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The Hollywood Insider Locke and Key Season 2, Review

Photo: ‘Locke & Key’ 

Calling all ‘Locke & Key’ fans! The long-awaited second season is finally here and will be streaming on Netflix on October 22. ‘Locke & Key’ first premiered on Netflix in February 2020, and people were quickly hooked on the drama and horror-filled series. ‘Locke & Key’ is based on a comic book series written by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The television series follows the Locke family and their journey following the death of their father, which we see in the first episode of the series. Following the death of their father, Rendell (Bill Heck), the mother, Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield), and her three children Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) all relocate to Rendell’s family home in Massachusetts. 

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From the title of the series, you can obviously tell where “Locke” comes from, but it may not be as clear why the word “key” might be in the title. From the first episode, viewers quickly find out that the word “key” comes from the vast number of keys that the children find throughout the home. These aren’t just any keys, though; the keys all have some kind of supernatural power which the children somehow quickly figure out how to use. The keys all have a specific purpose, and viewers also quickly find out that the children aren’t the only people who know about them. The other people who know about the keys clearly know their vast amount of purposes and, of course, want them for themselves for various reasons, which I will not reveal because you just have to check it out. 

Season One Recap

As mentioned before, season one was released on Netflix in February 2020 and was quickly a fan favorite. Season one brought the introduction of a variety of characters, including the main characters mentioned above and, of course, a vast amount of supporting characters. Tyler and Kinsey attend the local school as viewers can see they find their way, or in other words, they make friends and some love interests along the way. We also see friends from Rendell’s past, some bad and some good, mostly bad, though. The bad guys in the series are usually the ones that are manipulating the variety of keys in their best interest and, at some points making the Locke family collateral damage. 

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Nina struggles throughout the first season with the daily struggles with mourning someone you love and other reasons, which at some points is concerning, but she really is a great mother. So much happens in the first season. I am curious to see how season two will play out. Netflix has also already announced a third season, so I can only imagine all of the bizarre, scary things that might happen considering what has already happened in the first season. Either way, I am sure it will keep viewers on their toes, and we will be awaiting the fourth season before we know it. 

‘Locke & Key’ Season Two 

From the season two trailer, it is clear the story will continue as planned with the introduction and loss of a few characters, of course. I will not mention which characters will not be making an appearance in the second season in case someone hasn’t watched it yet, but I can say who we will be seeing in the upcoming season. Some new characters we will see are Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand) and Abby (Leishe Meyboom). Their place in the second season is not clear yet, but we will be able to find out on October 22, of course. Obviously, if you have watched the first season, you probably have an idea of what is to come for the second season, but you never know what ‘Locke & Key’ might bring to the table.

There are a couple of hints of what to expect from season two that are shown in the trailer, such as the development of the children’s love interests, the continuance of the bad guys’ journey to get their way, and Nina’s continuing questioning of what in the world is going on with everybody. Bode discusses the children’s quickness to act like they know exactly how all of the keys work, obviously expressing concern about the situation and what might happen to them if they’re not careful. As if it wasn’t already obvious, the kids were endangering themselves by immersing themselves in the supernatural world. Either way, I can’t wait to see what is to come for the Locke family in season two. 

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Keeping Up With ‘Locke & Key’ 

If you haven’t checked out ‘Locke & Key,’ I definitely recommend that you do, I’m sure it won’t be long, and you will already be ready for season three because it really is that good. ‘Locke & Key’ is packed full of shocking and horrifying surprises, and each episode brings something unexpected to the table, which is why people are hooked as soon as they start watching. Don’t forget to check out season two of ‘Locke & Key’ on October 22. 

Kevin Durand will next be seen in ‘Dangerous’ with Scott Eastwood, directed by David Hackl. Leishe Meyboom will next be seen in ‘Locke & Key’ with Kevin Durand, created by Carlton Cuse. Darby Stanchfield will next be seen in ‘Mosquito’ with Nestor Carbonell, directed by Guy Malim. Bill Heck will next be seen in ‘The Old Man’ with Jeff Bridges, directed by Robert Levine. Connor Jessup will next be seen in ‘Locke & Key’ with Bill Heck, created by Carlton Cuse. 

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Emilia Jones will next be seen in ‘Cat Person’ with Nicholas Braun, directed by Susanna Fogel. Jackson Robert Scott will next be seen in ‘Locke & Key’ with Emilia Jones, created by Carlton Cuse. Carlton Cuse’s next project will be ‘Nash Bridges’ starring Don Johnson. Meredith Averill’s next project will be ‘Locke & Key’ starring Kevin Durand. Aron Eli Coleite’s next project will be ‘Locke & Key’ starring Leishe Meyboom.

Cast: Kevin Durand, Leishe Meyboom, Darby Stanchfield, Bill Heck, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott

Creator: Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, Aron Eli Coleite

By Chelsea Black

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