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Hollywood Insider Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Summer 2020 Blockbuster

Photo: Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Poster/Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is one of, if not the most anticipated film of 2020. So it should come as no surprise that many are watching closely for its release. With the film industry wondering how Tenet performs and multiple delays, the importance of Nolan’s latest project continues to rise as does the anticipation. 

What Is Nolan’sTenet?

Like most of his films, Nolan’s Tenet has been kept in secrecy. But what he has revealed through info and trailers has been more than enough to wet our collective appetite. 

Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tenet looks to be a cool twist on the time-travel genre mixed with spies and a possible WWIII looming over the world. John David Washington’s star has been rising, while Robert Pattinson has been re-emerging from the shadows and into pop culture, leading a star-studded cast that rivals the best of past Nolan films. More so, many, including myself, have deduced through studying the production design and trailers second by second that this film could be set in the same universe as Inception, which if true would be insanely awesome. 

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COVID v. Nolan’s Tenet 

It’s been a never-ending fight between Nolan’s Tenet‘ release and the epidemic known as COVID-19 which has threatened Nolan’s inevitable masterpiece (you heard it hear first people) from being shown to the general public. Though refusing to budge for months on end, the film was pushed back two weeks from July 17th to July 31st which added uncertainty to many watching eyes. Even more so was it’s second push to mid-August just this past week which has definitely put many on high alert. The new release date is August 12. 

Whatever Nolan’s Tenet does, other film studios follow suit, proving that if Nolan can’t overcome this, no one can. 

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Nolan’s Tenet Impact on Cast Members

Actors like Washington, Pattinson, and Debicki are either newer actors or haven’t had the greatest success in comparison to their peers. That makes Nolan’s Tenet an important film in all three’s career paths. We live in a reactionary world. Any negative response, no matter how slight, can kill one’s career in the blink of an eye. No one is that forgiving anymore which means everyone needs to pick their films carefully. 

But Nolan’s films are always fantastic right? But every director makes at least one bad film too…right? 

Washington needs to kill this performance and Debicki could bolster her name by being in a Nolan film, or else be quickly thrown aside if their roles don’t hold up against the big guns. That’s Hollywood for you. But the most important thespian in terms of desperation is Pattinson. He’s the actor with the biggest need of performing exceptionally while the film as a whole has to be a success. If Tenet or Pattinson falter in any way, The Batman and Pattinson’s casting as the titular detective will receive much less anticipation from fans and filmmakers alike as Pattinson will once again have failed to succeed in the spotlight. 

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In Nolan We Trust

Live stream film and television have never been more vital to culture as it has been in 2020. This has lead to many releasing theatrical films on streaming services instead of delaying their respective projects. Even worse, theaters had already begun to lose some revenue which moved to a high rate at the beginning of COVID, shutting down theaters everywhere. The question is, will the box office, and theatrical filmmaking in general, survive this pandemic? 

Nolan’s Tenet will likely answer that question. Nolan is a box office king despite creating original and unique projects, and if his latest release doesn’t perform, studios won’t just hold off on 2020, they’ll rethink the movie theater route entirely, permanently changing the direction of filmmaking as a whole. 

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In connection to the box office scare and theatrical film in question, studios everywhere have come to a mutual agreement of sorts to pool their chips into this first theatrical release since the height of COVID with a careful eye. If Tenet does well, studios will begin releasing their films in the fall, and if Tenet fails, the studios will either release their films on streaming services or push all of them until 2021. 

Directors and producers of other projects have noted the importance of Nolan’s Tenet. They are making all upcoming decisions based on how Nolan’s film performs. Hollywood needs Tenet to survive this epidemic and rise above the ashes, reviving the industry like a defibrillator. 

Nolan is already a top tier director, but he will reach a God-like level if he pulls this off. Not only will the success of any kind make Tenet an iconic film for being the movie that brought back theatrical films, but as an individual, Nolan will be untouchable in almost every way.

Yes, Tenet has the power to resurrect a dying medium or kill it. But if there was one doctor I’d trust to do the job right, it’s Chris Nolan.

By Merrick Sinclair

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