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Photo: Normal People/Hulu

It is a rare occurrence when we see intimacy portrayed in its truest form in the entertainment industry, and Hulu’s new show Normal People has irrefutably mastered this skill and then some. Adapted from Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel Normal People, this 12-part story lives between Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal); two high school students who begin a secret relationship that spans throughout their shared time at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Aside from the fact that this show received notable fame and praise in nearly an instant — even earning a growingly popular Instagram page dedicated to Connell’s chain necklace — its newfound success is anything but surprising. In an innovative approach to romance, Normal People speaks a different language than the one we’ve come to expect from a story like this: a wordless language. 

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The Private World of the Misunderstood

Most of the scenes between Marianne and Connell were shot in close-ups with shallow depth of field behind them, even during scenes in which they are separated by an entire room. The slight blurriness directs the viewer’s eye to focus on the clearest image which so happens to be their, otherwise unnoticeable, facial features. From this close distance, even the slightest lip twitch gives a distinct insight as to what either of them may be thinking. It is through this lens that cinematographer Suzie Lavelle was somehow able to visually capture thought on camera.

In addition, this technique strengthens our understanding of Marianne and Connell both as a couple and as individuals. We follow their lives for a number of years, throughout which they encounter various changes: environmental, relational, and personal. But while the world around them moves, one thing remains a constant throughout all 12 episodes: their inherent magnetism. 

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‘It’s not like this with other people,’ Marianne frequently tells Connell, specifically referring to their sex life. However, this statement is applicable to far more than just that. Both characters have a history of being drastically misunderstood or mistreated by the people in their lives, and their shared struggle is one of the components that make their relationship so unique. For Marianne, Connell is the only person who sees the real her. For Connell, it’s Marianne. And thus, the two are intrinsically bound together.

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As a viewer, we have the privilege to see them in the same light. Furthermore, the viewer is allowed to witness each of their personal traumas which, in turn,  ultimately grants us the ability to understand them–and the decisions they make–on a deeper level. Normal People facilitates a remarkable relationship between the viewer and its characters, leading us to mirror their experiences of great pleasure and great pain. Or, in simpler terms, we are completely and utterly vulnerable. 

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Intimacy as a Language, and this Show ‘Normal People’ Speaks it Fluently

Sex scenes are no new invention, however, there is surely innovation in this show’s approach to sex both in its depiction and in its process of creation. Directors Lenny Abrahamson and Hettie Macdonald treat intimacy with the utmost care in ensuring that each moment was absolutely necessary for the development of the story. In this fashion, they made clear efforts to emphasize the value of sex. Additionally, established intimacy co-ordinator Ita O’Brien was brought on set to coach the actors throughout their scenes, facilitating healthy dialogue about their freedom for artistic exploration and their, equally as important, rightful safety. 

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These scenes speak for themselves. Embracing every nuance of sex, the moments between Marianne and Connell are fluttered with moans, laughter, and tangible passion. This alone is effective enough in making the viewer swoon. However, add the emotional components of the cinematography and it results in…je ne sais pas.

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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The triumph of Normal People was made possible by its ability to use cinematography as a mode of communication, and we heard it loud and clear. The carefully crafted moments of intimacy serve as a pathfinder for what is possible in future representations of love. Additionally, and out of respect to the 100,000 Instagram followers, Connell’s chain necklace was undoubtedly a crucial asset to its success. However, to break down directors Abrahamson and Macdonald’s work piece-by-piece any further would depreciate its value. In its complete and finished form, it’s worth its weight in gold. 

It’s difficult to write a worthy review of this show without coming to the understanding that, ultimately, it can’t be done. The attempt to put something so ineffable in nature into words is, by definition, unattainable. The sheer beauty of this show is too sacred to be uttered and, thus, it simply must be watched. 

By Jenna Trattner

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