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The Hollywood Insider Megalopolis Secrets Francis Ford Coppola

After 13 years, Francis Ford Coppola is back in the director’s seat with a new upcoming project entitled ‘Megalopolis’. The film is scheduled to premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2024 and will break the hiatus since ‘Twixt’, Coppola’s latest release in 2011. Not only is ‘Megalopolis’ scheduled to release this year, but Coppola has announced that this will not be his last film, as he is also working on developing another film. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is everything we know about Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’.



Like many upcoming films, the plotline has remained vague. Since this film takes place in the future, there is no history we can look into or research to put together the plot. According to a first look from Vanity Fair, ‘Megalopolis’ is about “the personal, political, and romantic clashes that arise during a battle to construct an American utopia”. The film has been inspired by the September 11 attacks, ancient Roman conspiracy, and speculation from H.G. Wells. It’s safe to say that from this synopsis, there will be plenty of action-packed, political, and romantic scenes that have something to say about the current and future state of our world. Coppola has also stated that the inspiration for this film has come from “everything I had ever read or learned about”.

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‘Megalopolis’ has been in the making, in a sense, for over 40 years. Coppola stated “I was collecting notes and clippings for a scrapbook of things I found interesting for some future screenplay or examples of political cartoons or different historical subjects,…Ultimately, after a lot of time, I settled on the idea of a Roman epic. And then later, a Roman epic set in modern America, so I only began writing this script, on and off, in the last dozen years or so.” With so much inspiration, this film is set to be jam-packed with references, lore, and new ideas that will leave audiences with a new perspective.

From this, I think it is very clear that this film is going to have a strong message and maybe even a warning about our future. Right now, many people believe that the future is unclear, and many fear the future. This is for good reason, with climate change, upcoming presidential elections, and raging wars happening. I feel as if ‘Megalopolis’ will be similar to that of George Orwell’s ‘1984’, almost a cautionary tale for audiences.


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Already, we know that the cast is stacked with some of Hollywood’s top performers. Adam Driver and Nathalie Emmanuel will take the leading roles in ‘Megalopolis’, with Driver playing an architect who dreams of rebuilding a ruined New York City and Nathalie Emmanuel as the daughter of the city’s corrupt mayor, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito

Other cast members include Aubrey Plaza, Shia LeBeouf, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Kathryn Hunter, James Remar, and Grace Vanderwaal. The film also features ‘Apocalypse Now’ veteran, Laurence Fishburne. ‘Megalopolis’ has become a family affair, with Coppola’s sister, Talia Shire, and her son, Jason Schwartzman, acting in the film as well. 

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The Hollywood Insider CEO Pritan Ambroase, a director himself, wrote a tribute to Coppola and his film stating, “Voila! ❤️ A symphony of image, sound and emotions. Artistry personified. Your direction perfectly married with performance of Driver drives home the needed curiosity, suspense and amazement for the film and us the audience to wait with bated breath. And we wait. Signore Coppola, I know Signora Eleanor would be proud of you and continues to be happy with you, she is going to continue supporting you like she did all her life. In this world of swipe next, I admire your dedication to your spouse. (Old school romantic here). This short teaser with the concoction of sounds – breath, clock ticking, machine clanking, city sounds, wind, police sirens, beats, music = a symphony. I applaud you, as always. Continuare a ribellarsi, continuare a sfidare le probabilità, lunga vita al cinema 💫⭐️ with love always.”


While there are very few stills and behind-the-scenes photos that have been released, they each show off a different aspect of the film. One of the photos, featuring Adam Driver on a rooftop in the futuristic city behind an orange sky, makes the film look hopeful, which contrasts with the dark cityscape logo for the film. 

‘Megalopolis’ ranked a budget of $120 million, and from what we can see, this budget was put to good use. The cast is star-studded, the sets and equipment look high-quality from what photos can see, and the costumes look like an interesting blend of past and future clothing. While the budget of a film does not equal the exact meaning or reception of the film, from what we can tell, it does look like money well spent on a high-quality film.

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According to test audiences, there has been a mix of confusion and excitement regarding the film, but an overall positive reception. This is no surprise, as futuristic and utopian films usually do raise conversation regarding the world of the film, much like that of ‘Dune’, there is usually a lot of world-building in these sci-fi and futuristic films that take time, as well as complex plots and messages that audiences like to create discourse about. Personally, I am excited to see the types of conversations ‘Megalopolis’ will bring up about humanity and the future. There is no doubt in my mind that distributors will be clamoring for a chance for this film after the Cannes Film Festival this month. The Coppola name is enough to have distributors vying to obtain a film, but after hearing about the cast, plot points, ideas, and how much work has truly gone into making this film, it’s going to be a hit at Cannes 2024.

With Cannes Film Festival coming up from May 14 to May 25, 2024, a large array of films will be entering and vying for these opportunities for distribution, whether this be theatrical or digital releases. With big-name festivals, come big-name films that are set to be the next big films coming to Cinema this year. While there are many greatly-anticipated films to be premiered this year, Francis Ford Coppola’s, ‘Megalopolis’ is not only his anticipated return to directing but a new take on the futuristic drama that Cinema fans are ready for.

By Abigail Johnson

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