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The Hollywood Insider Seinfeld Best Episodes

Photo: ‘Seinfeld’

Welcome to Netflix, ‘Seinfeld’

The show about nothing finally makes its way back to the streaming world, but this time to Netflix. Now that Netflix has removed other popular sitcoms like ‘The Office’ and ‘Friends’, subscribers haven’t been too happy. Other than pumping out their own content at full speed, Netflix has made the smart decision of adding on this familiar classic to keep the less adventurous viewers entertained. There is always something comforting about watching an old show you loved and that’s what ‘Seinfeld’ is to so many people. Surface-level humor with characters that are unforgettable, an easy watch that doesn’t require watching episodes in order or that makes you need an emotional attachment. 

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Since being off the air for over 20 years, it’s crazy the amount of love that people still have for Jerry Seinfeld’s show. Something that is even crazier to wrap your mind around is that some people are too young to remember it or even never seen it! Coming to Netflix is a wonderful opportunity to grow its following and introduce itself to the younger generations. Though like a lot of shows there are some poorly aged moments, overall ‘Seinfeld’ will always be a timeless classic.

Remembering The Cast

The core four actors that made this series unlike anything else on air are to thank for the belly laughs and tears streaming down your face. Starting off with Jerry Seinfeld himself, the star and creator along with Larry David. The Brooklyn native continued his successful career as a comedian after the end of his show. Most notably being the voice of Barry in ‘The Bee Movie’ and his own series on Netflix ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’. Next up Julia Louis- Dreyfus who played Elaine Benes, who arguably had the best lines in the show. Her career in television flourished after ‘Seinfeld’ landing her own show ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’ and the more recent HBO hit ‘Veep’. Michael Richards played the infamous Kramer and always knew how to make an entrance.

He was awarded his own show ‘The Michael Richards’ Show’ after the end of ‘Seinfeld’, but that was canceled after a short eight weeks. His career plummeted after footage of him being racist to an audience member surfaced and he was unable to recover after. Last but certainly not least is Jason Alexander who played George, the coward. His steady career in TV and film has landed him an impressive filmography filled with guest appearances, voice work, and recurring roles on popular series. 

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The Best Jerry, The Best.

Now that the world is blessed with having one of the best sitcoms of all time at our fingertips, it’s a tough decision to find a place to start. Since it does not need to be watched in order, starting with the pilot is not necessary. The twenty-minute episodes are a perfectly wrapped present of comedy that allows all to enjoy the laughs. Here are the best episodes to watch first whether you’ve seen the show a thousand times or you have been living under a rock until now. 

‘The Chinese Restaurant’ Season 2 Episode 11: This episode takes place entirely in a Chinese restaurant as Jerry, George and Elaine wait for a table as the host claims it will only be “five or ten minutes”. Each character is given simple plot lines but is so rhythmically placed that makes the writing flawless. Jerry sees a woman who he thinks he knows, but can’t remember from where, George is trying to get ahold of a woman he is dating while Elaine is overly starving. 

‘The Parking Garage’ Season 3 Episode 6: Similar to the Chinese Restaurant episode, this one takes place only in a parking garage. The simple plot of not being able to locate the group’s vehicle after a trip to the mall while each of them have a unique reason that makes the ticking clock intense. Elaine bought a fish she fears is dying, Jerry needs to use the restroom, and Kramer is carrying a heavy air conditioner. The relatable situation of not remembering where you parked is the perfect setting for an episode.

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‘The Contest’ Season 4 Episode 10: One of the most famous episodes of the series and coining the term “master of their domain”. The four all enter a bit of who can refrain from self-pleasure the longest after George’s mother walks in on him. With how free censorship is now it’s interesting seeing how in the 90s the writers would go around the subject without explicitly saying what they are doing.

‘The Puffy Shirt’ Season 5 Episode 2: A key prop from the series is Jerry’s appearance in a puffy shirt stating “I don’t wanna be a pirate”. Jerry lands a spot on NBC promoting a charity event but accidentally agrees to wear the infamous shirt because of Kramer’s new girlfriend’s low speaking. George also finds a new calling when a scout is fascinated by his exquisite hands. 

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‘The Marine Biologist’ Season 5 Episode 14: This episode features one of the best of the series monologues done by George. Jerry tells an old crush of Georges that he is a marine biologist, while Kramer takes up a new hobby of golfing at the beach. Elaine has an interesting meeting with a Russian author. 

‘The Soup Nazi’ Season 7 Episode 6: Another memorable episode features the great Soup Nazi character stating “No soup for you”. A soup owner brings chaos to the gang with strict rules. Jerry’s new girlfriend has a special nickname for him while Elaine’s new furniture piece gets stolen.


Many treasured episodes are missing on this list, but be sure to check out all nine seasons of ‘Seinfeld’ on Netflix here

By Jack Colin

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