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Hollywood Insider Hamilton Review, Disney Plus, Lin Manuel Miranda

Photo: Hamilton/Disney+

Hamilton Review: Hamilton the musical has entered our homes, so naturally, we can’t stop singing historical rap all day long. ‘Helpless’ is stuck in our heads and we’ve all practically memorized the choreography to ‘Yorktown’ right? Social media cannot stop talking about how nice it is to see the famed production at home on our screens. Lin-Manuel Miranda really pulled out all the stops to make this hip-hop history lesson a legendary Broadway hit, and after finally watching the production (I’ve entered the Hamilton lottery many times but my efforts were to no avail) there are so many moments that stand out, which would’ve gone completely unnoticed if not for the digital release. Here are some of the best moments from Hamilton, though really every part is the best part.

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The Bullet – Hamilton Review

The ensemble of Hamilton is crazy talented. Their vocals and amazing dance talents do not go unnoticed throughout the production. One of the most memorable members of the ensemble is ‘The Bullet’. Not sure what I’m talking about? Allow me to explain. As Hamilton was released to Disney Plus, fans across social media started to gain awareness of a certain ensemble member, Ariana DeBose, also known as ‘The Bullet’. DeBose acts as a symbol of death throughout the musical, as she slowly and quietly gets close to Hamilton himself. If you take a closer look, you will notice DeBose is present before and during the deaths of a couple of characters. She shakes hands with John Laurens shortly before he dies in battle, is killed by King George III’s people, and narrowly misses Hamilton during “Stay Alive” while he works at his desk. 

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The King – Hamilton Review

King George III may not have much stage time, but he makes the most of it nonetheless. Jonathan Groff is an absolute powerhouse of a singer and actor, and his portrayal of the King makes so much sense. The King is moody and quite prone to tantrums, which might sound odd for a royal political figure, but it really is one of the best comedic points of the musical. Every time the King appears on stage you can expect drama, attitude, and lots of spit (please watch Jonathan Groff closely if you’re confused). 

Eliza’s Final Moment 

The latter part of Hamilton is by no means easy to get through. As soon as “It’s Quiet Uptown” starts I am basically a puddle of tears. One of the most powerful moments throughout the musical is when Eliza (originally played by the fantastic Phillipa Soo) takes over the narrative and explains how she lived out her years after Hamilton’s death, rebuilding his legacy and telling his story. In that final moment of the last number, Eliza looks out past the audience and gasps. This gasp may not seem like a big deal to some, but for a long while, this very gasp has been the center of attention. Since the arrival of the musical on Disney Plus, fans all across the world have been debating what that gasp really means. Is Eliza seeing Hamilton? Is she entering heaven? There really is no right answer. Lin-Manual Miranda spoke to Wired about this exact moment in the play and was pretty vague, stating “I wish I could give you a simple answer…It’s different for each Eliza. It’s heart-stopping and traverses time in some way.” So sadly we will never really have an answer to what it truly is that elicits such an intense gasp from Eliza, but it sure is fun to come up with different theories.   

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Video: Hamilton Trailer/Disney+

John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton

Anthony Ramos is no doubt a wonderful performer. As John Laurens, Ramos shows his playful and brave side. John Laurens is dedicated to the fight to end slavery, “We’ll never be free until we end slavery!” When Ramos comes back as Alexander Hamilton’s son Phillip however it’s truly the best. Phillip is so much like his dad in ways. Plus, seeing a grown adult act as a nine-year-old is always pretty darn funny. As strange as that may seem, Ramos does a wonderful job of shedding his skin as Laurens and re-entering the narrative as the feisty Phillip Hamilton. He is just as stubborn and strong as his father, and let’s just say I may or may not have cried like a baby during the “Stay Alive Reprise”. 

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Out of the entire soundtrack to the musical, “Satisfied” might just be number one. We are still wondering how Renée Elise Goldsberry got through that song every single night. Her lungs are just superior, that’s the only explanation! This song rewinds time in order for the audience to see things from Angelica Schuyler’s view. She is about as loyal as they come, and this song is the moment the audience first learns that before Alexander and Eliza are introduced, it is Angelica who feels an extremely deep connection to Alexander. He is able to keep up with Angelica’s wit and he doesn’t bat an eye while Angelica tries to gauge his reasons for being at the ball. What they have is an undeniable spark, but Angelica knows Hamilton deep down is never going to stop being hungry for more in his career and life in general. The entire production of “Satisfied” has such a wow factor, and in my personal opinion really helps the audience better understand Hamilton and his many faults.     

By Rebecca Breitfeller

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