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Photo: Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour

Prince Harry has always been the prince of all our hearts. He has taken on his mother’s role in charity with aplomb. The world watched Harry and Meghan become parents and subsequently step away from their royal duties to live a non-royal life outside of the United Kingdom. Before his unprecedented retreat from royal life, he served his country on many fronts. Below are 32 things you may not know about Prince Harry – and it is fact-checked.

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1. Prince Harry’s full name

He was christened Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, and his official surname is Mountbatten-Windsor. He gave his son, Archie Harrison, the same surname.

2. Prince Harry met Nelson Mandela

Prince Harry traveled to Africa on safari with his father, Prince Charles. His father brought him to meet Nelson Mandela, which was intended to lift his spirits. Princess Diana was very close friends with Nelson Mandela. 

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3. Coat of Arms

When he turned 18 in 2002, the Queen gave him his own Coat of Arms.

4. Personal charity

In 2006, Harry set up his own charity called Sentebale in collaboration with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, Africa.

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5. Prince Harry’s military career

Prince Harry attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst beginning in 2005, and after serving in the British military he was presented his wings by his father on May 7, 2010, at a ceremony at the Army Air Corps Base in Middle Wallop. He has also been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal (2002) and the Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan (2008).

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6. Fan of sports

Harry is an avid sports fan. His favorites include rugby, polo, skiing, motocross, and soccer.

7. Prince Harry hikes for charity to the North Pole and the South Pole

In 2011, Harry set out to hike to the North Pole with a group of wounded veterans as part of the ‘Walking with the Wounded Project’. He had to cut the journey short to attend his brother’s wedding. In 2013, he decided to attempt the journey again – this time to the South Pole. He successfully completed the journey with the ‘Walking with the Wounded Project’ veterans.

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8. Invictus Games

In 2014, Harry created and organized the first Invictus Games, an Olympic-style event for wounded soldiers.

9. Helped raise awareness for HIV testing

In 2016, Harry took an HIV test live on the royal family Facebook page to raise awareness for HIV and promote testing.

10. Star Trek 

Prince Harry is a Star Trek fan.

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11. Prince Harry gifted a token of Princess Diana to Meghan Markle 

Two of the three diamonds in the ring Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle for their engagement were from his mother’s personal collection.

12. Army involvement in Afghanistan

Prince Harry served in the Army for ten years. He rose to the rank of Captain and undertook two tours of Afghanistan.

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13. Helicopter training

Prince Harry attended Helicopter training school while in the military and is very passionate about aviation.

14. Princess Diana’s wedding dress

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was inherited by Prince Harry when he turned 30, as per Princess Diana’s will.

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15. New Dukedom and titles

Upon his marriage, HM The Queen conferred a Dukedom on Prince Henry of Wales, and his titles became Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel.

16. Prince Harry’s love for Nepal

Prince Harry counts the beautiful country of Nepal as one of his favorites and has visited many times, following in his mother Princess Diana’s footsteps. 

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17. Christening

Prince Harry was christened on 21 December 1984 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Robert Runcie.

18. Second tallest British royal

He is 6’2”, just one inch shorter than his older brother, making him the second tallest member of the royal family.

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19. Pet rabbit

Growing up, Harry had a lop-eared rabbit that he cared for on a daily basis, along with his family’s sheep and lamb.

20. Boarding school

A British royal/upper-class rite of passage, Harry started attending boarding school at the tender age of 7!

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21. Red Hair Heritage

According to Princess Diana, Harry’s red hair came from her side of the family.

22. Philanthropic spirit

Philanthropy is Harry’s passion. In addition to the Sentebale charity he co-founded, he has also publicly supports UNICEF among many other charities.

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23. Prince Charles & Princess Diana wedding

His parent’s wedding ceremony was viewed by over 750 million people around the globe.

24. No royal title for his own son

Harry and Meghan decided against giving their son Archie a royal title at birth. This could have been foreshadowing of their decision to step down as senior royals in favor of a “normal” life.

25. In line to the throne

Prince Harry is sixth in line to the British throne, but it’s unclear if he had to forgo his line in succession in order to successfully depart from his senior royal role.

26. Prince Harry needs the Queen’s permission

Under the Succession to the Crown Act, Harry was required to be granted permission from the monarch before proposing to Meghan Markle.

27. On Twitter?

He hates Twitter and thinks it’s an invasion of privacy.

28. No desire to be King

He has publicly stated that he does not want to be King.

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29. Mental health

Harry has openly advocated for mental health awareness and has stated he sought counseling after his mother’s death. 

30. Prince Harry wants to modernize the royal family

After his wedding, Harry became more vocal about wanting to modernize the institution and pushed for the monarchy to adapt to the changing world.

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31. His first date with Meghan Markle

Harry met Meghan on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend.

32. Prince Harry was a jet-setter before he was a one year old. 

His first overseas trip was to Italy with his parents in May 1985 when he was just eight months old.

While the future of this royal in terms of the British throne are unclear, it’s obvious he is following his heart and pursuing what feels best for himself and his family. For a man who was born into an overbearing spotlight and has suffered the loss of his mother in the public eye, it is Prince Harry’s turn to make an executive decision to live the life he wants. How he chooses to do so isn’t a matter of public opinion, just a matter of personal preference.

We, at Hollywood Insider, would like to wish continued success, happiness, and peace to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Archie along with the entire royal family. We are fans!

By Raquel Kokkoros

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