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Photo: ‘Limitless’

Chris Hemsworth is one of the top movie stars of today. Juggling being a father, husband, and leading the biggest movie franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the ‘Thor’ star evidently has lots of stress built into his life. According to experts in this National Geographic series titled ‘Limitless,’ bottling high amounts of stress without handling it correctly could be extremely detrimental to someone’s health and lifespan. Along with health experts and stress trainers, Hemsworth sets out on intense challenges in order to learn and display the proper ways to solve different types of stressful situations such as crane walking, fasting, and an epic rope climb. 

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The series is enticing and delivers a crisp stylism with its cinematography and editing. With Chris Hemsworth guiding us through the series, it works hand-in-hand to provide a very “cool guy” essence. It very much works for the male gaze, as watching the buff ‘Thor’ actor tackle challenges (where he is literally drowning himself) is entertaining to the male audience to see him fail and then retry these life-threatening challenges. The series wouldn’t be unenjoyable for women either, as seeing this macho man comfortably show his failures in guarding his life shows Hemsworth’s vulnerability. It is cool being able to see the action star so mortal. Compared to the indestructible and god-level durable character Thor, the series is a nice reminder that this megastar is also human (if anyone for some reason forgot). 

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The Types of Challenges in the Series

The series brings the audience on an exponentially increasingly wild ride. It starts at a pretty slow pace then gradually grows into a faster and more intense set of challenges. If episode one doesn’t completely bore the viewer and they’re willing to check out the next episode, they’ll see the energy and stakes that more accurately represent what the series is about. 

It begins with Hemsworth taking on stress-control for heights and drowning while binded. Taking Hemsworth and some comrades to a virtual reality studio set, they have them trial a crane or tightrope walk. Even with the VR set, it gave them a true glimpse at what they had to look forward to in actuality. The charisma of the group helped keep the tension light in the beginning until it was really time to do the crane walk, but before that, Hemsworth went to a pool, tied himself up, and worked with some trainers to see how he would handle being bound while in deep water. Here, viewers get to watch how calming techniques can help someone avoid drowning, as most drownings are said to have been possibly prevented if not for panic. This unlocks what the show is set to be about, ways that changing the way people act will change the outcome and set them up for success (especially in situations where their life is threatened). 

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Upon time for the crane walk, viewers get to see Hemsworth in true fear, as he was surprisingly not afraid when it was time for him to drown himself. Along with a professional, Hemsworth sets out to partake in a crane walk. Having used what he learned during his previous exercise, Hemsworth attempts the walk while practicing mindfulness techniques to help him tame his stress and panic. Throughout the series, Hemsworth and experts take the audience through a series of challenges and now using different mindfulness techniques for specific situations. When it comes to drowning, heights, starvation, or freezing, the brain has different reactions that evolve to different types of stress. Hemsworth and the experts on ‘Limitless’ go through these challenges, teaching Hemsworth and the audience how to handle each different type of stress and the calming techniques necessary for each situation. 

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Chris’s Shocking Discovery About his Alzheimer’s Risk

During the production of the series, Hemsworth discovered the unfortunate news that he is genetically predisposed to developing Alzheimer’s in the future. Specifically, his DNA was found to have two copies of the APOE4 gene, making him eight to ten times more susceptible to developing Alzheimer’s than the average person. Hitting him hard as it was a reminder of his age (39) and the impending mortality that everyone suffers, Hemsworth decided that he will be on a hiatus once his current obligations are carried out and to take some time relaxing at home with his family. Although it was not disclosed to be a definite premature diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, it is still shocking to hear of the high chance of disease arising in the future. 

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Luckily, Chris Hemsworth spent the duration of the series’s production learning ways to prolong life and mindfulness. Although Alzheimer’s is probable in his future, Hemsworth has been educated on ways he is able to live his life with less stress and higher quality. Hemsworth’s hiatus will partake once his press tour for this series wraps, and it will give him lots of time to wind down with his family. 

What Can We See Chris Hemsworth in Next?

Chris Hemsworth’s most recent release aside from ‘Limitless’ was ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ His next projects coming out are ‘Extraction 2,’ set to release on Netflix in 2023, and ‘Furiosa,’ the ‘Mad Max’ prequel starring Anya Taylor-Joy set to release in 2024. These projects have been wrapped in production and are currently in post-production. Recently announced projects that will feature Hemsworth is Marvel Studios’s next big crossover film ‘Avengers: Secret Wars,’ which is not scheduled for release until 2026, and an untitled Hulk Hogan biopic starring Hemsworth as Hogan that has no planned release date yet. 

Hemsworth has not stated how long his hiatus would last, but fans of Hemsworth and Marvel can expect him to make a comeback when it comes time to film the next ‘Avengers’ film. 

‘Limitless’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ are available to stream on Disney+. 

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky

Director: Kit Lynch Robinson, Tom Barbor Might

By Nino Vongphachanh 

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