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What if you could change your life in a powerfully transformational manner by simply stopping the usage of certain toxic words? Leading to profound success, effective personal development, and efficient leadership.

Hollywood Insider’s CEO & editor-in-chief Pritan Ambroase truly believes that any individual that seeks to transform their lives for the better can do so. Though he asserts that positive transformation on a life-changing scale does require constant effort in actions, words, and thinking. Ambroase remarks, “Instead of paying thousands of dollars for motivational seminars, self-help books, start with the best tool you already have = YOURSELF. You CANNOT change the world for the better, WITHOUT changing yourself for the better first and start that transformation by banning certain toxic words.”


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Ambroase had written the speech himself more than a decade ago when he was still in his mid-teens. As a motivational speaker, he has guided multiple corporations, schools and colleges. He started his philanthropic foundation Humans of our World at the age of 19, to help make the world a better place. He explains that certain common words are also the most toxic and have damaged the world. Pritan remarks, “changing the world is too big a task, but I want to attempt to change perspectives and that can be a start in the right direction. Sadly, these common words are used on a daily basis by most and others have been negatively hurt by it.”


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He has pinpointed 10 toxic words that have done far too much damage on a daily basis and urges us to stop using them. Those ten words are normal/abnormal, legal/illegal, logical/illogical, natural/unnatural and realistic/unrealistic.


He urges through his explanation in this episode that by removing these toxic words, each and every one of us can achieve success, greatness and an extraordinary life. Thus by eliminating these ten harmful words, you can transform your life for the better – be it your profession, career, relationship, etc. Many of the greatest people in the world in its history have achieved their success/happiness/greatness by deleting the toxic words mentioned in the episode. The greats focused on positively changing themselves, transformed their own lives and in turn improved our world. Ambroase, truly believes a person can change only their own self and no one else. Removal of these words can also help with innovation. And innovation is the key to progress.

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The full transcript of the episode and his speech can be found here:

There are certain words in the dictionary that should be obsolete by now but they’re not – they do more bad than good. In fact, they are responsible for many of today’s human rights violations. These words are logical, normal, realistic, legal and natural.

Allow me to further explain.

Normal – normal changes in time and distance. Normal changes –  and yet we use it as a tool to define each other and what we should or should not be allowed to do. What is normal in America is abnormal in Brazil. What was normal today was abnormal in 1960. What is normal in Judaism is seen as strange in Christianity and vice versa. The ways of your family may be abnormal compared to the ways of your friend’s family. So how can we honestly sit here and define each other by the word normal – when the word normal itself does not hold true to anything. How many of us have been guilty of saying “Well that’s just wrong because it’s not normal!.” Think about refraining from this word. See how embracing abnormal opens your mind.

Legal – The idea of legal or illegal is put in place by humans and what they think should be law. Yet again, we use that term to define a person’s worthiness. How sad is that? Multiple times, we have seen bankers be legally bailed out for bad decisions that they have made causing a terrible economic recession to the point where thousands lost their homes and entire life savings, yet they did all of that legally.

Need something more to think about?

Banks have collected billions of US dollars in overdraft fees – Yes BILLIONS in overdraft fees alone, overdraft fees means people without money, which means those people are currently going through some kind of poverty, so in a way, it means that banks took billions of dollars from people that did not have any money. The banks who we trust to protect our money said well when you run out, we’re going to penalize you for that.  And they do that legally and call it normal. If I could pass legislation to protect those running short on cash, living paycheck to paycheck, and give the world a better sense of the human condition and today’s climate – I’d gladly commit what would be seen as an illegal act.

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Yet, a hungry homeless person stealing food from a grocery store would be in prison for an act that is illegal, and all he was trying to do is feed himself. Now I, of course, am not encouraging shoplifting or looting – but putting things into perspective is very important. Something we don’t do enough of.  A more straight to the point example of breaking the law, think about this. Many Jews in the world would never have been saved if it was not for brave people in Europe such as Austrians, the Dutch, and even many Germans who illegally hid them from Nazi officers. Despise it as much as you want, but at that time, in those places, it was illegal to protect these innocent human beings. Again, not only do I condone it, but in matters such as these, I encourage illegal acts.

