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The Hollywood Insider The Magnificent Meyersons Review

Photo: ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’

It may not be fall quite yet in the United States, but that’s okay because ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ will be releasing August 20, to bring us all of those amazing New York City fall feelings we all long for as the end of hot summer days come to a close. If you haven’t seen the trailer for ‘The Magnificent Meyersons,’ then you should definitely go check it out to see what I’m talking about in terms of the fall vibes the movie gives off.

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‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ follows a family in New York City who are all trying to navigate the reasons and purpose behind life. You might be thinking what’s so shocking and intriguing about an average family in New York City, but that’s why I’m here to give you all of the details about the upcoming cozy feel-good film.

This film, of course, has a twist which we will get into a little bit later in the article, but all I want you to know now is that you’re going to want to bring a tissue and a blanket to cozy up in that theater seat or your couch when you watch the movie. ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ could not come at a more perfect time in the year when we are all needing a little bit of drama with some feel-good in our movies as we transition into fall.

What kind of drama are we talking?

We will see the average scenes that we often see when we are watching films about families and drama, such as talks of children, people not getting along, relationship issues, and more, but this film comes with a twist. The trailer seemingly shows all of the family members struggling with the questions of life in their own ways, but it is not until a shocking family member shows up that we get to see some real family drama and secrets from the characters.

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The film follows a rather large family, including a mother, Dr. Terri Meyerson (Kate Mulgrew), her four children Roland Meyerson (Ian Kahn), Daphne Meyerson (Jackie Burns), Daniel Meyerson (Daniel Eric Gold), and Susie Meyerson (Shoshannah Stern), plus a couple of other characters. Dr. Terri Meyerson has had to take care of all of her children alone for most of their lives as their father, Morty Meyerson (Richard Kind), abandoned the family years ago.

The drama in this film seemingly starts from the beginning with a high focus on the struggles and questions of the meaning of life, but it especially becomes extra dramatic when Morty Meyerson all the sudden comes back into the family’s life one day, of course, causing the family a lot of confusion. This is the part that we, of course, will not be able to see as much about in trailers as this is presumably the shocking point of the film, but it has been mentioned that the father’s visit leaves the family questioning all of they have known their whole lives.

‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ – What Happens Next

Though we don’t know what happens after the father walks into the film, we can still try to guess what shocking information he will bring to the table that will surprise the whole family. Will he suggest that he didn’t abandon the family, but instead, he had to leave for super-secret reasons to protect them? Or, will the mother have more to do with the story than we previously thought, and she is the main reason behind the father leaving?

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All I can hope for is that the family figures out the meaning of life by the end of the film, and the children of the family continue on in their lives with their new relationship with their father and some kind of way to make up for the lost time. This is a drama, though, so in the end, what if the family rejects the father, and we see more heartbreak within the film? It’s a drama; there’s really no guidelines on how much tears the movie makes us shed, but let’s be honest, it will be a lot if you’re a total empath like me.

The Setting

As mentioned above, the movie takes place in New York City, which already gives off those cozy feelings that we all yearn for as fall nears and summer comes to a close, but it also seems like the film actually may take place around the holidays, extra cozy I know. It would definitely make sense for the film to take place around the holidays as, in reality, the holidays are when families are supposed to come together.

It would only make sense for a fictional family to reunite for the first time since the father left around the holidays so they could live out their best days as a family again, cheesy, right? I could be completely wrong, though, as the film could end with no reunion and instead more heartbreak; throwing a jab at what is to be expected around the holidays isn’t always the reality for everyone.

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You Won’t Want to Miss ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’

The title of the film, ‘The Magnificent Meyersons,’ is telling enough that this will definitely be something we won’t want to miss. To me, the word magnificent alludes to the family’s ability to adapt and grow through changes and shocking revelations. Still, it could also just mean they are a pretty fantastic family; either way, I’m sold.

I am so excited to see what the film will present to viewers and the feelings that will ensue after watching the film. Don’t forget to check out ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ in theaters on August 20.

Kate Mulgrew will next be seen in ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ with Brett Gray directed by Ben Hibon. Ian Kahn will next be seen in ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ with Kate Mulgrew directed by Evan Oppenheimer. Jackie Burns will next be seen in ‘Un$uited’ with Tony Denison directed by Thomas Baldinger. Daniel Eric Gold will next be seen in ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ with Ian Kahn directed by Evan Oppenheimer. Shoshannah Stern will next be seen in ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ with Daniel Eric Gold directed by Evan Oppenheimer. Richard Kind will next be seen in ‘Tankhouse’ with Tara Holt directed by Noam Tomaschoff. Evan Oppenheimer’s next project will be ‘The Magnificent Meyersons’ starring Richard Kind.

Cast: Kate Mulgrew, Ian Kahn, Jackie Burns, Daniel Eric Gold, Shoshannah Stern, Richard Kind

Director: Evan Oppenheimer Writer: Evan Oppenheimer

By Chelsea Black

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