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Photo: “Toy Story 4”, Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel/Pixar/Disney

For Hollywood Insider’s series known as “Trailers With A Scoop Of Trivia”, we bring to you Toy Story 4 which releases on June 21, 2019. 

Toy Story 4 Trivia: 

  1. Tom Hanks and co-star Tim Allen both expressed the ending of the movie was too emotional for both of them to get through.
  2. Tim Allen signed for a 4th movie prior to it being announced.
  3. This is the first film without an appearance of the original owner Andy.
  4. Each “Toy Story” film has increased in duration by 11 minutes from its predecessor. The original film is 81 minutes, the second film is 92, and the third is 103. It is yet to be seen how long the 4th will be.
  5. This will be Keanu Reeves’ first animated film
  6. Don Rickles, the voice of Mr. Potato Head, passed away in 2017 and was unable to record his part for the new movie. However, with collaboration with Rickles’ family, the studio was able to craft a new performance using the recordings they had from previous films, video games, and theme parks.

By Hollywood Insider Staff Writer

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