Natural – It wasn’t too long ago that all sorts of organizations stood up against IVF treatments and test-tube babies – today they are considered very natural. They allow the natural process of life. The argument against IVF treatments was and still is that it was just plain unnatural. I disagree.  It was once said it would be not only impossible but unnatural for aviation to exist. Yet here we are, every day millions get on a plane and fly like a bird to another destination – is that natural? Do humans naturally fly? We defy nature every time we do that.

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Logic – Is it really possible to live without logic? Well, my answer to that is I do not believe in logic and neither do I reduce myself to logic. According to Merriam Webster dictionary –  the definition of logic is a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something. To me, logic is just plain wrong and degrading to our capabilities and powers as human beings. Logical is a word that is erroneous and cannot be used as a tool to identify.

Name one great thing in this world that came because of logic? Can you? I can name hundreds if not thousands of great things in the world that came because someone was brave enough to not believe in logic and to go against it while also not caring if it was normal or natural. You might consider my views unrealistic, AND THAT’S OK. It would be illogical of me to think that you should see the world the same way I do or anyone else does— but realistic to me is boring, it’s too mediocre to even consider.

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Take Electricity, this concept defied Logic. If we look at the definition of the word, it would not have been a reasonable way of thinking to assume some magical force would replace candles and fireplaces as a source of light. But outspoken geniuses such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison were brave enough to defy logic. Nikola Tesla is a genius that defied all logic and changed the world for the better. They were ridiculed, laughed at, even considered mentally unstable by many when proclaiming that such a source of light and energy could exist. Can you imagine the state of the world if they had fallen prey to the crowd and given up on this science simply because it wasn’t logical? For one, you wouldn’t be watching this. So Mr. Franklin, Mr. Edison and Mr. Tesla – I thank you for being three of the most illogical people to ever exist.

Realistic: I think everything we’ve been talking about is truly seen as unrealistic by most. I suppose its unrealistic to think how Normal creates abnormality, illegal can triumph against legal, natural is completely unnatural and Logic is abhorrent to intellect. Many would say it’s unrealistic to even consider these as truths. No surprise here – I don’t believe in that either. Think about this for a few minutes, let it sink in: there are a million laws, penalties, and punishments for financial and money crimes, but how many laws are there for emotional crimes? Near to none. Is THAT not illogical? People are disloyal, cheat, betray, gossip, emotionally disturb someone, and yet they walk around scot-free.

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Sadly – everyday politics, governments, religions, organizations, and cults, commit gross acts against humanity – this is not a realistic way to live. Phrases you hear every day are “Let’s Be Realistic – we can’t stop terrorism, end human slavery, change the world” – Let’s be realistic? I disagree. Let’s be unrealistic. Let’s embrace the idea that it was unrealistic to have electricity, to fly in planes, to put someone on the moon, to cure polio, to have the internet. None of this was seen as realistic. Good job many thought otherwise.

I don’t expect you to change every thought simply because I or anyone for that matter puts forth an alternative way of thinking. But let us allow our time here on earth to mean something great. Is that too unrealistic to ask? Or to even imagine?

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It confuses me and troubles me that humanity and our success has been based on the fact that we have surpassed and defeated all kinds of physical and natural borders to spread all over this world. And those physical boundaries are no small challenge. I’m talking about climbing the highest mountains, navigating the roughest seas, building wells in the driest of deserts. But sadly and disastrously it’s the same race, and by race I refer to humans, that find it hard to surpass or defeat man-made borders, mental borders. Things such as country borders, political borders, religious borders, borders of prejudice, class borders, wealth status borders.

I urge each and every one of you to consider eradicating these words from your vocabulary. Make them defunct. Do not judge others by using these words. We are not better or less than someone because we don’t fit into these words. And though they are just words, it’s the thoughts behind them that worry me most. No one and nothing is normal or abnormal, logical or illogical, legal or illegal, natural or unnatural, realistic or unrealistic. 

By Hollywood Insider Staff Writer

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