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The Hollywood Insider Louie Anderson and Meatloaf Memorial

Photo: Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf

The entertainment industry is full of wonderfully talented individuals, and we grow to love the majority of them with each passing day; as they grow themselves, they develop further into potentially becoming the best versions of themselves. On top of this, it is also fair to say that once these individuals start to progress more into the industry they begin to form a fanbase; thus, in turn, also eventually making an impact on their fans in a variety of ways. This impact can entirely and emotionally affect us, and it is thanks to these talented individuals that we can grow to care about someone that was once a stranger (and someone who we may never meet). But, as some of us well know by now, some fantastic things can’t last forever; and tragically, this also goes for celebrities. 

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Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf

As you can tell from the title, in January we devastatingly lost the beloved comedian/author Louie Anderson along with the rockin’ singer/actor Meat Loaf. What makes this even more tragic is that they happened to die on the same day (January 20th), along with dying at nearly the same age. I won’t go into detail into how they exactly died, because I feel as though what matters the most (and should be focused on) is the impact and effect that they had on both the industry and their fanbase throughout their long careers. 

Louie Anderson: The Life Of Louie

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on March 24th, 1953, Louie Anderson was mainly a stand-up comedian and actor. He had also been a game show host on ‘Family Feud’ from 1999 to 2002, along with being the author of the autobiography ‘Hey Mom’. In terms of family, Anderson was one of eleven children and child to his mother, Ora Zella (who he would consistently mention as being a wonderful part of his life in many interviews), and his father, Louis William Anderson (former trumpeter for singer Hoagy Carmichael).

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Louie Anderson’s filmography is vast and full of incredible pieces of media. The ones that Anderson was most known for include the cartoon series ‘Life with Louie’ (winning two Daytime Emmys), and the FX series ‘Baskets’ (winning three Primetime Emmys); but, to be honest, I’d have to say that nearly all of Anderson’s performances deserved an Emmy. He was quite talented with his relatable jokes and rather awkward in the best way type of comedy style; along with how perfectly amazing his storytelling abilities were, with the best example of this being his bit ‘The Moose Lodge’ on Comedy Central. In a fictional sense, however, I’d also have to say that his acting and the way he tells stories as Mom Baskets in ‘Baskets’ is truly impeccable acting work. With all this said, I can guarantee that once you watch everything Anderson has been in, your eyes will be completely glued to him.

In the end, Anderson is a special kind of case when talking about his impact on the entertainment industry; more specifically, the comedy world. A lot of aspiring comedians can learn from Louie Anderson through his style of comedy and how he (in some ways) popularized it. Even if you’re not familiar with Anderson himself, what he did for the world of stand-up comedy is something to be admired.

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Meat Loaf: Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Born in Dallas, Texas on September 27th, 1947, Meat Loaf (also known as Michael Lee Aday) was an American songwriter/actor. Most known for his songs ‘Bat Out of Hell’ and ‘I’d Do Anything for Love’, Meat Loaf was a well-beloved rockstar who interestingly enough first gained popularity in Europe (especially in Great Britain and Ireland) in the early 1990s after having trouble with maintaining a steady career in America. It was from this point that Meat Loaf would go on to continue in the rock n’ roll world, and maintain a legacy within the music genre of Hard Rock up until his recent death. 

On top of being a musician, Meat Loaf also has a vast filmography within his career as well. Out of all of them, however, the majority of fans may most likely remember Meat Loaf as Eddie in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and as Robert Paulson in ‘Fight Club’. Of course, as I mentioned before, Meat Loaf’s career as an actor far spans just beyond these two roles; but, it seems as though if you hadn’t heard his music before this is where audiences/fans may have first been introduced to him. It’s always an impeccable and amazing beauty when musicians can also pull off being an actor, and it can pull us out of knowing them as a songwriter in the best way. Personally, I didn’t even know he was a musician until I looked him up after first watching ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

Overall, Meat Loaf left a legacy and impact on both the film/TV and music industries in a multitude of ways. His rather magnificently grotesque humor and style that he portrayed in both his songs and film/TV roles certainly left an impression on audiences; especially ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Being on the list of best-selling music artists and having a career that spanned over multiple decades, whether or not you like his music it would be hard to discredit the reputation that he had put into the Hard Rock genre.

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Two Different Kind Of Stars Somehow Crossing Paths

To bring all of this together, it goes without saying that Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf were very different types of creative individuals. Of course, they both were similar in their talents within the acting world; but their impacts made on the entertainment industry differed, yet remained positively effective on their dedicated fanbases. It’s odd to think that two talents that didn’t have entirely a lot in common would tragically pass on the same day, and even the fact that two well-known figures in entertainment would continue onto the next life at once is strange to think about.

Nevertheless, it is only fair to dearly remember Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf for all that they did, and the ways that we can learn from them and how they navigated their careers. So much about these two can easily be an inspiration for those aspiring to have the careers they did, and how we should utterly embrace our thoughts and ideas; even if they seem weird or strange to others. January 20th of 2022 was a sad day, but one that reminds us that this world is ever turning and we should go out there and look to impact the entertainment industry some more.

By Leah Donato 

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