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Photo: Pamela Anderson 

Not a victim, but a survivor” is part of the handwritten note of Pamela Anderson’s announcement for her upcoming documentary premiering on Netflix that will cement the veracity of how the leakage of her and Tommy Lee’s sex tape affected her; telling her story in her own words.

Many years have passed since we’ve seen any news about Pamela Anderson and what she’s fully been up to. But, with the release of the Hulu original biopic series ‘Pam & Tommy’, Anderson seems to have finally broken her silence and has entered the public eye once again; or, more specifically, the documentative Cinematic limelight. And this time, she’s back with true justice for herself like she’s always rightfully deserved. 

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There is a double standard for women, and it’s been a major problem within our society for quite some time. Such is the case for female celebrities being caught in scandals, which soon leads to them potentially being seen in a bad light. It’s because of this that these women deserve to get the opportunity to redeem themselves and prove to the public eye that they’ve gotten an entirely wrong impression about them. Pamela Anderson’s upcoming documentary is simply a powerful method of doing so.

Pamela Anderson: A Powerful Advocator 

If you don’t know who Pamela Anderson is, she is a Canadian-American actress who is known for her work on popular TV series such as ‘Baywatch’ and ‘Home Improvement’. She also has numerous minor appearances on other TV series such as ‘The Nanny’ and has been in various music videos as well. Due to also holding the record for being on the most covers of Playboy magazine, and because of her role on ‘Baywatch’, Anderson is also cemented as a sex symbol within pop culture; which shows that Anderson isn’t shy to powerfully showcase her self-love for herself and that her body is hers and she can express it however she pleases. But, at the same time, it’s also important to note that with her being a sex symbol, we must keep in mind that Anderson also deserves to be respected for her private matters and to not be subjected to any objectification.

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Besides recently advocating for herself, Anderson has been known to be an advocator among other elements in her life such as defending animal rights and giving attention towards charitable causes; so, with that said, Anderson is no stranger in fighting for what’s right and bringing forth attention to anything that truly needs to be viewed upon. It’s because of this that Anderson’s step towards telling the real story of what happened during the traumatic event of the leakage of her and Tommy Lee’s sex tape is even more powerful. This story has always been Anderson and Lee’s story alone, and it only feels right that Anderson is taking the righteous step to tell the story of what happened (and how it felt) within her own words; it’s incredible that a streaming platform like Netflix is giving her this opportunity to produce and represent her documentary. 

Ultimately, Anderson is an incredible person with a career that’s inherently spanned far beyond her personal sexual matters that aren’t even the public’s business in the first place. She has come far and has clearly worked hard to get to where she is now. Not to mention how exciting it is that she will soon be making her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the musical ‘Chicago’.

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‘Pam & Tommy’: No Truthful Rightful Justice

Overall, such a horrific event in Anderson and Lee’s life feels odd to be shown off as a form of entertainment for recent audiences; especially with how far we’re still hoping to come as a society. In my recent review of the series when it was first released, I discuss my enjoyment of the series; but more or less, bringing light to how Pamela Anderson’s emotions and insight into the series itself comes into play. Before watching ‘Pam & Tommy’, I wasn’t aware of Anderson’s feelings towards the show. So, after I discovered how she vowed to never watch the series, I felt as though it was only right to provide this information within my review. Because despite how much I thoroughly liked the first few episodes, there are still people whose lives were affected and wrongfully put on display.

In terms of the stars, Lily James and Sebastian Stan (who play Anderson and Lee) reportedly support Pamela Anderson’s step towards creating her documentary; and James herself has stated how thrilled she is to watch it once it releases. This support from them means entirely a lot in terms of how much validity should be applied to Anderson’s own words once we finally hear her side of the story. 

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When creating the series, the showrunners didn’t get the opportunity to sit down with Anderson and/or Lee to get the story at its most authentic; so, they instead mainly turned towards the notable 2014 Rolling Stones article that detailed the tragic events of the leaked sex tape to create ‘Pam & Tommy’. And, it is because of the inability to get a more personal touch from the important figures themselves that Anderson’s documentary arises as an important piece of media culture to watch out for and ultimately take into account; because, in the end, no one can truly tell a personal story well but the person who lived through it.

Anderson: “Alive To Tell The Real Story”

Tragically, someone will typically get hurt when involved in pop culture; more or less, have their utmost intimate story be told in front of millions. But, with Pamela Anderson’s new documentary (which will be directed by Ryan White and co-produced by Anderson and Lee’s son, Brandon Thomas Lee) there is hope and opportunity in seeing rightful justice brought to someone who has fought extremely hard to gain the rights to her sexual autonomy. She has shown up to be a strong woman who knows that mistreatment towards her isn’t right; it seems as though she’ll even step out of her comfort zone (such as re-appearing in the larger public eye) to give herself the fairness that she’s always worked hard to achieve.

We don’t know how Anderson’s documentary will turn out. But, what we do know is that it will be yet another step towards accomplishing justice for objectified women; both in the sense of pop culture and those who live their simple everyday lives.

By Leah Donato

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