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Photo: Snoop Dogg & Olympics

Snoop Dogg is known for creating catchy tunes and memorable sayings. “Drop it like it’s hot” was released in 2004, and I still sing it to this day, joking around with friends. Thanks to Snoop Dogg’s new job as host of the Olympic commentary show on Peacock TV, I now have a thousand more sayings to remember. 

The ‘Olympic Highlight Show‘ is a new commentary series offered on Peacock TV. And just like the name itself explains it, the series consists of showcasing the important moments of the Olympics while having Snoop Dogg commenting as one of its hosts. The show has caught some attention from fans, and Twitter has been more than happy to jump in the joke wagon because Snoop Dogg is far from boring. 

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Snoop Dogg & Olympics – Recaps Have Never Been This Fun

To be honest, I never expected to see Snoop Dogg doing a commentary on Olympian demigods; excuse me, I meant to say, athletes. But watching him speak about the water polo matches was quite hilarious. Even just watching the interview Snoop Dogg did with Will Claye, USA’s triple jumper athlete, was extremely fun. 

Will Claye was equally excited to speak to Snoop Dogg, as Snoop Dogg was to interview him. As Snoop conducted the interview, he asked Olympian jumper, Claye, if he would like a more “adequate” to the Olympics kind of interview. Or if he could interview him all the way Snoop Dogg, with just a tad of Olympian “flavor.” To which Claye was more than happy to agree for the Snoop “flavor” type of interview. 

Snoops Olympian “flavor” is a combination of hip hop terms and poking fun (in a good way) at Olympian activities while describing situations hilariously. If Snoop Dogg does not sound funny enough for you, I got good news, Kevin Hart is the co-host of this Olympian Special. 

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Dynamic Duo 

A comedian will brighten up your day or really make you think about your life choices while cracking up and crying. Kevin Hart does both. And, if you have top comedian Kevin Hart attached to the host panel, it is no surprise you will spend most time laughing. But what is a surprise, is Snoop Dogg’s and Kevin Hart’s chemistry on screen. I mean, they are ridiculously entertaining, and their commentary has you cracking up with every clip. 

This highlight special is not your typical Olympian commentary. In other words, when watching the Peacock special, you will not hear the classic commentary style used for years. The smooth voice that often fills in the background, one you can barely hear, and explains what is being literally shown on TV. I’ve always wondered if the people hired to do this job believed the visuals aren’t enough for the audience to comprehend the situation. Like if their voices would make you understand what’s going on in the video so much better. But just like Snoop Dogg said to Claye, he puts his own Olympic “flavor” to the commentary, a better approach if you ask me. Whoever’s idea was to put these two together, is a genius. 

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Twitter won’t stop talking about them

The two have been trending on Twitter all week. The comments on Twitter are of fans poking fun with them about the Olympics or reposts of their commentary, but a consistent feeling Twitter members have is one of praise and approval towards Snoop Dogg’s Olympic “flavor.” This “flavor” is the only thing audiences want. 

Stop what you’re doing; Oh wait, no, finish reading this and then go on Twitter to find out the clips. I literally spent quite a few hours laughing at what they have to say. There’s no better duo for this. 

Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart have had some experience when it comes to hosting. Snoop Dogg is no stranger to the commentary department at all. Before the Olympian highlights, he hosted a few commentaries for celebrity exhibition boxing matches, like the Mike Tyson’s and Roy Jones Jr. Fight, where Snoop Dogg’s commentary also became one of the main topics when talking about the event. While, Kevin Hart’s been the host on peacocks TV, new talk show, ‘Hart to Hart,” where other celebrities have a glass of wine and share their deep secrets with Kevin Hart. 

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Their Hart is in the right place

With all the controversy that has been following Simon Biles‘s place in the Olympics, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart have been highly supportive of Biles‘s decisions. They even made up a new name for the Gymnast, calling Biles “Incredi-bile” and the greatest American Gymnast of all time. They both have expressed their gratitude and admiration towards Simone and referred to the Gymnast as a fighter, spokesperson, role model, mentor, and courageous woman who deserves all the time she needs. All jokes aside, their heart is obviously in the right place, which makes them excellent hosts. They are filled with compassion and can see what is beyond a gold medal, which means when interviewing an athlete, they approach it from the human side and not the athlete’s side. 

Peacock TV made the right choice, and there are no better hosts for a commentary highlight than these two. Twitter will keep raving about them, even until the Olympics are over, because those two together are more than just pretty funny. 

By Ana Cobo

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