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The Hollywood Insider Green Mothers Club Review

Photo: ‘Green Mothers Club’

Series with a hierarchy of moms as they live in the same environment as one another always leaves amazing room for incredible dramatic moments. Not to mention all the wonderful tension that’s created to evolve into great scenes that will truly keep your eyes glued to the TV as you watch in suspense of what’s to come; more or so, whether or not someone is going to have a classic motherly-death stare. Examples of these types of series include ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Good Girls’, and so much more.

Now, imagine the HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’ with instead of murder, all that was the most dramatic part of the series was the subtle curiosity of whether or not another mother finds the other one interesting. More specifically, if the said group of moms felt like it was a mean girls club and leaving the newcomer with serious FOMO (fear of missing out). Sounds rather interesting, right? Luckily for you guys, this series now wonderfully exists; more specifically, this is just the surface of what the new Netflix original series ‘Green Mothers Club’ has to offer audiences.

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Dear readers, get ready and buckle in to hear about one of the finest (and amazingly emotionally disorderly) shows that I’ve gotten to experience on Netflix in quite a while.

‘Green Mothers Club’ – Only The Elitest Of Mothers

‘Green Mothers Club’, created by Ra Ha-na and Shin Yi-won, is a Korean drama Netflix original series featuring five mothers who all have kids attending the same elite elementary school. There is quite the hierarchy among the five mothers, four of which volunteer for “green” duty; wearing green vests as they signal for traffic to wait for pedestrians to cross. So far, the series seems to mainly be following Lee Eun-pyo (Yo-won Lee); a post-graduate student who seemingly was shunned to being the outlier of the group by the other mothers after moving to the town and first admitting her two sons into the school and meeting everyone. All the while, Eun-pyo is going through her life woes as well; so this aspect of her being made into the black sheep of the mothers’ group (if we can even say she’s a part of the group at all) feels both fitting to her character and undeservingly sad at the same time. 

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We don’t know the names of the mothers right off the bat; but as you watch further and further, everything seems to unfold itself into the dramatic and excitable as more is uncovered about each mother—which, in turn, leaves room to believe that their names will be revealed to the audience soon enough. At the same time, though, they seem to all be copying off each other in subtle ways. But, judging from the ending of the first episode, there seems as though there is going to be more than meets the eye—rather than being a petty motherly drama where they compare whose orange slices are the best. Even though that would certainly be a show I’d watch any day. 

Back to the series, however, ‘Green Mothers Club’ has a well-developed storytelling style. It tends to move a tad slow at some points, but it also builds up so much momentum that when the whole point of the scene/story point reaches its climax it feels ultimately so satisfying. The score and beautiful bright visuals also pair quite well with the scenes as well; making the intense scenes overall feel interestingly ironic as the environment around them is so utterly happy, yet they aren’t too pleased. The bakery scene in the first episode of the series is a prime example of this, where Eun-pyo meets one of the mothers (the most well-respected one, if you will) who’s arguing with the baker who then leads Eun-pyo down a path to disagreeing with the respected mother.

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Overall, ‘Green Mothers Club’ and its two-episode premiere are revving itself up in magnificent ways. With an expected run of sixteen episodes, it is thrilling to see how all the slow development can have the potential to create a great climatic bang to make the series feel thrilling to continue. 

Rivalry And Tension Amongst The Motherly

The character background and initial development of each motherly character give a lot of mystery and awe to who we’re seeing them as individuals thus far. With what I mentioned before with us as the audience not knowing the mothers’ names right off the bat, this emphasizes why that background and initial development feels so mysterious. Besides Lee Eun-pyo’s name being revealed, the other four mothers are simply only referred to as being the mother of one of the children. This element seems to be utilizing itself so well; a sense of a defining individual feature about each character, yet we’re not fully allowed in their world just quite yet.

It’s an intriguing take to showcase the darker side of being an actively-social mother to the other mothers at your child’s elementary school, especially one where everyone seems to be snobby and rich. I’m just hoping that with that, Eun-pyo can get the dignity of the well-respected that she is; and that she can get close enough with the other mothers to get in on their potentially dirty little secrets.

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I also adore how there’s previous history shared between all of the mothers. Two mothers already know Eun-pyo, and we only know bits and pieces about their times together before Eun-pyo’s move to the town; one mother seems to have a great friendship with Eun-pyo, yet the other seems as though they had an incredible relationship but something (or maybe someone) got between them.

The “Green With Envy” Mothers Club

After watching the first two episodes of the ‘Green Mothers Club’ I will be blocking out my Wednesday nights until May so I can catch each new episode as it premieres. I’m dying to figure out how much farther this storyline can develop, and just what all these mothers have lying underneath their rather farce persona of being a “perfect mother” with their reputations. I also want to see how Eun-pyo’s story unfolds, as my heart already breaks for her with each bit of screentime that she’s had so far–damn her for making my heart hurt multiple times through the two hours I spent watching these episodes. 

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With all that said, ‘Green Mothers Club’ will have your eyes mystifyingly glued to the screen. It’s the best series that I’ve seen on Netflix in quite a while; this isn’t to say that I don’t love every other show I’ve watched recently on Netflix, but ‘Green Mothers Club’ is simply hitting me in a different part of my heart that hasn’t be struck by Netflix as much as it has with this series.

I encourage all of you to watch this series if you’re a sucker for shows like ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘Good Girls’. While there is no murder (so far), it has a storyline that’s contained with more than enough mystery and awe. Be sure to catch it every Wednesday on Netflix!

Cast: Yo-won Lee, Ja-Hyeon Chu, Gyu-ri Kim

Director: Ra Ha-na |   Writer: Shin Yi-won

By Leah Donato

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