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Priyanka Chopra can definitely add Inspirational Speaker and Activist to her long list of titles. This time she has taken the floor to speak out against online trolls, plainly put, bullies. But most importantly, she called out the media for giving those bullies too much importance by turning their social media comments into NEWS. Chopra has always forged her own path, mostly by ignoring haters, in life and in social media.

During an interview with IANS, Chopra commented, “Most of the time, I see media writing about trolling – that someone got trolled for this and that. I have never understood how somebody’s opinion becomes news. How the media gives such credence to maybe 500, 600 or 1000 people writing behind the anonymity of the computer.” She continues to point out that news channels and publications making “a story out of anybody’s comment” and glorifying viewpoints of nameless online trolls are putting “crazy pressure” on entertainers.

The former Miss World and human rights activist put light on a major humanitarian issue of children and teenagers being bullied by online trolls through comments on social media, leading to their depression. “Our children should not be taught that people’s opinions are that important. When they get bullied in school or when they get bullied as teenagers because of the comments written on Instagram”, she continues, adding, “It leads them to depression, leading them to take harsh decisions in their life.”

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She advises everyone to stop caring about what other people think and stop living their “life according to how everybody else wants you to live. And that is not the world we should live in.”

Being a global icon has meant that Priyanka has been on the receiving end of horrible comments from cowardly online trolls through the anonymity of the internet. But, supporting her request to media, Hollywood Insider will not mention what those negative comments have been so as to not glorify online trolling. We stand with you Priyanka, we refuse to turn comments from trolls into stories. But we are happy to turn all your sage advice into stories – we are here for you anytime. Let us hope the world is taking note.

Priyanka’s comments are timely and supported by statistics. According to a  2016 study conducted by the University of Sheffield and Nottingham University, 8 out of 10 people have been victims of cyberbullying in the workplace in the last six months, with 14-20% of people commenting that they had been bullied in the past week. The Journal of Health Economics published a study in 2017, which showed that cyberbullying increases suicide attempts by 8.7 percentage points, with a 15 percentage points increase in suicidal thoughts. This confirms that online trolls need to be stopped, and that starts by not repeating their vile.

Thank you Priyanka Chopra, keep dazzling us with your brilliance.

By Pritan Ambroase

CALL TO ACTION: Since Priyanka Chopra has spoken up against online trolls and cyberbullying, Hollywood Insider would like to help this cause further. We would like to hear from those people who have experienced cyberbullying or knows someone who has. We would love to hear your stories and also any advice for others that might be going through it. Please share your stories/messages with us via social media or e-mail. For social media, please use appropriate usernames along with customized hashtags such as #hollywoodinsider #hollywoodinsiderpriyankaagainstonlinetrolls: On Instagram, you can tag us on @hollywoodinsider along with your story or DM us. On Twitter, you can tweet us @hollywdinsdr. On Facebook, you can tag us on www.facebook.com/hollywoodinsidernetwork. Or email us: press@hollywoodinsider.com

If you would like to know more about a charity that stands up against cyberbullies, click here to see the brilliant work being done by Cybersmile.

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