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The human rights activist and film director Pritan Ambroase goes into the live war zone of Ukraine to show real proof of damages caused by war and the russian invasion. Director Ambroase visited live combat zones in Ukraine multiple times to direct the film ‘Can I Go Home Now?’ for which he interviewed Children in the war zones. Nearly two years later Ukraine continues to be bombed and attacked. In this feature, he stays in a refugee camp with refugees, visits a three-floor nuclear war bunker where many Ukrainians hide during bombings, spends time with children victims of war, pays respects at a park that had been converted to a cemetery for soldiers who died since 2022.

This episode takes you on an emotional journey through Ukraine, showcasing the devastating impacts of the ongoing conflict. Witness the resilience of the Ukrainian people and the realities of war that often go unseen. Humans of Our World Foundation in partnership with Hope for Ukraine and The Hollywood Insider.

Join the revolution to help Children of Ukraine return home – https://www.canigohomenow.com/

WATCH THE TRAILER of the Film and the Revolution:

‘Can I Go Home Now?’ 

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Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbHP3TLOnUgB_yUGhVzHM_A

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