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The Hollywood Insider Night at the Museum Animation Review

Photo: ‘Night at the Museum: Kamunrah Rises Again’

Night at the Museum’ has been a beloved comedy for children. In 2006, 20th Century Fox released the first entry to the series which focused on a night guard named Larry Daley who secures a job watching over the American Museum of Natural History since he was desperate to find a job. However, he discovers that the manikins and other objects that symbolize historical figures have come to life every night. The movie was praised for its astonishing special effects, which have made the film a lot more creative in having its children viewers enjoy learning about the fictionalized versions of historical individuals and their humorous and wacky interactions with the guard. The film did an excellent job of having parents entertained with Ben Stiller’s comedic performance as well as casting Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt. 

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The film did an excellent job of meeting critics’ and audiences’ expectations; it even spawned a sequel in 2009 called ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.’ That story takes place three years after the first movie and features his encounter with a new companion, Amelia Earhart (played by Amy Adams). Several of the exhibits are transferred to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C., and a monkey named Dexter steals Ahkmenrah’s tablet. Ben Stiller reprises his role as Larry and attempts to break into the Smithsonian and join forces with his old companions as well as with Amelia’s help. The third film ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ was released in 2014. In the third installment, Larry finds out that the tablet of Ahkmenrah’s power is fading away. Once again, he gets help from his historical-figure friends as well as his now-teenage son Nick. 

‘Night at the Museum’ Gets an Animated Feature on the Streaming Platform

During our present times with the popularity of streaming services such as Disney+, it seemed that Disney has some plans to reboot ‘Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again’ since it purchased Fox a while ago. The new Night at the Museum is entirely animated and has a different cast from the previous movies. It also has a new crew behind the new animated reboot even though Shawn Levy (the director of the first three movies) serves as the executive producer. Even though the renovated version of Night at the Museum has several changes for the sake of catering new entertainment to a different generation, it is still faithful to the previous films. There is a whole different class. For the fans of the series, the animated film will be an enjoyable experience. As for those new to it, they might not enjoy it as much. 

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What the fans should know is that the director Matt Danner is involved. He is a suitable director considering that he worked on the series ‘The Legend of the Three Caballeros,’ which also has the three title characters explore various cultures, and mythical entities, and also learn about world history. In addition, it is also available to stream at Disney+.  The entity did a good job of introducing the younger audiences to historical insights. Matt Danner being involved was best suited for this animated film. Danner also kept in mind the same physical humor that was present in the previous films and the stakes that were raised in terms of saving other historical figures. The budget of the film seems very modest and works with what was available to the creators. The movie still has a similar formulaic approach of making historical figures interesting to keep the plot moving forward. There is a new character in the story: Joan of Arc (voiced by Alice Isaaz) is being introduced to the installment. It makes the fans even wonder if there will be other animated features that will involve other historical figures that come from a different continent. 

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The story concentrates on the character Nick Daley (voiced by Joshua Bassett), son of Larry (voiced by Zackary Levi), the main character of the previous live-action films. In the animated movie, Larry takes it upon himself to become a museum director in Tokyo and gives Nick his old job as the night guard. Nick seems like he can do the job well, but he has trouble conquering his fear of the dark and being more socially adjustable to do his job efficiently. The story becomes more fascinating when he encounters Kahmunrah, an Egyptian Pharaoh voiced by Joseph Kamal. He happens to be the villain of the second movie ‘Battle at the Smithsonian.’ Kahmunrah attempts to open the doors to the Underworld yet again so he can rule over the living. Nick finds himself in the position of being the hero who will have help from other historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt (voiced by Thomas Lennon). The voice cast may be different, but they still capture the spirit of the characters from the previous films. 

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In Conclusion

If someone has seen ‘Night at the Museum’ or any of its predecessors, they will get a good idea of what to expect from the brand-new animated movie. It will utilize similar situations as well as provide equal stakes and use humor that is related to history. This movie may not reinvent the wheel or isn’t as innovative as some people expect it to be. However, it is still a great addition to the Night at the Museum series. It is the first attempt at having an animated film that would last for an hour and 40 minutes. The pacing is appropriate for even newcomer fans. However, it will be relished by its dedicated fans since they will know what to expect. Disney has been creative with the animated adaptations of live-action movies. ‘Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again’ is no exception. It is now streaming at Disney+.

Directed by Matt Danner

Written by Ray DeLaurentis, William, Schifrin, Milan Trenc (based on the book)

Voice Starring Joshua Bassett, Thomas Lennon,  and Joseph Kamal

By Marco Castaneda

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