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The Hollywood Insider See Season 2 Review, Jason Momoa

Photo: ‘See’

‘See’ is an Apple TV+ original series that takes place in a dystopian society and follows a series of characters that are, for the most part, related, outside troublemakers, companions, and more. If you haven’t watched season one of ‘See’ yet, don’t worry, I will not mention any spoilers as spoilers are genuinely the worst when you’re someone like me who tends to watch series a little later than they are released.

‘See’ is something I quickly found intriguing, and ultimately, the show pulled me in for more as soon as I watched the trailer. Our society tends to be interested in pondering what the future might be like, which is not a new concept. People have been imagining and writing stories about what the future might be for centuries. 

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We are not frequently offered high-quality produced television series like ‘See,’ though, that takes place in a type of dystopian future and offer us a specific viewpoint of what that future might look like. This is what makes ‘See’ so interesting, and also, the cast is pretty amazing. Did I mention Jason Momoa plays one of the main characters? Season two of ‘See’ will be released on August 27, and I am so excited.

What kind of dystopian future?

‘See’ is set in a dystopian future that followed a virus in the early twenty-first century that wiped out almost the whole population and ultimately leaving the remaining people blind. As the remaining people began to rebuild and reproduce, blindness became a reality for the new population and next generations that we see in ‘See.’ 

What we see in ‘See’ is several centuries after the virus has struck and everyone is still blind, and we are able to see how the population has turned to a sort of hunting and gathering lifestyle. This perspective on the future is fascinating and something I had never considered before. Would a new generation lose a sense in the event of a virus?

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Recapping Season One Characters

As I mentioned above, there will be no spoilers anywhere within this article, but it is essential to sort of recap the people we met throughout season one and what they added to the story. Season one provided viewers with a variety of characters that helped to create the sometimes complicated dynamic within the series. 

Jason Momoa plays one of the main characters, Baba Voss, who is a gentle yet fierce man who is often taking people under his wing and protecting the ones he loves. Sylvia Hoeks plays Queen Kane, who is quite the opposite of Baba Voss, which shows through her various relationships. Hera Hilmar plays Maghra, who often is funding the unexpected in this show, but in a good and shocking way.

Archie Madekwe and Nesta Cooper are twins within the series, and they provide more to the story than most, check out the series to see what I’m talking about. There are much more characters we see throughout the series, such as Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo), Bow Lion (Yadira Guevara-Prip), Paris (Alfre Woodard), and much more. All of these characters have a pivotal part within the plot and definitely have helped to develop the stories in one way or another. 

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What will season two bring?

From watching the trailer for season two, it seems pretty clear that it will still be full of action-packed fight scenes and drama surrounding families, so no need to worry about the loss of any of that, of course. I think, and hope, we will see the reunion of a particular family member with the rest of the family, but I know it will not be that simple just from the way things went with season one.

The trailer for season two also makes it appear that there might be a new conflict surrounding how people feel this dystopian world should look and how it should run. Resulting in what looks like a type of world war between people who believe in the power of vision and people who think their world is fine just the way it is without vision. 

New Characters

It seems like almost always, with any television series, when a new season comes along, there are always new characters introduced. New characters that we will be able to see in season two include Edo Voss (Dave Bautista), Wren (Eden Epstein), Charlotte (Olivia Cheng), and more. 

I am excited to see what the new characters bring to the table, and I can already kind of guess who some of them might be in terms of their relationships with already present season one characters just based on their names, can you? Season two is going to add an extra element to the story that I think will really help to develop character storylines.

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‘See’ is the Dystopian Television Series We Need

As I mentioned above, I think the storyline and setting of ‘See’ are extremely unique and completely different than what we often see when watching dystopian movies and television series. It’s for this reason that I can’t wait to see what is to come from season two; I am sure it will be even better.

If you haven’t watched ‘See’ yet, check it out on Apple TV+ and catch up before season two comes out or binge-watch it all in one day because you will definitely be hooked after watching the first episode. If you’re not into the typical dystopian set television shows and movies we usually see, then I would definitely recommend ‘See’ as it is something completely different.

Jason Momoa will next be seen in ‘Dune’ with Rebecca Ferguson directed by Denis Villeneuve. Sylvia Hoeks will next be seen in ‘Seacole’ with Sam Worthington directed by Charlie Stratton. Hera Hilmar will next be seen in ‘Svar við bréfi Helguwith Anita Briem directed by Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir.Archie Madekwe will next be seen in ‘See’ with Jason Momoa directed by Anders Engstrom.Nesta Cooper will next be seen in ‘See’ with Sylvia Hoeks directed by Anders Engstrom. Christian Camargo will next be seen in ‘The Last Manhunt’ with Zahn McClarnon directed by himself. 

Yadira Guevara-Prip will next be seen in ‘See’ with Hera Hilmar directed by Anders Engstrom. Alfre Woodard will next be seen in ‘The Porter’ with Adam Brooks directed by Charles Officer. Dave Bautista will next be seen in ‘Dune’ with Jason Momoa directed by Denis Villeneuve. Eden Epstein will next be seen in ‘Listen’ with Luke Slattery directed by Omri Bezalel. Olivia Cheng will next be seen in ‘Sheltering Season’ with Caitlin Stryker directed by Bradley Stryker. Anders Engstrom’s next project will be ‘See’ starring Olivia Cheng. Steven Knight’s next project will be ‘Roads to Freedom’ with cast not yet announced. 

Cast: Jason Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks, Hera Hilmar, Archie Madekwe, Nesta Cooper, Christian Camargo, Yadira Guevara-Prip, Alfre Woodard, Dave Bautista, Eden Epstein, Olivia Cheng

Director: Anders Engstrom Writer: Steven Knight 

By Chelsea Black


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