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The Hollywood Insider Dive Club Review

Photo: ‘Dive Club’ 

Dive Club,’ a Netflix original, will be releasing this September 3 for all Netflix users, and let me tell you, this is going to be the perfect television series for all teenage drama lovers. ‘Dive Club’ follows a group of teenage girls who all dive together in their quaint ocean town, but there is more to the story than that.

The television series was filmed in Australia, which provides the most beautiful realistic views for the television series’ setting. The town in the show is called Cape Mercy. The ‘Dive Club’ girls are doing what any dive club might be doing on any given day; they’re out on the ocean enjoying the day diving, laughing, and mysteriously finding a seemingly buried treasure while diving.

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Suddenly, the girls’ perfect day turns into the worst day ever as a cyclone hits, and they barely escape from the treacherous waters; well, all but one of the girls escapes, and there you have it, the first mystery in the series. There is even more than the disappearance of their friend, Lauren Rose (Georgia-May Davis), but we won’t fully know what those mysteries are until the show is released on Netflix.

Cape Mercy Isn’t What it Seems

From the trailer, it seems evident that Lauren Rose going missing may not have actually been due to the cyclone, but instead, she might have been taken for finding something she wasn’t supposed to; the buried treasure they found that day, perhaps? This leads to the other girls Maddie (Miah Madden), Stevie Harrison (Sana’a Shaik), Anna (Aubri Ibrag), and new Cape Mercy resident Izzie Martin (Mercy Cornwall), going on a mission to solve the mystery, thus revealing more and more about the creepy coastal town along the way. 

With any mystery, there are always some people around that know precisely what is happening, and they end up turning into the bad guys. Subtle mischievous looks from other characters within the trailer suggest that they probably aren’t helping the girls at all, but rather sabotaging their search in the long run, or maybe I watch too many mystery shows, and they’re innocent, we will have to see.

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Other Interesting Characters

With any good mystery/drama television series or movie, there are always people who are either helping solve the mystery in some way or ruining the chances of solving the mystery. As I mentioned before, the friend group is joined by a newcomer named Izzie Martin, who seemingly shows up around the time of the disappearance of Lauren and joins the girls on their mission to find out where she is. 

Other characters we will see throughout all twelve episodes of season one are Henry (Josh Heuston), Hayden (Alexander Grant), Sea Dog (John McNeill), Mayor Renee Volkov (Veronica Neave), and Victoria Volkov (Kate Peters). We will see many more characters throughout the series who will add to the story in some way, but all of these characters will be important and present throughout the season along with the ‘Dive Club’ girls.

Similarities to other Teenage Drama Shows 

‘Dive Club’ definitely offers a unique concept because how often do we see teenage drama shows following a group of teenage girl divers? Still, there are some similarities and other shows that come to mind when watching the trailer for ‘Dive Club,’ such as ‘Pretty Little Liars’ or ‘H2O: Just Add Water.’

‘Pretty Little Liars’ offered the world a mystery element, problem to solve, and all the teenager stuff in between (relationships, gossip, fights, etc.), and this is why I think ‘Dive Club’ will be a very similar show, but of course with a fun twist as the girls all share the same fun hobby: diving. ‘H2O: Just Add Water’ is one show teenage television series that has water or the ocean as a prominent aspect of the series, which in that sense is comparable to ‘Dive Club.’ 

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‘Dive Club’ is Different

‘Dive Club’ offers the world a fun new take on teenage drama television shows as we don’t often see television series that feature diving as a central focal point, and I think this aspect will make this show more interesting. In one scene of the trailer for ‘Dive Club,’ the girls are diving and find Lauren’s phone that ultimately was the cause of her going missing when she went back to get it during the cyclone. 

I am curious to see how the creators of the show will continue to bring in the girls’ diving abilities and what more the girls will find hiding under the water to help solve their friend’s disappearance. Will they find more treasures under the water that continue to reveal the secrets of the town?

What’s Next

After watching the trailer and reading more about ‘Dive Club,’ I will definitely be checking out this series as soon as it airs and will more than likely be hoping for season two. You can check out the exciting first twelve-episode season of ‘Dive Club’ on Netflix on September 3 and try to figure out the mystery of their missing friend along the way.

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Georgia-May Davis will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with Miah Madden directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. Miah Madden will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with Georgia-May Davis directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. Sana’a Shaik will next be seen in ‘Fam Time’ with Duncan Fellows directed by Hayden Guppy. Aubri Ibrag will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with Sana’a Shaik directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. 

Mercy Cornwall will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with Aubri Ibrag directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. Josh Heuston will next be seen in ‘Dive Club with Mercy Cornwall directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. Alexander Grant will next be seen in ‘Spare Me’ with Tara Reid directed by Glenn Fraser. John McNeill will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with Alexander Grant directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. 

Veronica Neave will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with John McNeill directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. Kate Peters will next be seen in ‘Dive Club’ with Veronica Neave directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg. Rhiannon Bannenberg’s next project will be ‘Of Dawn and Dust’ starring Ryan Harrison. Steve Jaggi’s next project will be ‘Sit. Stay. Love.’ starring Georgia Flood.

Cast: Georgia-May Davis, Miah Madden, Sana’a Shaik, Aubri Ibrag, Mercy Cornwall, Josh Heuston, Alexander Grant, John McNeill, Veronica Neave, Kate Peters

Director: Rhiannon Bannenberg Creator: Steve Jaggi

By Chelsea Black


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