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The Hollywood Insider Roe Vs Wade, Pro Choice, Support Abortion

Photo: SCOTUS Abortion Ban

A Day of Reckoning

On June 24th, 2022, a bombshell was released upon the American public when the Supreme Court overturned a decades-old legal precedent in Roe v. Wade. In overturning the case and passing the issue of abortion down to the states, the Supreme Court effectively banned abortion in many red states who will now and in the close future enact anti-abortion laws and regulations. 

This to many Americans was a huge problem and Hollywood did not fall far behind in expressing their disgust with the decision. In fact, the entertainment industry was one of the first to step behind Roe and attempt to defend abortion and women across America’s right to make their own decision when it comes to their reproductive health. This of course is not surprising considering Hollywood’s typical left-leaning political stance but nonetheless Hollywood and the entertainment industry can and will serve as an important support structure for Roe and for the rallying cries rising up against the Supreme Court decision. 

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Abortion Ban – Celebrities Stand Up for Women Across the Country

In the wake of the Roe v. Wade abandonment by the Supreme Court many celebrities have risen up and voiced their concerns over not only abortion and reproductive healthcare for women and men, but also for the future of our country. Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of a long message in support of women across the country and criticized America for falling back into the past instead of moving forward into the future of not only medicine but also life in general. 

Michelle Obama was certainly not alone in her feelings. Famous actress and long-time advocate Jenny Slate called the new decision “outrageous and dangerous” and stated her intended plan to fight to gain the right to an abortion back. This call to action has also not been an uncommon site in celebrity statements. Award-winning author Glennon Doyle called directly on the American people to “fight” for what they believe in and to save abortion rights for women. 

Some celebrities used other venues to get their message out. Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson, and Jazmine Sullivan all used their positions at the BET Awards to voice their concerns over the recent events. Monae even went as far as to curse out the Supreme Court on stage to get her point across which she no doubts exceeded in doing. 

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Statements similar to these poured into Twitter and Instagram from celebrities and regular citizens alike. These statements all show the intent of Hollywood’s mares in the coming months and years to work together to win back what they believe was stolen from them by the Supreme Court. But they are not alone in their advocation for and support of abortion rights for women in America. 

Corporations Also Lent a Helping Hand 

Many large and even small entertainment companies have also stood up behind the women of America. Some of the largest of these companies including Paramount, Netflix, and Disney has already instituted reimbursement plans for those who may have to leave their home state in order to obtain an abortion where it is legal to get one. This is just one way among many that corporations and companies in the entertainment industry are decided to work for a path back to where we were and gain abortions back for women who may need them for medical or personal problems. This plan is one that has already been adopted by many of Hollywood’s biggest companies and will no doubt be adopted by more in the near future. However, this is not all that these companies and their leaders are doing for the pro-choice movement which Hollywood stands behind. 

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The heads of some entertainment companies have even met with some of the most popular women and some men in the industry in order to discuss the next steps when it comes to the fight against the Supreme Court ruling. Famous producer J.J. Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath led the discussion and invited many elite industry professionals to join them in their meeting to dissect and determine what action should be taken next. 

This and other actions by major entertainment corporations will serve in the long term to dramatically help the battle against the Supreme Court currently being waged by arguably more than half of America. These corporations and companies with the sway and influence they have will make a dent in public opinion and should be a major part in shaping the upcoming attack against this decision by the Supreme Court. 

A General Mystery

In conclusion, no one could possibly know where the next few years may take us Americans. Who knows what rights may be stripped away next and what new regulations may soon be enforced? However, there is some release of anxiety and tension in knowing that the majority of the leaders and icons of one of the largest industries in the world stand behind those who strive for a better future for America. 

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In them, we may feel comforted that our anger and disgust with recent events are matched. In them, we may feel safe in knowing that they are using the amazingly exclusive place they have been given in the world to do the right thing and fight for women and a woman’s right to choose what they want to do with their body and with their fetus. 

While their actions certainly do not come close to solving all of the problems we have in our country today, their efforts are not forgotten and their contributions are not looked at blindly. We sincerely appreciate their cooperation and support and we will no doubt take that support and use it to rally others in the fight for what is right and good. 

Even though we do not know what the future holds we can say with the utmost respect that the entertainment industry and its people are behind us. And while that may not be enough to win the war over abortion it certainly may be enough to win the battle over public opinion. 

By Nathaniel Lee

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