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The Hollywood Insider Maestro in Blue Season 1 Netflix, Christoforos Papakaliatis

Since releasing on Netflix, ‘Maestro in Blue,’ the first Greek series, had made a quick ascent to the top ten when it was released. Creator Christopher Papakaliatis is capable of doing it all as he writes, directs, and stars in the critically acclaimed show. Papakaliatis is known for his work in Greece as an actor, writer, and director; this is his first project as a showrunner. Papakaliatis plays Orestis, a music teacher from Athens who comes to a small island to set up a music festival. During his time on the island, he learns about small-town politics and the ways society moves. While on the island, Orestis finds himself involved in an extreme love story. 

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The island is home to a wealthy family with secret motives and corrupt business engagements that enable their hold on the citizens of the island. Things become interesting when the daughter of this family becomes intrigued by the maestro. Klelia, played by Klelia Andriolatou, is part of Gen Z, which she claims to despise; she is nothing like the rest of the people her age.

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The first episode sets the mood and tone for a beautifully shot show that exceeds expectations. The narrative is rich and emboldened by the characters that play a heavy role in the drama. The first episode of ‘Maestro in Blue’ shows a great way to set up for a larger expedition at hand. 

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Forbidden Love 

A central part of this story is the interest in love and romance. The series is very romantic thus far, with alluring characters that have an unspoken tension between them that feels palpable. Klelia is a gifted pianist who can gain knowledge from Orestis, although it makes their encounters awkward. It is clear at first that Orestis doesn’t want any trouble from Klelia, though her motives seem to say otherwise. Klelia plays the biggest part in the romance, as she is the one who is intrigued by the prospects of the maestro who has come to town. Although little do we know that these characters have met before. The romance between Klelia and Orestis is only the beginning of this first episode, but it is clear that this relationship will have more contention as the episodes go on. Other instances of romance take place as Klelia’s brother Antonis deals with his sexuality on the island. In an unknown relationship with a boy who works with Antonis’ father, Fanis, Antonis has to keep his sexuality a secret from his family and the rest of the town. 

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Small Island Politics 

The main antagonistic threats come from the politics that pervade the town. Close-minded ideologies bring in actions from characters that can seem irreprehensible. Fanis is the one who has the most control in the area. His political involvements allow him to help the community in aspects other than just his own business. Fanis, now running for mayor, gives slight hints at his other involvements. Fanis has some sort of criminal behavior that is going on that is not exposed to their children. It was Fanis’ mother-in-law’s idea to bring the music teacher. They are trying to recreate an old music festival that used to be around on the island. 

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Unreliable Characters

Secrets and lies pervade the story to create a sense of intrigue for audiences. Narration from characters sits on top of the images, giving exposition and context to their inner thoughts. The first episode is narrated by Klelia, as she lets us know her opinion on the town, her parents, and Orestis. 

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With that in mind, it is clear that this form of narration comes from an unreliable narrator. She seems omniscient, though we are still limited to what she knows or believes to be true. Other nuances have not been able to creep in otherwise. The narrators come from a different point than where the story picks up; the narrator knows more because they are coming from a different part of the story. This establishes the basis of a narrative that is non-linear. At the beginning of the episode, we see an image that does not get fully clarified until the end of the episode. Moreover, flashbacks are used to give a twist as well as catch the audience up on things we did not know before. 

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The episode gives insight into Klelia and Orestis’ first encounter, which wasn’t actually on the island. Suddenly, the first half of the episode becomes more clear as to why there was such tension and unspoken intensity between the two characters. The story is not completely linear, and the characters who have an all-knowing viewpoint create unreliable narrators, meaning we can’t fully know what is truth and lie. Keeping the audience honed in on what may happen next. 

Visual Intrigue 

The first episode brings you into the beautiful world of an island in Greece. Director Papakaliatis uses stunning tracking shots that serve in different ways. At times, he put us in the beautiful landscape and scenery, giving eye candy to the audience while also being able to create a sense of uneasiness.

The cinematography done by Antonis Zkeris helps with this uneasy nature, as bright tungsten light is used throughout most of the episode. The bright, yellow sunlight gives the paradise island an impression. The beautiful island where the rich go to vacation but where machinations truly lie. This lighting is nice at first, as it sucks viewers into the allure of the island, only to continue to find a deeper mystery that is juxtaposed to what is going on. 

It is not until later in the episode that the color palettes begin to change. While Fanis is out at night, the blue light consumes him on his boat in the ocean. When we learn more of the truths about the people on the island, the light becomes darker and moodier. 

As of now, Christopher Papakaliatis doesn’t have any upcoming projects; you can catch up on his other work, ‘Worlds Apart’ with J.K. Simmons and ‘What If…’. Klelia Andriolatou has also appeared in the film ‘18’ directed by Vasilis Douvlis. 

Producers: Stelios Cotionis and Giorgios Moshovitis 

Writer: Christopher Papakaliatis

Director: Christopher Papakaliatis and Akis Polizos

Cinematographer: Antonis Zkeris

Mentioned Cast: Christopher Papakaliatis and Klelia Andriolatou

By Devon James

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