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Hollywood Insider American Horror Story Season 10 News

Photo: ‘American Horror Story’/FX

‘American Horror Story’ – The Art Of Fan Popularity

The first season of American Horror Story, ‘Murder House,’ released in 2011, engulfing the audiences with its cast, sex appeal, storyline, and connection to real-life horror events and individuals. After the first season, nine followed with ‘Asylum,’ ‘Coven,’ ‘Freak Show,’ ‘Hotel,’ ‘Roanoke,’ ‘Cult,’ ‘Apocalypse,’ and ‘1984.’ The art of the show comes from the connections within the seasons themselves that flow from each storyline allowing audiences to revisit characters along the way.

While the storylines themselves can start and end from a later season to an earlier one, the links hold true. The season that physically transports itself to an earlier season is 2018’s ‘Apocalypse’ with connections to the witches from ‘Coven’ and the birth of Michael Langdon from ‘Murder House.’ Also, a big heartfelt hug from the revisit to Violet Harmon and Tate Langdon’s love story ending on a good note. 

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The brilliance, originality, and creativity that comes from AHS are without a doubt remarkable, to say the least. While some seasons did not prevail as successfully as others, they all offer a piece of history that connects to the overall storyline in one way or another. The show also provides the additions of guest-star appearances that have taken on the horror event, such as Adam Levine, Jenna Dewan, Billy Porter, Neil Patrick Harris, Naomi Campbell, Clea DuVall, Kate Mara, and the everlasting wonder Stevie Nicks. Also, I would not necessarily categorize her as a “guest-star” appearance as her role was legendary, but Lady Gaga also had her moment of performing in AHS.  

For years, I have been asked what “the big goal” or “where I see myself in 10 years,” and while I do not have answers, I do have aspirations, with the biggest one being that I will one day have a hand on the set of American Horror Story. Every day of every week, I have the seasons playing on repeat, never taking a moment to miss the opportunity of watching the nostalgic magic. I believe I can speak for most when I say that AHS feels like home and with every season, while it might not be our favorite of the bunch, the story and cast as a whole brings nostalgia to a simpler time in our lives. And with that small and cheesy remark, here is everything we know about season 10 of American Horror Story. 

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‘American Horror Story’ – Season 10 ‘Double Feature’

Season 10 comes after the 2019 release of ‘1984,’ a retro camp season filled with gore and final girls. Unlike every season thus far, season 10 of American Horror Story will consist of two different stories with two different casts. Confusing? At the moment, yes. Writer and producer Ryan Murphy posted on Instagram revealing the season title, ‘Double Feature’ and a video that reveals, “Two horrifying stories…one season. One by the sea…the other by the sand.” With fans asking for more information on the new idea Ryan Murphy added to a fan’s comment by saying, “It means TWO SEASONS for the fans airing in one calendar year! So double the viewing pleasure. One set by the sea (this cast already announced). A second by the sand (that cast announcement coming).” 

The cheeky Ryan Murphy did not stop there as a few days later; he posted a photo of a fur-covered Leslie Grossman alongside Macaulay Culkin on the beach. With a caption that read, “Something wicked this way comes. American Horror Story Season Ten.” The addition of eccentric Macaulay Culkin indeed adds excitement to what is to come from his acting capabilities in a horror-themed show. If you for a second thought Murphy would stop there from giving hints, you are very mistaken and must be new to the easter egg hunt that comes with every season release. Soon after the news of the addition of the Christmas classic boy, Murphy posted a photo of a menacing scene with two haunting figures. With a caption that read, “Night Moves.” Who are these figures? Not a single clue. 

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The real clues started to drop when Murphy posted what appears to be the season poster of a lipstick-stained mouth containing shark-like teeth. A gloved hand appears on the side, holding what appears to be a tattoo gun that had tattooed the words “AHS 10 FX” on the tongue. Murphy adores his hints as the post’s geotag was labeled with Provincetown, Massachusetts, which had fans guessing themes for the season, such as sirens, mermaids, and vampires. Furthering the storyline, Ryan Murphy reached out to fans to decide which storyline they would like to see in the upcoming season. With the options “Aliens,” “Xmas Horror,” “Bloody Mary,” “Sirens,” “Piggy Man,” and “Plague.”

