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The Hollywood Insider Silent Hill Game Leaked

Photo: ‘Silent Hill’

When it comes to rumors, we are all admittedly hesitant to fully believe them until something comes along the way that tells us otherwise. This element is entirely familiar with the video game community overall; from talks (and visual theories) about what the recently confirmed addition to ‘The Sims’ universe with ‘The Sims 5’ could entail to rumored leaked images of highly-anticipated video games, a post/ about an unconfirmed (and unofficial) news on upcoming video games is no stranger to the video game community. Amazingly enough, there’s even an entire Reddit subreddit dedicated to such an aspect of the community as well.

However, in the lieu of horror video game fans on Twitter, there has come about a special kind of case. One that, like me and many others, did a double-take when first seeing the posted status; and something that would completely excite the horror community to an absolute tee.

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And what does this status center around, you may wonder? Well, dear reader, this special case revolves around one of the most anticipated and provoking horror game franchises of our time (and something that has been on hiatus for, admittedly, far too long): ‘Silent Hill

The Hill It All Began On

First, before we fully go into the details about this rumored leak, let’s briefly discuss what the ‘Silent Hill’ video game franchise is exactly about.

Since the release of the first game, ‘Silent Hill’, in 1999, the video game company Konami (and their subsection, Team Silent) has gone on to create horrifying and thrilling video game content for the video game community over the years. With meaningful stories raised by a foundation of themes and motifs that focuses on the corruption in the world, humanity, society, and exploration of the dark side of humanity itself, ‘Silent Hill’ gives video game players commentary on the more rather sinister side of the human condition. There are around ten installments in the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise, and there is something a little bit different about each of them. The most prevalent motifs in these games seem to focus on manipulation and abuse; which, when engrossing ourselves in, can be somewhat of a therapeutic or informative experience/outlet for us.

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I’ve been a fan of these games ever since I was around twelve years old. I know that that’s fairly young to be so obsessed with these games, especially with their rather incredibly adult themes. But, being exposed to the internet during that age had led me down some interesting paths–and, I’m extremely glad that it did. Getting to find ‘Silent Hill’ and playing nearly all of the games when they were fairly new, would give me inspiration for my creative work in the future.

But, enough about myself; now that we’ve got the basics covered for what the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise consists of, and what the stories of each game tend to focus on, let’s get back into covering the rumored leak of a possible new game.

‘Silent Hill’ – The Rumors Of The Leak

Twitter user Dusk Golem, known for being both a game developer and a horror enthusiast writer, recently tweeted a status that consisted of supposedly five new photos of an upcoming game for the video game franchise ‘Silent Hill’. Dusk Golem states in the caption that the photos had come from a newer (yet trusted) source due to all the intel showcasing enough proof to believe them. The user also states that there was “…a lot I’m not sharing for now.”, which can lead us to believe that there is more than meets the eye from these leaked photos.

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Dusk Golem also details that the names Anita and Maya, and “SMS Messages”, will be somehow incorporated into the rumored game; but, no further information has been revealed to us. The user also mentions how this is likely not the only ‘Silent Hill’ game that is in development. With all of these elements coupled together, it overall appears as though there’s entirely not a lot that we can uncover about the potential of an upcoming ‘Silent Hill’ reboot; instead, all we currently have are the photos and Dusk Golem’s word to stand by.

Ultimately, after such a long hiatus since the last official ‘Silent Hill’ game with ‘Silent Hill: Downpour’ and ‘Silent Hill: Book of Memories’ in 2012, I am more than curious to see how the potential of a ‘Silent Hill’ video game being in development for nearly several years will turn out. The main themes and motifs behind each ‘Silent Hill’ game give way to a lot of promise, especially with how our society and culture have developed since 2012, so it would be more than a rightful experience to see how the commentary on today’s society through a video game would go about.

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Expecting The Rumored 

‘Silent Hill’ is no stranger to planning to release a game, and then something seems to go awry. Four games are said to have been canceled by Konami; but, it seems as though the veteran character designer for the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise, Masahiro Ito, is a lead towards whether or not the posted leaked photos from Dusk Golem could be authentic. One of the photos is an artwork that can be seen with Ito’s signature on it; alongside such, Ito has not commented on the leakage of the photos, which seems to be odd considering Ito seemingly posts on his Twitter quite often. Not to mention, Ito had also said back in 2020 that he was working on an unannounced project as a “core member” of Konami’s team. And, considering that Dusk Golem details that this supposed ‘Silent Hill’ reboot has been in development since 2020, Ito’s statement seems to confirm that this leakage is likely a truthful look into the upcoming reboot.

Overall, it’s unsure whether or not we can expect a ‘Silent Hill’ reboot to come out; let alone, when we could even expect the game to release at all. The leaked photos have since been copyright claimed; it is also unclear from this action alone whether or not that’s a good sign on if these photos were authentic. Regardless, all we can depend on at the moment is time and optimism for ‘Silent Hill’ fans to get what they truly deserve after such a long hiatus.

By Leah Donato 

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