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The Hollywood Insider Hard Luck Love Song Review

Photo: ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ 

The country music genre discusses a variety of different topics and ideas within songs. Still, for the most part, most people would agree most country music usually talks about some type of struggle, whether that’s with money, romance, or life in general. ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ was written and directed by ‘Justin Corsbie,’ and the film just so happens to be his directorial debut. The film also just so happens to be based on a specific country song called ‘Just Like Old Times’ by Todd Snider. If you check out the song, you will probably be able to see the similarities between the song and the film quickly.

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Most of the time, we see songs come to life through a couple of minutes in a music video, but ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ went even farther and made the songs’ words come to life for the big screen. Obviously, Justin Corsbie had to do his own work as well and added in the missing parts from the song to make it a full-circle movie. ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ tells the story of a struggling troubadour. If you’re confused about what precisely a troubadour is, it has a couple of meanings but basically is associated with someone that is a songwriter or even a poet who creates words to go with music. You can watch ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ on October 15. 

The Troubadour’s Struggles

Based on the trailer for the film, it is clear that music is not paying the bills for the troubadour, Jesse (Michael Dorman). We see Jesse in and out of motels, liquor stores, bars, and pool halls, all in the short span of the trailer, which speaks in itself what viewers might expect from the film. He’s not making money from his number one passion in his life, music, so he goes to the pool halls to hustle pool players almost successfully every time. I say almost because, in the trailer, we can see Jesse clearly upsetting someone he had just hustled and then immediately see him nearly dying from the beating he just had to take in some creepy alleyway. 

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We don’t often see Jesse without a cigarette, beer, liquor bottle, and some dirty money throughout the trailer, and I’m assuming the film won’t be much different from this. The story is told throughout the trailer in a way that kind of just makes you feel bad for poor Jesse as we watch him continue to spiral, trying to scrape up change for his next motel and boozy night. The story gets better when of course, we first see his old-flame Carla (Sophia Bush). From here, we watch the pair rekindle their old relationship, and quickly, Carla is dragged into Jesse’s troubles.

Considering the Song

Of course, in the trailer, it is not super clear how Jesse and Carla magically find themselves in the same place again, but either way, it makes for a fantastic romantic story. Based on the song by Todd Snider, they find each other again and spend a night together like it was old times, but there’s a twist in the song at least. The woman in the song is now a prostitute, but it doesn’t matter because the two have different things going on. In the trailer, there is no mention, of course, of Carla being a prostitute, but I have a feeling this detail from the song will definitely be included in the movie in some way.

If it were to be included, I am wondering if the pair will get in some kind of trouble with the people over Carla and if this would again be some trouble they would find themselves in. It can also be seen in the trailer that Carla and Jesse get in some kind of intense fight where she ends up running away. I am curious if this fling will last this time or just be another part of the pair’s struggling stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if the film provided no happy ending because it would add more to Jesse’s story as someone who could never figure out life but in his own way.

Justin Corsbie’s Directorial Debut

As mentioned before, ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ is Justin Corsbie’s directorial debut, but overall this isn’t his first time being involved in the film industry. He has also written films such as ‘Hot Dogs and Hand Grenades’ and ‘Vegas Bound.’ ‘Hot Dogs and Hand Grenades’ is a comedy, but it also has some of that western feel that we get from ‘Hard Luck Love Song.’ ‘Hot Dogs and Hand Grenades’ is not in the slight a serious film, but rather a mockumentary. ‘Vegas Bound’ is a documentary following what happens when an entire small town is taken to Vegas on an all-expense-paid trip.

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More related to ‘Hard Luck Love Song,’ Justin Corsbie was a producer for ‘Buckshot’ which tells the story of an aspiring country-singer trying to get his big break. Comparing these two films raises the question of why Justin Corsbie has a soft spot and interest in westerns and country music. It could be because he was born in Texas, a place known as the birthplace for many country-music stars over the decades. Overall, Justin Corsbie’s directorial debut is a great accomplishment for him, and I can’t wait to check out ‘Hard Luck Love Song.’ 

‘Hard Luck Love Song’ Continued

Overall, ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ will definitely be a must-watch western-romance, and it will be interesting to compare the song and the film after the fact. I can’t wait to see whether Jesse and Carla will become a sort of Bonnie and Clyde or if they will go their separate ways by the ending of the film. Will they inspire each other to live a more stable life, or will Jesse make it big with his music? Don’t forget to check out the film on October 15.

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Michael Dorman will next be seen in ‘Joe Pickett’ with Skywalker Hughes, directed by Drew Dowdle. Sophia Bush will next be seen in ‘Good Sam’ with Marium Carvell, directed by Tamra Davis. Justin Corsbie’s next project will be ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ starring Michael Dorman.

Cast: Michael Dorman, Sophia Bush

Director/Writer: Justin Corsbie 

By Chelsea Black

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