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A Message for President Joe Biden & VP Kamala Harris from Hollywood Insider CEO Pritan Ambroase

Hollywood Insider and I would like to wish our heartfelt and jubilant congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris! Biden Harris 2020 were our official endorsements, and we will continue supporting them. We look forward to working with you Mr. President while keeping you accountable. We, the people, have spoken up. Kindness, humanity, and unity have won. Thank you to the American people for proving and showcasing that the USA is truly a country where humanity, kindness, and diversity can thrive to the fullest and it is the reason for its prosperity and success. The UNITED States of America is a compassionate country and I am glad the kind, brave, and human rights-respecting America is speaking up. Being kind is not a weakness, rather a strength. To the American people that have voted for Biden – with that one powerful act, you have also stood up against racism, nazi-supremacist orgs, hatred, division, mistreatment/abuse of humans/nature/animals/men/women/children/minorities/immigrants/lower income people/different religions/races/ethnicities/love/LGBTQ/political borders and against those wrongful people that believe hating on “others” is the “American” thing to do! We will continue to rise for a better, kinder and compassionate America as it is our unity across diversity that will lead us to economic prosperity and peace. It is heartening to see the people voting in our collective society’s best interests rather than just an “individual’s” best interest. If we all voted in just our own selfish individual interests – “this will serve my life best” mentality – then the community and society as a whole will cease to exist. We, humans, are communal beings. We need each other. We THRIVE in unity. A society is only as strong and successful as its weakest link. Kindness WON today. Economy is important, no denying it. But society and community are even more important. Without society and community, there is no economy. Let us continue to allow unity to win. America can now begin to heal. We are the UNITED States of America and I truly believe President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris will bring all people in America back together to prosper in unity. Here, at Hollywood Insider, our team is made up of republicans, democrats and non-denominational humans, and yet, we work together so beautifully. And this is the America I call home. President Joe Biden will be a real LEADER to us all. Once again, congrats to President Joe Biden and congrats to the United States of America and its continued successful pursuit of liberty, human rights and happiness.”

Yours with respect,

Pritan Ambroase, CEO – Hollywood Insider | Founder – Humans of our World Foundation

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