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Photo: Selma Blair at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Joe Seer/Bigstock

Selma Blair caused a sensation when she posed proudly with a cane, in a Ralph & Russo gown and cape, at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. That is not a patient seeking pity; rather a human proudly proclaiming that her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis is not her ENTIRE identity. And she definitely made a statement – not just for herself but for ALL disabled people. Disability won and reigned on the red carpet at one of the most coveted Oscar parties. The courage that Blair had to muster up to be SEEN and the purpose for which she had done so – paid off. And it is safe to say that Blair did not do any of that for pity as she tells Vanity Fair, “there’s no tragedy for me. I’m happy, and if I can help anyone be more comfortable in their skin, it’s more than I’ve ever done before.”


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The 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party portrait studio by @MarkSeliger is officially open—and Selma Blair is here to kick it off. #VFOscars

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Any body language expert can tell you that Blair’s stance, poise, and demeanor at the event was not that of a defeated person. Instead, she arrived all guns blazing, standing proud as a reigning queen, with her cane only adding to that entirely powerful look, and all of it helped her mission to make sure that people with disabilities stop being invisible. And she did JUST that as she says in her interview with Vanity Fair, “I’m pretty much a nobody in Hollywood. But when I read comments on Instagram from people who were suffering, whether it was from M.S., or anything, I thought, Holy shit, there’s a need for honesty about being disabled from someone recognizable.” And she hopes to “do this for many people” with her cane being more than just for personal medical support, it was Blair’s way of telling the multitude of cane users that they do not need to feel ashamed as canes “can be a great fashion accessory” and she wants people with disabilities to “want to still be part of the living, not a shuffling person people get out of the way for because they’re queasy.”







Blair followed her show-stopping moment at the Oscars party with her interview for GMA in which she spoke to anchor Robin Roberts about her initially being “scared of talking,” she hopes her appearance has brought awareness to Multiple Sclerosis and its sufferers. For anyone wondering if Blair’s mission has succeeded, take a look at the below:







For more information on Multiple Sclerosis, please visit National MS Society.
The top points to remember: MS is an autoimmune disease that disrupts communication between the central nervous system and the body; it presents itself differently in every person and is unpredictable. As of now, there is no known cure, but hopefully, Selma’s actions towards bringing more awareness will result in increased research funding for the disease.

By Pritan Ambroase

CALL TO ACTION: Since Selma Blair has increased visibility for disabled and differently able people, we would like to help this cause further. We would like to hear from those people who have felt the positive effects of Selma speaking up for disabled people, those people that feel more needs to be done for positive integrations of all abilities in society, etc. Please share your stories/messages with us via social media or e-mail. For social media, please use appropriate usernames along with customized hashtags such as #hollywoodinsider #hollywoodinsidersapplaudsSelmablair: On Instagram, you can tag us on @hollywoodinsider along with your story or DM us. On Twitter, you can tweet us @hollywdinsdr. On Facebook, you can tag us on www.facebook.com/hollywoodinsidernetwork. Or email us: press@hollywoodinsider.com

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