The Nostalgia of Taylor Swift’s Vulnerability

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The lyric “Is this the end of all the endings? My broken bones are mending” is just one of the many fine examples that express the idea of finality and justice to Taylor Swift’s story as an individual. Of course, she is still very much young at her current age of 32; but, it is through how she has shared details about her life ever since her Debut album in 2006 when she was merely sixteen years old. From the start of the nostalgic and relatable first love and high school crushes with songs like ‘Our Song’ and ‘The Other Side of the Door’, to adulthood relationships that would influence how Swift will go about future relationships with songs like ‘All Too Well’ and ‘Out of the Woods’, and finally to be with the person that seems to be her final one and only with songs like ‘Dancing with our Hands Tied’ and ‘Lover’, Taylor Swift has given fans an insightful and incredibly personal look into her journey to finding the one tied at the end of that invisible string.

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Let’s, of course, not derail from how Swift has let us know more about her life through more than just her love life. She has let us in on new updates in her life, by being active on Twitter and Instagram to show us how her life has evolved into the magical experience that it’s become–overall, being vulnerable to thousands upon thousands of people. Ultimately, as someone who’s been a fan of hers ever since 2008, the journey that she’s been on to go from a young teenager with hopes and dreams to be one of the most beloved (and worldwide famous) artists is beautiful. 

This Is Her Trying

The experience of seeing Taylor Swift grow up throughout the years also brings out a sense of nostalgia, as we’ve also grown up along with Swift; going through experiences that are entirely our own, yet still ones that we can relate to what Swift had gone through herself once before. It is with this said that a lot of this relatability pertains to romantic endeavors, which absolutely makes sense since so many of us in this world will enter into a relationship at some point in our lives. But, I want to get back to this a bit later. I want to first focus on Taylor Swift herself as an individual; her and just her alone.

It’s always important to remember that Swift started her career at around fourteen years old when she first signed with Sony/ATV in 2004, and then would two years later release her first album and single (put out by Big Machine Records) which then would grant her a CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Artist in 2007. Still just a kid, she would share small vlogs on her Youtube channel (and the classic grainy webcam photos) as she would update her fanbase on everything going on in her life. She would upload videos such as ‘Being on tour. Everyone ignores me.’ and ‘Demonstrating my fine athletic skills. And more.’.

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These small tidbits of simple sneak peek into her life behind her tours and press release interviews were incredibly charming, and they allowed her fans to connect with her on a personal level even more. Sadly, she doesn’t do them anymore, but she has small videos on her Tiktok page that give off a similar atmosphere somewhat. Regardless, her ability to be vulnerable with so many people on the internet just so she could connect to her fans more makes looking back at these videos feel even more nostalgic now as it reminds us of our youth. I remember being a shy, tween girl watching these videos alone in my room after school and how good it felt to have a friend–even if she was a celebrity. 

Lastly, I want to mention vulnerable songs like ‘Mad Woman’, ‘This is Me Trying’, ‘My Tears Ricochet’, and ‘Nothing New’ are when revealing Swift’s dilemmas with growing up and having to deal with any hardships that come up. They are incredibly revealing, and they offer a comforting place to go when we are going through something similar (or at least, be something that we can somehow relate to). 

Swift’s Death By A Thousand Cuts

Alright, now that we’ve paid a glorious second to spend on Swift herself, we can get into how writing so much about her love life over the years (and how it’s largely impacted her) protrudes a sense of nostalgia as well. 

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First loves are always a soft (or sore) spot for those who have had one; especially if they ended badly. Personally, with my first love, I was able to cope and become optimistic for the future after listening to Swift’s albums Speak Now and Red; because at the time, Swift had just started dating Joe Alwyn, and I knew that if she felt that way about love when she first wrote those songs, then that un-loving pain wouldn’t last forever and one day someone would love me just as equally. The nostalgia of Swift’s pain from viewing love through a negative lens stems from how when we first get into that relationship that doesn’t work out, we believe that love will not be something that works for us–but, once we give future love a chance, everything can work out. 

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Another nostalgic aspect of Taylor Swift’s vulnerability to showcase her love life in detail to us involves how your first love ultimately does stick with you, and helps you further into finding the love of your life (if you’re striving to find that person), as Swift shows that they’re still part of you forever; an example being how in nearly every album, there is a song that seemingly pertains to Joe Jonas and how him being her first love has changed her from being that heartbroken girl to being a better person who can see the good in their love ending as she’s with someone who fits perfectly just right with her.

The Taylor Swift

Through all of her woes, Swift’s lovely journey has been a long one for her; and it’s magical to see how being in a relationship with Joe Alwyn has transformed her into finding her one and (hopefully) final lover. And, even if it doesn’t work out, she’s still cemented herself to be a fantastic individual that can get through anything and that love is just a part of her; not who she is. Overall, it makes us reminiscent as we’ve been there singing along to her heartbreaking songs with her, to now finally being able to happily dance around to her lovey-dovey ones. 

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Closure To A Long Story Short

To make a long story short, Taylor Swift’s growth through all the drama and hardships she’s been through is immense. She’s seemingly become a better person because of it, and it’s nostalgic to picture her fans going from young individuals who don’t have likely as much of the wisdom that they do now; it’s enlightening to realize this as growth is a process and with Swift’s project of re-releasing her songs as her version just cements this process. As fans, it heals our inner child; and there’s nothing more nostalgic than being there for your inner child.

Overall, it’s brave how much Swift has revealed to the public and her fans. It has led her to be scrutinized at times; but after everything, she has stuck it through. She can only grow further and further from here, and she gives us the chance to know that we can also further our growth. And, at the end of the day, nothing will beat the feeling of singing an early Taylor Swift song at the top of your lungs as you sing it with much more than you used to know then.

By Leah Donato

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