered. Given the political climate and horrific public perception that would follow if Tom and Patrick revealed their love, Tom decides to marry Marion and leave his romance with Patrick in the past. Forty years later, Patrick finds himself in the lives of now-married Marion and Tom, which confuses and devastates them all. The married couple offer Patrick a bed in their home, but as you would expect, memories of their pasts resurface, and emotions are mixed.

To get an idea of what to expect from the adaptation, here are a few quotes from the novel. 

“For a policeman, you’re very romantic.” “For an artist, you’re very afraid,” he said.” 


 “Then he smiled. “Were you really dreaming of me?”

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The Creatives Behind ‘My Policeman’ 

Produced by Amazon Studios, ‘My Policeman’ stars musician Harry Styles alongside Emma Corrin, best known for her role as Princess Diana in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ and David Dawson known for his roles in ‘Luther’ and ‘The Last Kingdom.’  Harry Styles; singer, actor, producer, model, businessman, what can’t this man do? Known for his musical success, Styles has been building his transition between singing and acting with his first appearance in 2017’s ‘Dunkirk’ alongside some of the world’s biggest actors and filmmakers. Not bad for a first start in the world that is the terrifying and aggressive film industry. With appearances in Gucci campaigns, the first solo man to appear on Vogue, and co-hosting the Met Gala, Styles does not shy away from anything, no matter if it’s masculine, feminine, or challenging social normalities.

The global icon has been keeping himself busy with opportunities with his co-starring role in Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ coming later this year and now a starring role as policeman Tom Burgess in ‘My Policeman.’ Here’s a look at Harry Styles as policeman Tom Burgess in the English 1950s uniform! The former One Direction member is taking in all-new successes as it is rumored that Styles has filed a trademark for his own fragrance and a cosmetic line called “Styles Harry Edward,” which abbreviates to “SHE.” Not to be confused with his song “She” from the Fine Line album, but a connection between two different arts nonetheless.

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Fans have been expressing their love for his new adventures but also a comedic concern for a third album that is nowhere on the radar. With his new relationship with Olivia Wilde, fans are also comedically concerned that a third album would not have heartbreak undertones but rather love and relationships, so it’s all-new territory for the Styles fans. Harry Styles has also recently been rumored to star in ‘Faster, Cheaper, Better’ alongside also rumored Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, the list goes on. Fans are wilding with this rumor with not one, not two but now the possibility of three films starring Harry Styles. What is life? 

The role of Marion was initially intended with Lily James; however, with complications of ‘Pam & Tommy,’ the talented Emma Corrin snagged the opportunity. The casting of Corrin makes the most sense with her background as a native to England and time-period queen. So, Emma Corrin will play Marion Taylor during the ‘50s scenes alongside Harry Styles as policeman Tom and David Dawson as Patrick. Here’s a look at the friendship growth between Harry Styles and Emma Corrin, whom Corrin has said that Styles has watched her dog before! In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Corrin humorously admits that her dog has a gas issue as Harry texted her saying, “He won’t stop farting. Is this normal?”

In the ‘90s scenes, Gina McKee (‘Notting Hill’) will play an older Marion, Linus Roache (‘Homeland’) as an older Tom, and Rupert Everett (‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’) as an older Patrick. The similarities are quite striking when comparing the later versions of the characters to the younger versions. As much as it would have been humorous and legendary to see former Rolling Stones member Mick Jagger play an older Harry Styles, maybe we can see these two work together in a centered Harry Styles or Mick Jagger biographical film. 

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‘My Policeman’ will be directed by Tony-winning British theater director, Michael Grandage who is most known for his 2016 film, ‘Genius’ starring Colin Firth, Jude Law, and Nicole Kidman. Appearance-wise, the dark-earth tones and period-drama atmosphere within ‘Genius’ is something we might expect to make a resurgence in ‘My Policeman.’ Ron Nyswaner adapted the screenplay for ‘My Policeman’ and is best known for Oscar-nominated ‘Philadelphia,’ a film about a gay man dying from AIDS. Comparing his work in ‘Philadelphia’ and the content, I believe that Nyswaner will be bringing some lovely, powerful, and moving words to ‘My Policeman.’ Caroline Levy will be the executive producer who has worked on ‘The Lighthouse,’ ‘Ex Machina,’ and most recently ‘The Nightingale’ starring sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning. 