When the results came down to “Bloody Mary” and “Plague,” many fans were disappointed that “Sirens” was not in the final running, causing a recount on votes. Just recently posted, Murphy revealed that sirens might be the go as he posted an image of good vs. evil sirens along with a caption that read, “Love this. And apparently, SIRENS is a must for many of you too.” With all of the different behind-the-scenes photos and the addition of sirens, I cannot begin to calculate a synopsis for what season 10 might offer. I’m excited, to say the least, but the coherent theme is not protruding out in the open at this point in time. With other seasons, it was relatively simple as ‘Asylum’ would only offer an asylum setting, and ‘1984’ would offer a punky retro attitude. As for ‘Double Feature,’ I am in the air for what is to come.

The Returning Cast And New Addition Of Guest-Star Appearances

Ryan Murphy seems to be the thickest source for information on the upcoming season as he released the initial season 10 cast on a video post. The video hummed Orville Peck’s “Dead of Night” as the cast’s names appeared on the screen one by one with the crashing of waves. The names included; Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Angelica Ross, Finn Wittrock, and Frances Conroy. 

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And, of course, Macaulay Culkin’s name appeared, and his appearance is set in stone. Sarah Paulson had this to say in an interview with Collider about the guest star appearance, “A great big swath of the people that love Macaulay Culkin love him from a particular era when he was a child. To watch him do some of the very grown-up things he’s gonna be doing — because I’ve read the first two episodes — and turning all of your expectations on its head will be thrilling for the audience and good fun. I do get to work with him, so I feel really excited about that.” 

Murphy strikes again on March 23 with a post revealing the addition of model Kaia Gerber to the cast. The caption read, “Very excited to announce that Kaia Gerber is joining the American Horror Story family.” In an interview with Deadline, Murphy hinted at the possibility of more cast additions by saying, “We’re working on an idea for season 10 that I think people will love because it’s about reuniting fan-favorite actors to come back…I’ve been quietly reaching out to various people.”

I would be guilty in saying that my dream would be for the wondrous Jessica Lange to take her thrown once more in another season. Still, with the already heavily famous cast and addition of Macaulay Culkin, I’m not too sure about her appearance. But, Murphy is unpredictable, so I am not ruling out the possibility of seeing her brilliance once again. 

The second cast has yet to be released, but I do not doubt that Ryan Murphy will have a part in releasing that information when it is time. 

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‘American Horror Story’ – The Art Of Elusive Hints 

As to what the season will entail, the storyline themes are endless possibilities at this point in time. The actors have also made sure to stay elusive about the storyline; as Sarah Paulson said, “I have a hair color I’ve never had in life nor in the show. That’s what I can tell you. And I have a great name. I have a great name, which I can’t tell you.” Which, of course, does not offer much to concur from, but nonetheless, it’s something I suppose.

In an interview with Collider, Lily Rabe also did not offer much when she said, “The person I’m playing on this season is nothing like anyone I’ve played on the show before, and I am having such a wonderful time with her and with my fellow actors, —  I love this season. New fans of the show will love this season, but longtime fans of the show, I just can’t wait to share this season with them.” Now, there are some hints with the term “longtime fans” as I am one of those, so the chances of receiving storyline endings, connections or revisits with familiar faces is exceptionally high. 

Thanks to avid fans and social media, filming at the Murder House in Los Angeles has been surfacing everywhere. With images of an actor dressed as the iconic Tate Langdon and the streets lined with pumpkins depicting the Halloween season, it is almost safe to say that the ‘Murder House’ storyline is not finished and will be revisited. Also, it’s Halloween, people, which means the ghosts within Murder House are allowed to roam the streets. Oh, yes. Oh, incredibly yes. 

Season 10 Release Date And Where To Watch 

Due to pandemic issues that most productions have undergone, season 10 of American Horror Story is set to release on FX in 2021. The exact date or month is unsure at this moment, especially with filming still taking place as seen at the iconic Murder House in Los Angeles. 

By Isabella Brownlee

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