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    James Bond is well known for many things and some of them happens to be ‘Bond kisses’, ‘Bond girls’ and ‘Bond sex’. We all remember those titillating Bond kisses. So, while you patiently await the release of ‘No Time To Die’, here is a compilation video of all the James Bond kissing scenes from every 007 film from 1962 to the most recent one – every time every James Bond has locked lips.

    Do you remember all the Bond girls? Jane Seymour? Eva Green? Grace Jones? Denise Richards? Halle Berry? Léa Seydoux?

    Wait, does Javier Bardem’s flirtations with Daniel Craig count?

    Click here – Video: Introduction Compilation: All ‘Bond… James Bond’ 007 Introductions 1962 to 2020, Sean Connery to Daniel Craig

    List of all Bond girls in order of appearance:

    1. Eunice Gayson
    2. Zena Marshall
    3. Ursula Andress
    4. Aliza Gur
    5. Martine Beswick
    6. Daniela Bianchi
    7. Shirley Eaton
    8. Honor Blackman
    9. Molly Peters
    10. Luciana Paluzzi
    11. Claudine Auger
    12. Akiko Wakabayashi
    13. Karin Dor
    14. Mie Hama
    15. Diana Rigg
    16. Angela Scoular
    17. Catherine Schell
    18. Jill St. John
    19. Madeline Smith
    20. Gloria Hendry
    21. Jane Seymour
    22. Maud Adams
    23. Britt Ekland
    24. Sue Vanner
    25. Dawn Rodrigues
    26. Barbara Bach
    27. Corinne Clery
    28. Emily Bolton
    29. Lois Chiles
    30. Cassandra Harris
    31. Carole Bouquet
    32. Kristina Wayborn
    33. Maud Adams
    34. Mary Stavin
    35. Grace Jones
    36. Fiona Fullerton,
    37. Tanya Roberts
    38. Kell Tyler
    39. Maryam D’Abo
    40. Carey Lowell
    41. Talisa Soto
    42. Serena Gordon
    43. Izabella Scorupco
    44. Cecilie Thomsen
    45. Teri Hatcher
    46. Michelle Yeoh
    47. Serena Scott Thomas
    48. Sophie Marceau
    49. Denise Richards
    50. Halle Berry
    51. Rosamund Pike
    52. Eva Green
    53. Gemma Arterton
    54. Tonia Sotiropoulou
    55. Berenice Marlohe
    56. Monica Bellucci
    57. Léa Seydoux

    Click here – Video: BONUS FOOTAGE – Every James Bond Opening Sequence Compilation From 1962-2020 While Waiting for ‘No Time To Die’ Release here:

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    ​By Hollywood Insider Staff Writer

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