Ben Davis will be the cinematographer who is heavily known for his work alongside the Marvel universe in pieces such as ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ as well as drama and Oscar-nominated ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.’ As you would expect, tabloid rumors have been going about suggesting that Harry Styles will appear in the nude during ‘My Policeman’ sex scenes but until critics begin reviewing in early screenings, there isn’t much to go on, and all remains rumors.  However, there is an exceptionally high chance that we will see Harry Styles not only kiss Marion and Patrick but there will be rather explicit sex scenes between Harry and David.

Paparazzi snagged a photo of an emotional exchange between Tom and Marion, which shows that Tom is devastatingly spiraling with current events.   It has also been rumored that the film adaptation will begin in the 1990s, forty years after the affair causing Tom, Marion, and Patrick to revisit their pasts. 

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The novel heavily focuses on Patrick’s perspective in the relationship, although with two big English stars, it’s thought that the film adaptation will focus on Marion and Tom. This action of events makes the most sense in filmmaking to begin at later events and revisit the beginning piece by piece. Most love triangles we have seen thus far involve a female main character who is stuck between choosing one of two men keeping the relationship very straight and heterosexual. This new take on the love triangle now involving two gay men with a side woman is so incredibly wonderful to see and even better to know that the man who wore a dress on the cover of Vogue is a starring actor. 

Harry Styles Stans Are Keeping The World Up To Date On ‘My Policeman’

‘My Policeman’ started shooting a few months ago with eager fans, paparazzi, and Brighton residents not shying away from getting their chance to see the faces of the stars or a small wave of acknowledgment. It’s expected that filming will continue until early summer when Emma starts shooting for another film. As a young adult and avid social media user, my entire feed has been flooded with ‘My Policeman’ fans and behind-the-scenes content ever since the beginning of filming. There are many fans on the set of ‘My Policeman’ more so than ‘House of Gucci,’ which had an issue of speculation that every scene of the film is practically shown in behind-the-scenes images that have spread all over the internet.    

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Before filming, fans were photoshopping blonde hair onto Harry Styles as the original character; Tom in the novel has blonde hair; however, after seeing Styles on set with his usual brown locks, it seems that the film adaptation is taking its own route. Looking at paparazzi photos alone, there is definitely a strong storyline connection to the beach as many separate scenes have been captured near the shoreline. A happy moment, a connection between the ’50s and ’90s Tom Burgess, and a solemn reflection smoke session with Tom.  

Tik-Tok Harry and One Direction stans have taken it upon themselves to document the entire filming process as well as snagging a chance to say hello to the former boy-band member. One girl on Tik-Tok shot her reaction when she realized Harry Styles was outside her home filming for ‘My Policeman’ in Brighton, England.  Here are a few more Tik-Toks of Brighton residents getting a sneak peek into the filming for ‘My Policeman’ on the city’s streets!   

@frayserko best seat in the house for when #harrystyles arrives pt.1 #fyp #mypoliceman #mypolicemanharry #viral #harrystylesupdates ♬ golden – mia


@samxsal_Wait till the end 🙂 #harrystyles #fyp #mypoliceman #harrystylesupdates #mypolicemanharry #viral

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

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‘My Policeman’ Estimated Release Date and Where To Watch 

As of right now, there is no confirmed release date for ‘My Policeman,’ but with filming having been going on for numerous weeks thus far, there is a probability for a 2021 premiere via Amazon Studios. So, don’t be surprised that it arrives shortly after ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ and better said, be prepared to take all of Harry Styles in. Because I know I’m not even ready for ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and now I have to expect the possibility of another film starring the musician shortly after. The BAFTA Awards usually take place in February, so the chances of the film being released by the end of 2021 to very early 2022 is the most likely chance. 

The release date of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ is still unexpected but with the prediction falling in 2021 and the high probability that it will screen in theaters exclusively, receiving two films starring Harry Styles might just make fan’s hearts combust. With Amazon Studios in the mix, ‘My Policeman’ will more than likely release through Amazon, so being able to view and cry in our own beds might make the experience much more digestible. 

By Isabella Brownlee

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