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Every year, the world of cinema runs amok with the race for the coveted golden award, known as an Oscar or collectively Oscars, and also reputed as The Academy Awards. Hollywood studios spend millions of dollars to get their projects nominated for as many distinctions as possible, even going as far as spending equal to the production budget on marketing customized for the Oscars. Actors, actresses, directors, editors, cinematographers, animators, all aim for the golden statuette in their respective categories. The acceptance speeches tell of the gravity and positive effects of this recognition. And the year 2019 is no different from its predecessors, except that a leading man’s Oscar worthiness has been questioned due to the, as of now alleged, faults of the director. The actor being Rami Malek, the movie being Bohemian Rhapsody and the director being Bryan Singer.

Malek has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category and viewers have agreed that his portrayal of Freddie Mercury is second to none. Rami surely transformed himself into the legendary Freddie Mercury, but he went beyond just acting and mimicking, he embodied the essence and humanity of who Freddie was as a person. Mesmerized by his performance, Academy members eagerly voted to secure him a nomination, which was rightfully deserved.

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All would have gone swimmingly for Malek, had it not been for the recent accusations against Bryan Singer which have been widely publicized since the expose by Hollywood Insider

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