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    Photo: Kevin Costner/Bull Durham/GDC Graphics/Bigstock Photo

    1 – Kevin Costner frequently opts to play moralistic characters.

    Every actor carefully selects the roles he or she plays. Costner often opts to play characters with a good moral compass and a sense of justice. Early in his career, he was often compared to Gregory Peck of To Kill a Mockingbird fame because of his tendency to choose characters with a tendency to do what’s right.

    2 – He has the willpower of legends

    According to a Rolling Stones interview, Costner used to smoke for recreation. He never let himself get addicted and was able to quit just because “it stopped being fun.” It just goes to show that Costner has a willpower that most of us could only dream of.

    3 – He moved around constantly while growing up and used his athleticism and sport to fit in and also act as his constant.

    As any Costner fan knows, he plays a lot of athletic roles, Whether it be in Bill Durhamor Macfarland, USA, he seems to have an affinity for playing people playing sports. According to an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Costner grew up constantly changing schools and when he entered a new school, he tried to find a place where he could fit in and sports seemed like a natural fit. He played basketball, baseball, and football.

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    4 – Kevin Costner on being a true family man

    Towards the turn of the decade, Kevin Costner took four years off from acting to help raise his family. He has three kids, all around their tween years, and four other kids from previous relationships. Costner has made it his mission to provide love and support for all of them. Rather than praying for career success, Costner prays that he will always be around for his kids.

    5 – He is in a band and is an avid musician

    During Costner’s four year family leave, he also worked on some other projects. He toured with his band “Kevin Costner and the Modern West”. The band plays country rock and he plays the piano.

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    6 – Kevin a humanitarian/environmentalist

    One of his companies developed a centrifuge which separates water from oil and helped his brother who created a technology to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Aside from his work on screen, Costner has been an outspoken advocate for the planet. He teamed up with former UCLA engineering professor Eric Hoek to filter water contaminated by oil and gas. He’s invested several million dollars in environmental efforts.

    ​7 Costner is more than just a spellbinding actor – he is an Academy Award winning director

    His directorial debut in Dances with Wolves won him 2 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globes both for best director and best picture.

    8 – Kevin Costner’s first film Sizzle Beach, USA was released years after he was already famous

    Costner’s debut on the big screen was at the tender age of 20 in Sizzle Beach, USA. It was an indie film directed by Richard Brander. It was filmed in the mid ‘70s but due to complications, the film wasn’t released until 1986, which was after Costner became a household name.

    9 – He believes that in order for a movie to be great, it has to have real emotional impact.

    Costner said in an interview with AARP that the best movies make the audience feel something. “A lot of [film executives] try to lessen that bottom, shy away from it, because they don’t think people want that experience. But we’ve all been bruised in life,” he said.

    10 – He had to put on 15lbs in order to play his role in Highwaymen

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    11 – Kevin Costner is not against Netflix/Disney+ and embraces streaming services whole heartedly

    While a lot of 70s and 80s actors would be too traditionalist to accept services like Netflix, according to an interview with Deadline, Costner sees a benefit in releasing a movie to streaming in order to get his work in front of more viewers.

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    12 – He was cast in The Big Chill

    Costner was cast to play Alex. If that name sounds familiar to fans of the movie, it’s because Alex is the dead guy whose funeral the major players of the movie come together for. Unfortunately, all of Costner’s scenes were cut from the film.

    13 – Kevin Costner is a fan of Westerns

    Costner’s affinity with the Western genre can be seen in his modern take on the genre in Yellowstone.

    14 – His highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes is Bill Durhamand his lowest rated is Dragonfly

    15 – He said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that of all the sports movie characters he’s played, he had the most in common with Crash Davis from Bill Durham.

    ​By Carrie Fishbane

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