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Hollywood Insider Comic-Con Cancels Due to Coronavirus -2

Photo: Comic-Con with Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo

Events are being canceled left and right due to the novel coronavirus, and San Diego Comic-Con is no exception. Organizers of the beloved convention officially announced the cancellation of this year’s events, and will instead return in July of 2021. Many fans who have been attending Comic-Con for years are obviously devastated. The San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) tried delaying the inevitable, however, they were faced with the tough decision as the worry surrounding COVID-19 still continues into early Summer.

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Comic-Con Will Reconvene July of 2021

With California Governor Gavin Newsom still urging the cancellation of large gatherings in the state, the organizers behind SDCC were forced to make the best decision regarding the health and safety of attendees. In an official statement for the convention Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer said, “Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and while we are saddened to take this action, we know it is the right decision. We eagerly look forward to the time when we can all meet again and share in the community we all love and enjoy.”

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The 2019 Convention brought in 135,000 excited guests ready to celebrate and bond over the community of comic books and some of the most beloved characters. The 2020 Convention was expected to bring in just as many attendees this year. The SDCC also stated, “Continuous monitoring of health advisories and recent statements by the Governor of California have made it clear that it would not be safe to move forward with plans for this year.” While we’re glad everyone is doing the safe thing, it’s still so sad!

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The Convention is known for bringing in comic-creators, television and film writers, actors, and even more people connected to the world of fantasy, superheroes, and so much more. Next year’s convention will run from July 22 -July 25, and guests who had their hearts set on attending this year are able to either refund their purchase or transfer that ticket to 2021’s events.

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In their official statement, they also announced that WonderCon Anaheim which had canceled its April 10 -12 dates, has rescheduled the Convention for March 26-28 in 2021. Comic-Con International announced that they were officially introducing WonderCon@Home, including exclusive videos available for fans, from previously scheduled guests and panelists.

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Comic-Con…You Will Be Missed!

30 special guests were already slated to attend the annual convention including names like Paul Levitz, J. Michael Straczynski, and Felicia Day. Fans every year look forward to panels and exclusive presentations from guests each year, and this year was no different. Every year, Comic-Con holds a Marvel Studios panel, where the company announces new projects, updates on characters and their timelines, and more.

The Marvel and DC Entertainment panels are a huge driving force for the Convention, and the two companies have already had to make major setbacks for some of their superheroes, and have cut back on their digital comic releases.

With so many companies and events coming to a halt due to the pandemic, fans are pretty bummed. They are all just holding out hope that Comic-Con 2021 will go off without a hitch, and the tradition of the fantasy-filled weekend will continue.

By Rebecca Breitfeller

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